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The Amazing Race – Final 8

I had to genuflect last night when one of the Kentucky’s Mary said “I’m a couch potato, I watch reality TV all the time.”

Gosh was she describing me? Lucky for her she managed to get on one of her favourite shows, and is acquitting herself admirably. Thinking I would hate her and her red neck ways, I think she is a genuinely sweet person.

After the last episode where Duke and Lauren was eliminated (sorry about not posting but everything xmas just overwhelmed me) after getting lost and having to do the crap detour of building a birdcage. They could not even get there before the two gay guys from New York, Tyler and James , 30 min penalty for riding on the back of motorbikes had run out.

Tyler and James managed to sob throughout the 30 minutes before Phil would let them on the mat. Quite frankly I have seen 5 year olds that would have shown more composure in this situation.

Anyway back to this week.

Erwin and Godwin who were first to arrive last week were first to leave this week at 10.55pm from the paddy field in a village outside Hanoi.

There first clue is they are to go the Ly Thai Gardens in Hanoi and listen for their first clue.

All teams were leaving within half an hour of each other, except for the gay guys who were 40 mins behind.

We were also informed the lovely Rob (NOT) had suffered heat exhaustion during the 12 hour rest period, but he was ok to continue. Personally I think he may have had yet another brain explosion that caused the overheating.

Erwin and Godwin again got a bad taxi driver so lost their lead.

Kimberley was telling psycho Rob “I don’t need you to freak out” as she knows that he inevitably will.

The talking clue was always going to be difficult, until some smart cookie decided to get their cab driver to listen to it. Like lemmings all the other contestants decided this was a great idea and followed suit.

Rob started overheating again when he thought he was being toyed with by the taxi driver, so he and Kimberley hopped out of the cab.

As Kimberley said “He freaks out on them and then they freak our on us!”

Anyway there was no need for any of the contestants to worry, as they were to go to a bus station which was closed and did not open until 5.00am. So all were on equal footing again.

They then caught a bus to Ha Long Bay.

Where they found their road block -“Who has strong arms and strong legs” they were to ascend a cliff.

The weird thing was Sarah the one legged triathlete decided to do the task instead of her partner Peter. I would have thought the clue would have put her off considering she lacked one the of essential objects. Needless to say when she saw the cliff and task ahead she started freaking out.

The frustrating thing for the competitors only 3 could get up the cliff at a time.

Rob was first up, so were first to leave to go the cave to get their next clue which was the detour.

Under or Over. Under was getting a junk out to the water then getting in a sampan and rowing to a spot where there was pearling and pulling 30 pearling baskets out of the water.

Over was again the junk and then rowing the sampan to a local market to pick up banana’s to deliver to a couple of village houses.

All but the Alabaman single mums picked the pearling, which did seem the faster of the two detours.

The problem was not the tasks but the rowing. Nearly all contestants had issues with it. The two gay guys from New York were just in some nightmare, which resulted in the end after they completed the task one of them swimming and pulling the boat back to the junk.

Rob and Kimberley maintained their lead and got to the pitstop first to be greeted by Phil, to be told they had won two jet skis. Lucky for Kimberley it was not a Travel Velocity holiday, as I get the feeling she won’t want to travel with him after this.

Second Peter and Sarah came in. I like Sarah she has guts, and is honest, but saying there are somethings that have not impressed her with Peter in the competition and her feelings for him has changed. His temperament is not as bad as Rob’s but he still has a quick temper.

Third were an unlucky Tyler and James, as they were in second place but their Junk captain in the race to the finish had forgotten to pull up the anchor, hence they were overtaken by Peter and Sarah.

Erwin and Godwin came fourth.

Kentucky’s a good fifth considering she has been running around on a sprained ankle.

The Alabaman single mums were sixth, and the beauty queens after numerous stuff ups including not reading the clue properly therefore not realising they needed to row back to the Junk to take them back to the pitstop rather then rowing themselves finished a lucky seventh.

With Tyler and Terry finishing last and being eliminated from the race.

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Australia So You Think You Can Dance Tidbits

So You Think You Can Dance Website has some of the Melbourne hip hop artists names that got through to Sydney. They also have interesting information snippets regarding the auditions.

If interested click here.

Natalie Imbruglia apparently auditioned to be compere of Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance.

Obviously we know now that another Neighbours alumni got the job, Natalie Bassingwaite will be running around with the hoofers.

Full article here.

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Bobby Flynn to launch his first album

The enigmatic Bobby Flynn will be launching his album at the Ruby Lounge in Belgrave, Victoria on Thurs 6 March at 8.00pm.

I am sure the album will be great.

For tickets at the show click here to get to the moshtix website.

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Carly Simon Reveals song "Your So Vain" is not about Warren Beatty, but is about Simon Cowell

In breaking news Carly Simon has decided to dedicate her ’70’s anthem ‘Your So Vain’ to Simon Cowell after his comments in the media this week.

The millionaire music mogul Simon Cowell believes that he doesn‘t need to bother with cheesy chat-up lines – because he can just smile and the ladies just come running.

It was always rumoured the song was about noted lothario Warren Beatty, however it appears Mr Cowell has well and truly taken over the mantle as biggest ego in Hollywood.

Simon who is currently on vacation in Barbados with his long term girlfriend Teri Seymour, and his mother also says “I don’t need to use chat up lines I just look at a girl and smile, and if she responds that means she’s interested.”

If you need to read more on this American Idol judge click here.

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Carl Risley Not To Posted to Afghanistan

Carl Risley may have life after Australian Idol, with news he has signed up with Ralph Carr, Vanessa Amorosi’s manager.

Ralph Carr will work on a record deal for the good looking crooner. This may stave of any official posting to Iraq or Afghanistan in the near future!

The full article is here.

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