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So You Think You Can Dance – The knives are out for Henry

Well the gloves are definitely off in Australia’s first season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Last weeks dancers who were eliminated Camilla and JD have decided to take a shot at Henry Byalikov the ballroom dancer in this weeks NW (the article is not online).

Now I am not sure whether NW have taken a egg beater to this story, but it would be difficult to take these quotes out of context.

Article from NW below:

Both JD and Camilla said Henry’s Mr Nice Guy image was faked to win votes.

“He is a very different person off-camera,” says Camilla. “Henry maybe feels he needs to prove himself to Australia.”

JD thinks that away from the cameras, Henry can come across as a different person.

“Henry can be aloof an dcold, and then the next day he can be your best friend,”He says.

JD also adds that although Henry comes across as meek while the judges rave about his dance moves, his humility before them is all an act.

“He gets great feedback and obviously all of the judges like him,” says JD. “He’s all very humble on camera, but then afterwards he’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah – boy, I look good.'”

Camilla agrees with JD that Henry’s on-camera demeanour doesn’t ring true.

“Henry doesn’t seem as real as, say Rhys [Bobridge], ” explains Camilla. “Like, when I watch Rhys, I go, ‘Yep, that’s exactly how you are at home.’ Whereas with Henry I go, ‘You’re kind of of not giving us you.”

JD believes Henry’s background as a ballroom dancer has strengthened his killer instinct, even if that means putting on an act.

“Because he’s come from that competitive ballroom world, he will apply himself, he will do whatever it takes to win,” say JD. “And sometimes in authenticity could be one of the things that comes out of that.”

Henry’s sister Natalie has stuck by him, explaining he puts on an act in routines “because dancing is part of the acting’.

But she admits Henry’s youth means he may not always know how to be himself on the TV, especially given the intensity of the show.

“He is really young – 22,” Natalie says. “It’s going to be awkward for anyone being [in] the limelight. They’re under a lot of pressure.

What is it with these eliminated contestants continually taking pot shots at the others? It is extremely undignified. Does this happen in the US version of the show?

I don’t have a problem with Henry being competitive, there is a lot of prize money at stake.

Also I don’t see Henry being fake, as I have never seen him show humility when listening the judges. Anyone going on these shows needs a healthy dose of ego just to survive.

March 25, 2008   12 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance – Interviews with Camilla and JD

TV Week has a interview with the two contestants eliminated from last weeks show on So You Think You Can Dance.

Camilla again shows she is gracious and articulate.

Camilla interview

JD’s interview link below. It would appear that he and Rhiannon did not have a close relationship.

He said “I would like Rhiannon to be paired up with Rhys. He won’t take any crap and will just get on with it.”

Also he did not list her in the people he would stay in contact with answer. Maybe she did not let him forget how he blew the tango routine.

JD Interview.

March 21, 2008   2 Comments

Reality Tidbits – SYTYCD Australia

Jack Chambers the dark horse to win So You Think You Can Dance.
Apparently Anthony Ikin is currently the favourite to win SYTYCD Australia, is this because of his dancing or his brother Ben’s wealthy footballer mates?

However Courtney and Khaly think Jack, the one that reminds me of Benji Schwimmer is the dark horse to win.

Full article from the courier here.

Some footage from You Tube of some of JD’s choreograhy work
Here is some footage from You Tube of JD’s work from when he was on a four month overseas trip. It is quite interesting if you are a fan.

You Tube footage of some of Marko Panzic choreography
He is Sydney based and works out of Brent St Studios.

February 20, 2008   Comments Off on Reality Tidbits – SYTYCD Australia