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Reality Tidbits

The Bitching From Make Me A Supermodel Continues – Keep It Coming Girls.
Sheridan Seekamp who was eliminated last night Make Me Supermodel decided to give a last swipe at Kassie.

She said “Luke had a crack but I wasn’t interested…. I thinks that’s why Kassie hated me so much.”

Does she mean Kassie hated her because she rejected Luke, Kassie’s own paramour or that Kassie hated her because Luke had shown interest in her?

Am I going to spend anymore time thinking about it? NO.

Is Ruby Rose the female equivalent of Shane Warne?
Actually I don’t think so. But the mainstream media thinks that if she is hanging out with a girl she must be sleeping with the – because really every girl now has been brainwashed by that Kate Perry song.

The latest rumour involves third place getter from Australia’s Next Top Model Samantha Downie when they turn up to the Rolling Stone Party together. Of course Sam has form due to her kiss with Leiden Kronemberger on the show.

Anyway it is all bollocks Sam has a boyfriend in Melbourne, though for how much longer is unclear as an agent from Milan has shown interest in the photogenic Samantha.

Syd Confidential has the full story.

Natalie Bassingthwaite To Launch Solo Album in November.
So You Think You Can Dance Australia host Natalie Bassingthwaite will be juggling her SYTYCD duties with promoting her new solo album.

Apparently going solo was harder then she thought it would be.

Auditions for the show are currently occurring around Australia. Details here. Apparently Bonnie Lythgoe will be on the judging panel again this year. Is this part of her divorce settlement?

Micheal Johns From American Idol Media Clips Whilst In Australia.
Considering this years season of American Idol was only shown on Fox 8, Michael Johns appears to have plenty of fans here.

His fan site Michael Johns Online/ has clips from Kerry Ann Kennerley and his performance on the Sunrise program.

He is hotter then any of the male contestants we have on this years Idol. Apologies to the eight year old Tom Williams fans.

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Idol Updates

Tom Williams Trying To Extend His 15 Minutes Of Reality TV Fame.

I have got to hand it to Tom Williams, he maybe 16 years old but he sure is media savvy. Tom in his post elimination media interviews has been spruiking that he wants to start a Jonas Brothers type band. For people who don’t know who the Jonas Bros are they are a prepubescent boy band that have taken over the tween and teen market in the US. Hanson for the noughties.

Tom does not say whether he will be following their promise ring philosophical.

Anyhow it is a perfect pitch to record companies by Tom and a very canny move. What next? Will he try and date Hannah Montana to assist with maintaining his profile?

Full story on

Speaking of girlfriends, both Wes Carr, and Mark Spano are hooked up.

Wes’s girl is an actress and they live together in Bondi. Yes she was the one he kissed on Sunday night. In this week’s NW it was revealed he told her he was a personal trainer so she would be interested in him. I don’t quite get that anyway it worked for him.

Also Mark Spano is seeing a make-up artist he met on an Australian Idol shoot. Apparently it is serious and he will be moving from Melbourne to Sydney once Idol finishes.

Micheal Johns the Aussie contestant on American Idol is back in Australia for a quick visit. In an interview with The West he said post Idol he favoured going with an independent label so he could retain control over his album. Apparently it will be out next February.

American Idols’ winner David Cook will have his album out in November.

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Reality Tidbits

Darren Hayes Disappointed With His Idol Pick Sophie Patterson.

Darren Hayes who will be mentoring the Australian Idol’s this Sunday where the performers will have to sing Australian hits. What are the chances Luke Dickens will do a Barnesy number? However in an interview he said Sophie had become too ‘slick’. Hayes had been at the London audition where she was found.

Personally I think Sophie is trying to be sexy when she is not. I don’t get why Dicko goes the whole Bridgette Bardot route with her. She needs to go back to be a bit more the folk singer like Brooke White was in this years American Idol.

Hayes says he is impressed with Roshani Priddis and Wes Carr. Full interview on

Charlotte Dawson In Talks To Become The Host of Australia’s Next Top Model
In non surprising news Charlotte Dawson will be meeting with Brian Walsh, the head of Foxtel today to discuss her future with the show.

After stepping in at last minute to host the live finale when Jodhi Meares choked she deserves to be first crack at the top job. Anyway Jodhi never really made a success of that role she was far too scripted something Jennifer Hawkins should learn from. Full story here.

Speaking of Jennifer Hawkins…
In tomorrow nights show of Make Me a Supermodel the wannabe models will be training with AFL footballers, Brodie Holland and Ryan O’Keefe. If you want to see a nice picture of Shanina Shaik click here.

This year’s Idol’s and Bobby Flynn to Meet Up At The Basement tonight
Bobby Flynn will be playing at The Basement tonight and tomorrow night to promote his new album. If that Idol fix is not enough this years Idol contestants will also be there tonight with cameras in tow.

In other Idol news – Carl Risley will be singing at The Vanguard at Newtown tonight. Shannon Noll is also releasing a Best Of Album. Can you do that if you have only been around for five years?

Also the Australia contestant from this years American Idol, Michael Johns, will be in Perth as a guest star on a telethon.

For the truly Obsessed US So You Think You Can Dance Fan
Yes I am one of them. Here is an excerpt from the LA Times about them hanging out at the post Emmy party.

The “American Idol” / “So You Think You Can Dance” table was in a festive
mood despite “Amazing Race’s” continued dominance of the reality television
category. “Idol” / “Dance” overlord Nigel Lythgoe reported that he used his
first few moments without a show on the air this year to launch the dance show
franchise in South Africa. Telling of his travels, he marveled about that
nation’s talent.

Across the table, “SYTYCD” judge Mary Murphy was asked if the
party rates a ticket on the Hot Tamale Train (her highest level of praise on the
show).”Oh, no,” she drawled in a deep Southern pitch, “You can’t get a ticket on
the Hot Tamale Train if there’s no dancing.” She gazed out forlornly at the
empty patch of dance floor in front of the bandstand. So why are these things
called balls if there’s never any dancing? “Maybe because there are so many more
losers than winners,” she said.”A party with Mary Murphy is a scream!” Lythgoe
said from across the table, referring to his colleague’s penchant for
full-volumed praise on the show.

But Murphy didn’t take the bait; no piercing trademark shout came forth to crack the chandeliers across the ballroom.Making his way out of the party, Ryan Seacrest stopped by to greet his “Idol” family.

The famously early-to-bed, multiple-job-holding hosting titan is out awfully
late, maybe his latest ever? “Well, let’s see,” he said, looking at his watch,
“the big hand is on the 2 and the little hand is on the, what’s that number?
I’ve never seen that before, 1 and 0 . . .” He looked up and gazed around the
room. “So this is what normal people do at night . . . I’ve got to try this

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Reality Tidbits

Big Brother Evictee Rebecca Morgan Bags Out The Communal Bed.
Rebecca who voted herself out of BB yesterday clearly didn’t want anyone spooning her in the house, as she intensely disliked the communal bed. She said the lack of personal space really got to her.

However she did say that the handling of Travis’s shingles has been done well.

Full article here.

Big Brother new format is also struggling for ratings, with last weeks budget out rating it. Well that is probably a positive thing. With Corey Worthington having now left the house, the producers will probably try and get some liquor into the house to try and liven it up.

In A Shock Move Guy Sebastian and new wife Julie decide to party the night away on the wedding day.

Guy Sebastian, who was once Australia’s most famous virgin, apparently partied the night away rather then doing what most people expected by consummating the marriage. I suspect they realised that they have the rest of their lives to do that, and if you are going to pay good money for a party why not enjoy it.

By the way loved the wedding dress.

Link to article here.

The good news is The Chopping Block is Back.

Channel 9 have commissioned another series of the seriously underrated, entertaining show The Chopping Block. However one thing will be missing Catriona Rowntree. They are not going to have a host. Not a bad idea as she did not add anything to the program. Hopefully Matthew Moran, and the critic have re-signed. But how will the critic be able to disguise himself for series two?

Full article here.

Project Runway Australia is proving to be tiring already.

In an article here it says the first days shoot for Project Runway Australia went for 20 hours, and one contestant needed medical attention due to an intense migraine.

However good reports are coming out about the show’s host Kristy Hinzes.

There looks like there is going to be one interesting contestant on Project Runway with Helen Manuell a Melbourne designer who is not afraid to give full and frank opinions. As we all know a reality tv is only as good as its talent.

For her views on Pamela Anderson and Naomi Robson click here.

Other contestants revealed are Leigh Buchanan, a designer from Eastern Pearson, Juli Grbac, and Mark Antonio will be flying the flag for Queensland. Article from the Courier Mail here.

American Idol Contestant Apparently Likes to Bite.
The Jeff Pulver Blog reveals some negatives and positives about Michael Johns who previously was known as Mike Lee. The blogger who first met the singer in 2000 thinks that his band EP was one of the best he has ever heard from an indie band. The negative Michael was pissed and bit someone really hard.

Hopefully the positives will outweigh the negatives.

Woman’s Day have a nice little puff piece/interview with Michael Johns from when he was out here the other week. He talks about how is wife is his idol.

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Reality Tidbits

Michael Johns Has Hit Sydney
Aussie American Idol contestant Michael Johns is now in Australia for a promotional trip for Idol. Not sure what he is going to do, but Fox 8 has brought him out.

He will probably hit the radio airwaves and TV talk shows.

Small SMH article here.

Hilarious article pointing out Paula Abdul’s weird and unexplained moments.
MTV has an article here that outlines American Idol judge Paula Abdul’s other unexplained faux pas on the show. It has been all over the world about last weeks slip up of judging the song before it has been sung. But MTV have dredged their memories to come up with some more.

Natalie Gauci Recording An Album
Sightings of last year’s Australian Idol winner have been slim as she is in the studio recording an album. Apparently they are wanting to take it slowly to ensure it is a quality album. A strategy which worked for Damien Leith last year, as well as Leona Lewis.

Revlon say Alice Burdeau stood them up at an event because of partying too hard.
Revlon allege that last season’s winner of Australia’s Next Top Model Alice Burdeau stood them up for an event the night after the Logies. It was rumoured that she may have knocked back to much of the free champagne and was not in any shape to make it.

Her people deny it of course, and say Alice was never confirmed for the event. However apparently she was unable to speak at the MTV awards, this was reported on Vega. Maybe she is trying to emulate fashion icon Kate Moss too much. Or maybe she should just eat a few more canapes with her champagne.

An addendum to the above article in today’s Daily Tele states an ‘anon source’ said she did look disorientated at the Logies. She apparently arrived 3 hours before the start of the ceremony and was a bit squiffy even before it started. A minder said she was back in her hotel by 1.00am.

Personally I thought it was obligatory to get smashed at the Logies as that was the only way to cope with the evening.

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