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Reality Titbits

Casey Donovan has a mystery boyfriend of two years – article still could not reveal who it was – no photo of him though.,22049,22495142-5012964,00.html

Damien Leith’s book “One More Time” is now on sale in all good retail outlets. I look forward to the reviews.

Asha Kuerten rumoured to be the host of the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance. Never heard of her – must watch the Channel 9 Saturday morning music show to check her out.

Matt and Lana admit to a few “cuddles” in the house – yawn- so over this bring on the Natalie, Daniel, Ben love triangle.,22049,22489947-5006002,00.html

September 28, 2007   2 Comments

TV Week Article are they or aren’t they shagging?

TV Weak this week, did a pretty lame article on whether is there hanky panky going on between Lana and Marty.

Marty predictably denied it, as did Lana “He is my best friend in the house.”

However Kyle was quoted as saying Marty had confirmed the rumour to him. Who you believe is the person who has the most integrity – now that is a difficult one.

Also there was a quote from Natalie saying is there may or maynot be something going on. Come on Nat be a bit more unequivocal then that..

However Tarasai was doing some ?fake crying last night (personally I thought it was more to do with a bruised ego) about losing her roommate so maybe Lana has been sleeping solo.

On the same page Kyle states that Mark Holden is always grasping for TV time, and rehearses what he is going to say when he is watching the singers in rehearsals. Is there tension between him and Marky Mark? We will just have to wait and see.

September 25, 2007   Comments Off on TV Week Article are they or aren’t they shagging?

Monday Elimination night – Goodbye Lana

Clearly reality raver should not give up her day job to become a clairvoyant. This soothsayer had confidently predicted an all male top three, but was shown to be gloriously wrong with Lana and Tarasai both in there.

Another 1 hour of filler before we got down to business in the last 15 minutes, I think tonight they broke some sort of record by showing the Idol’s Sunday night performances three times, ok once was a rehersal but still it was overkill.

I don’t want to turn this into a fashion blog but I just have to mention the clothes tonight.

Firstly Marcia, Marcia, Marcia – if I did not know you were post-menopausal I would have thought you were pregnant. The top made her boobs look as big as Dolly Parton’s, and her arms like a front row forward. Shame on you Sheridan or Cue whoever was the culprit.

Now Natalie you need to run as soon as you see Sheridan Tyler coming near you. Those red tights and short denim mini did her no favours. Was it the same one Brianna had worn the week before while singing that diabolical Supertramp song? Does she not know it is cursed? She needs to have a stroll down Fitzroy to get some of her Melbourne mojo back.

Now what are the supposedly funky hosts, James and Andrew G wearing business shirts with the thick white stripes and white collars, yes I know they had their moment of glory with a few stockbrokers in the 80’s but do they need to come back. Next week they will be wearing those t shirts that used to changed colours depending on your body temperature….

Clearly Van Heusen is paying the producers for them to wear them.

Van Heusen is also dressing Kyle. Dicko is not being dressed by anyone, so at times it does look like he has pulled a jumper out of his wardrobe. At least he has given the polo tshirts the flick.

Tarasai in the bottom three was a surprise, but to be honest it was not an unpleasant one. I at one stage contemplated on popping the champers when I thought Daniel would be voted off. I think acoustic night next week will show just how untalented he is.

After the roasting Lana received last night she was not surprised to be there nor kicked off. Congratulations to her for being so composed about it. All Idol’s and potential Idols take note, that is how you should behave with dignity. She was showing it in bucketloads. Her rendition of her song tonight was much better, she seemed relaxed and appeared to have fun with it.

Now the same cannot be said for the judges. When Andrew G asked if they had anything to say about the final three, Mark and Kyle just continued to put the boot in, and after her elimination could barely make any gracious comments. Big thumbs down to them all.

Predictions of the week – Ben to be caught pashing Tarasai in the spa just to prove a point to Mark.

September 24, 2007   1 Comment

Aust Idol – The mystery spa photos have emerged.

Finally the rumoured pictures of Brianna and Marty in the spa have emerged. Sitting in the prime page 3 position in the Sunday Telegraph. Quality.

Rumours had been circulating that big money had been paid for them. However, I had thought the Telegraph prided itself on not buying stories, however photos might be a different thing.

Link below:,22049,22464573-5001026,00.html

The picture does the raise the question about why Matt Corby has such a strange look on his face what is he thinking?

Is it:
a) Why did I sit on one of the spa’s holes I have bubbles going up my ass?
b) Oh God I am only a 16 year old and I only have to look at a girl to get a boner, I hope she cannot feel it? or
c) Oops, Uh oh – At my school did they tell me that semen could stay alive in a spa – oh please god I hope not.

Interesting that Lana and Marty were sitting together – there was the rumour they were having some sort of interaction, however no overpowering body chemistry seems evident in this photo. Maybe he has a sneaky hand underwater.

September 23, 2007   Comments Off on Aust Idol – The mystery spa photos have emerged.

Lana’s baggy eyes is there a reason for them?

I have to confess I was wrong about the rumour about Marty which Kyle alluded to on Sunday night.

He is not some cone freak but a paedophile (only joking). Now I know why Idol makes sure the contestants are 16… and I had stupidly thought it was for musical reasons.

Apparently the rumour as reported in the Daily Tele, is that Lana and Marty were hooking up in the house.

Is this the reason for the bags under Lana’s eyes on Monday’s night show where it looked liked she had been crying for hours.

They are denying the rumours. Maybe as two contestants that won’t be on the show much longer they are giving each other some comfort.

I must say they would make a very strange couple.

Personally I think the rumour is crap and Kyle just said this rumour to put of the scent off other rumours circulating about Marty.

As Kyle said on Sunday “You have had a hard week” Unless Kyle was using a double entrendre’ I don’t think rumours of him being with Lana would have merited much sympathy nor have affected his performance that much.

Also did not say to Brianna or Marty “oh it has been a difficult week for you” considering they had been the victim of the same scuttlebutt.

I think it is Kyle just covering his tracks after making a faux pas on the show, and to stop the media trying to get to the heart of the issue.

September 19, 2007   2 Comments