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Anthony Ikin Blames Choreography For Elimination

Defamer has an article where it is revealed Anthony Ikin the most recent male dancer eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance implies if he had decent choreography he would still be in the competition.

Exerpt from the article below:

Apart from a handful of solo performances, the former sport aerobics champion is peeved that he never really got a routine he could sink his teeth into thanks to some less than earth-shattering choreography.

“And I think the judges knew that too because they made a lot of comments saying as much,” Anthony told Confidential yesterday.

“But, you know, it’s the nature of the competition and that’s what you get yourself into. We can only dance the steps we are given. But I would have loved to have been able to dance a ballroom routine choreographed by Jason Gilkinson.

“But I didn’t get to do a routine of his. Which is a shame.”

Full article here.

Anthony sorry mate, but I think the Australian voters got it right, you showed us the same thing each week.

Another reality tv evictee Candice Falzone who was eliminated from It Takes Two last night has revealed she is now seeking a career in the media. The Daily Telegraph have an article here which says she has been talking to some people at Channel Seven, but she is still on the ironwoman circuit.

The Daily Telegraph who were responsible for the majority of the negative media Candice received last year couldn’t resist the temptation but to mention the Sonny Bill incident again. At least they refrained from putting in the link to the notorious picture this time.

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Reality Tidbits

Candice Falzone still in It Takes Two – Unbelievable.

Candice Falzone with her singing mentor Anthony Callea are still in the Channel 7 singing competition It Takes Two. Her singing has not been great so who is voting for them?

the Daily Telegraph has a theory that it is all the tricks they do in their routines for example the kiss that occurred at the end of one routine, which was cringeworthy. This week Candice is wearing a micro mini to try and keep the votes rolling in.

Bored at Work? Like Idol? Want to see some funny bits from overseas Idol?
It appears that Idol is one of those products like coca-cola that you can get worldwide.
The Balitmore Sun has put together some You Tube clips that features some of the funnier/quirkier sides of Idol.

The Bulgarian boy singing Michael Jackson’s Bad is the highlight. Backed up by a very cheap set and production values.

Personally I thought the french singer was ok.

Ten Secrets from the taping of American Idol
Billboard have an article on the top ten secrets from a live taping of Idol. I already knew they pre-recorded the special guest performance, but I did not know the musicians only dressed up the top half and then wore jeans below.

Controversy surrounds the American Idol Songwriting Contest.
There are complaints emerging that the Idol songwriting contest (something I think they should do in Australia as well) is not what it seems.

Firstly the entrants have to pay $10 to enter the competition. I am not sure what the rationale is behind this, maybe to pay for the people who will have to listen to them.

Secondly it is open to all songwriters both professionals and amateurs, and their are gripes that the person who won it last year was not ‘undiscovered’ in fact he already had a CD out and other song writing credits. Full story here.

I don’t have a problem with professional writers entering. The winners need a decent song to sing, otherwise the public will be turned off them even before they start their post Idol career.

March 25, 2008   6 Comments

It Takes Two – Was it a coincidence that Chole Maxwell got booted the first week of footy season?

I have not been watching It Takes Two from week 2 as the format just bored me, and I realised that was two hours of my life I was not going to get back.

However I have been keeping tabs on who has been getting eliminated.

I thought it ironic that Chloe Maxwell, mother and partner of Titans Goldcoast rugby league player Matt Rogers, was eliminated the week the NRL competition was about to start.

With two young babies was this what she requested in her contract, so she could go back to being the main caregiver, so he can concentrate on his job.

Anyway I thought her likeability factor was high, and for fans here is an interview from Who Magazine/

I am surprised that Candice Falzon and Anthony Callea are still in, especially after that kiss which was about as convincing as an Ab Blaster commercial. He must have has a huge personal following.

However in TV Week suggests Anthony Callea is a hard task master, and loses his temper with Candice when she doesn’t meet his high standards.

Paul O’Brien revealed “I saw Candice when she was arriving and she said , ‘I had to go away and have a swim after Anthony walked off stage because I couldn’t hit a note’,”.

“I think he does push [Candice] very hard,”

“He wants to win and he’s done these sorts of competitions before, so he has an eye for what gets votes – and high notes get votes. He’s very sure of himself. He knows what he likes and doesn’t like, and he’ll speak his mind.”

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Reality Tidbits

It Takes Two – Candice Falzon partnered with Anthony Callea to ensure no hanky panky will occur.

The notorious (well I think being caught on camera in a toilet with a first grade footballer shagging means your notorious) Candice Falzon is to have Anthony Callea as her mentor in the new series of It Takes Two.

As Anthony Callea is gay it will mean Candice will have to concentrate on her singing rather then any other extra curricular activities.

The show will start next Tues at 7.30pm on Channel 7 who will be expecting high ratings from it.

The Daily Telegraph has the full story, and you can bet by next week they will have the Sonny Bill and Candice toilet photo on their website again.

The Chopping Block Gets Good TV Reviews
The SMH has given the new reality show the Chopping Block a good review. The Chopping Block starts tonight on Channel 9 at 7.30pm.

The show is where two struggling resturants are up against each other each week. They are reviewed, then Matt Moran has 48 hours to assist in turning them around, and then they are reviewed again. With the one most improved winning $20,000. The first episode is set in two Cronulla places.

It will be interesting to know if appearing on this show will help or hinder their business.

For those really into the nitty gritty of reality tv.
Here is an article which outlines why women on Survivor appear hairless, and how do The Amazing Race contestants exchange their currency.

February 6, 2008   2 Comments