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Australian Idol from 100 to 24

Just as well Casey Freeman did not get through to the top 24 as usually lots of TV time ensure a singer an advantage when they hit the semis, but I think it would have been the reverse for this space cadet.

There were a few new things about this season’s top 100 week. They dumped the singing in groups which was challenging for the singers, but always gave great TV, with fights, dramas, and people really ballsing up. They followed this years American Idol’s formula, where each person sang a song and you either made it straight through to the end of the week when you sing again, or you get a second chance the next day, or you were sent home.

However there was one difference at the end of the week they were singing in front of a live audience. I think one of the reasons Idol producers did this was to gauge audience reaction to some of the performers. This worked in Tom Williams favour. The 16 year old from South Australia with the mini Matt Corby haircut had definite pitch problems all week but managed to make the top 24 due to the amount of squeals coming from the audience.

I could not work out why they did not put that scottish mum from Perth out of her misery earlier. Her voice was screechy all week, and she was sitting there with Caralyn to find out who was going to get the final spot, they were trying to make it suspenseful, but you knew she was not going to get in and I really did not need to see another few minutes of her blubbing.

The James Sidebottom drama that was in today’s papers where he blew his top 24 spot because he said he did not want to win was a bit unfair. Not that I think he would have won, but at least he was honest and did not come out with the usual cliches’ like “Music is my life”, “It is my ambition to win Idol” and “My life would be nothing without music.” You shouldn’t have to gush to get in.

Tomorrow night is the semi’s start with Wes Carr, the bearded hat wearing singer/muso who really should just get a ticket straight to the top 12, his only danger is that everyone else will think he is a shoo in and will vote for someone else.

For the full list of the 24 is:
Brooke Addamo,Thanh Bui, Nicole Banks, Wesley Carr, Natalie Colavito, Olly Corpe, Luke Dickens, Jaden Dowd, Amanda Grafanakis, Chrislyn Hamilton, Teale Jakubenko, Matthew Parsons, Sigrid Moar, Irae Schwenke, Madam Parker, Mark Spano, Sophie Paterson, James Spargo, Roshani Priddis, Mitchell Steele, Kayla Vanzetta, Jonny Taylor, Brooke Wilkie, Tom Williams.

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It’s Official Marcia Has Been Lying To Us For the Past 5 Seasons of Australian Idol

Marcia Hines has finally admitted she did not always tell us what she really thought in seasons gone past on Australian Idol.

In an article in the Sunday Telegraph today she said “I can’t hold back because a lot of the things, musically, that Mark [Holden] would have said, I’ve got to say them,” Hines said.
“I relied a lot on his ears and now I have to say what has to be said.

She has also admitted with the departure of Mark Holden she will need to step up.

Marcia and Dicko were nearly on the chopping as well this season so Marcia has had the make over with botox etc, and will also have to make over her image as a judge. Everybody knew that Marcia never gave any criticism, constructive or otherwise and it was boring.

So to avoid her hitting the underemployment or worse doing promos for late night shopping TV, she is going to have to be more sizzling.

Full article here.

Dicko will also reveal his nasty side tonight when he throws James Sidebottom out of the Top 24 because he does not want to win Idol. This story is obviously planted to get viewers to tune in. James is the not so great looking chiropractor from Melbourne. Full story here.

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Australian Idol – Top Ten best perfornaces

In the first week of season 6 Australian Idol it is a good time to look at highlights from seasons past. Mr Melodius’s blog has done just that. He has outlined what he thinks are the top 10 performances (with the footage) from the past seasons, and he pretty much nails it on the head. I would have included a Ben McKenzie number. He includes the talented Bobby Flynn, and the girl who had a lot of promise Chanel Cole. Chanel had the honour of being the only Idol contestant that Marcia Hines did not like.

Maybe the top 10 worst performances list needs to be done. The Casey Donovan number where she forgot the lines, any Lee Harding number, and the Damien Leith disco number would have to be included.

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Australian Idol – Sydney Auditions Part 1

It was Sydney and a few queries need to be raised:
Firstly there were shots of all these people lining up to audition at Australian Technology Park, but when has that ever had a view of the harbour and the Opera House, or were they mysteriously teleported to perform for the judges at Taronga Zoo. Continuity person needs to get the sack. Also Natalie Colyton appeared to have had a hair cut between the beginning of the montage and singing before the judges.

Why is Ricki-Lee getting so much air time as compared to James and Andrew G? She is not as entertaining or witty.

Dare I say it is Kyle Sandilands now the most entertaining judge on the panel? With his absence due to pneumonia the repartee between Dicko and Marcia was limited to “It’s a no from me”, “It’s a yes from me” combined with Dicko giving them a standing ovation, is this his equivalent of a Mark Holden touchdown – riveting stuff… The most amusing moment were the nude ninja’s in their g-strings. Yes the episode was that dull.

Nicole Sero allegedly an actress, singer and dancer was the classic case of her being unable to sing. Not sure about the acting either, however if her meltdown after her audition was an act she needs to get to Hollywood now. Unfortunately I don’t think she was acting her classic line was “Casting agents could be watching this” as she sobbed into the camera.

Seventeen year old Matthew should have gotten through just because of his ability to play a didge and guitar at the same time. He was great, but he needs to get rid of the facial hair where he has a beard without a moustache – I thought only men in the ’70’s wearing safari suits wore that style of facial hair.

Wes Carr was the highlight with is rock star charisma, great voice, and the hat was fab too.

By the end of the day only 10 singers got through and the final audition episode is screened tomorrow, Friday night and I am starting to wish I was going out.

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Australian Idol Auditions Go To London

So with all the hoopla of Australian Idol going to London it merited just over half an episode and it was montaged so quickly you barely got to see anyone nor see what the two guest judges Tina Arena, and Darren Hayes was like. The three seconds I saw of Darren Hayes I liked..

Six were being sent home for the top 100.

Sophie Patterson was a standout and hopefully she will get through to the semis.

It says it all when Adelaide auditions only merits 15 mins of air time, whilst Sydney will get two nights – obviously no big musical scene down there.

There was a Tom Williams who looked younger then last year’s Ben McKenzie who auditoned. Was Tom scared that Australian Idol was going to get axed before he could get on the show so faked his ID? This kid does not even shave yet, but he did get a ticket through to Sydney.

We are now over half way through this marathon week of auditions and I am starting to get a bit jaded so if you need something a bit extra to get you through the week their is an amusing Australian Idol drinking game here.

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