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About Reality Ravings Consulting

Want to be on reality TV but don’t have the time or know-how to make your application stand out of the crowd? Applied for shows and tired of being rejected?

All reality shows get thousands of applications and you need to ensure yours gets the attention it deserves.

Reality Ravings Consulting can help you.

After years of immersing herself in the world of reality TV, Emma Ashton of Reality Ravings, has the knowledge and skills to help make your application shine.

For a flat fee of $275* you get:

  • A consultation over Skype or phone to find out about you, including your background, skills and personality and why you want to be on the show;
  • A tailored application is drafted and sent to you to upload online or send in; and
  • Ongoing advice when you get to the interview rounds.

Please note I cannot guarantee you will get an interview or onto the show. I am not affiliated with any casting agency, television network or production company. What I can guarantee is a well-crafted application that highlights you as a potential reality star.

Reality TV is a truly international phenomenon, and Reality Ravings Consulting welcomes inquiries from overseas applicants.

Confidentiality is guaranteed.

About Emma Ashton:

For four years Emma has been blogging and reading about reality TV and is one of Australia’s leading experts in the field. Reality Ravings is Australia’s leading independent reality TV blog.

She has appeared on The Morning Show, A Current Affair, and Today Tonight. Given numerous radio interviews and writes daily for Media Week Australia. Her articles have also appeared in The Punch.

Emma also currently runs Australia’s annual reality TV insights survey to keep tabs on wider industry trends on the genre.

She has also spent over ten years in politics and policy development which gives her diverse writing experience and skills, plus insights into what captures the attention of the media and powerful people in business and government.

Reality Ravings Consulting also offers other advisory services.

Emma Ashton is also available for:

  • Speaking engagements including panels, conferences, lectures, workshops and seminars about blogging and reality TV;
  • Freelance writing for articles, reviews, submissions, speeches and reports;
  • Pre-production and concept testing advice for new reality shows;
  • Post-production evaluation;
  • Research related to reality TV shows; and
  • Expert commentary on reality TV.

 Contact Emma Ashton at:


Mobile: 0402 277 247

+61  402 277 247 (international)

Skype ID: realityravings

*inclusive of GST