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Masterchef Australia – Are They Casting On Personality Not Cooking Skills?

On the blog Abstract Gourmet a debate about the auditions has erupted. There are allegations that the producers are casting on looks and personality and not cooking skills.

Adski said I was in exactly the same position as you and got through to the end of the day, only to be told they didn’t want me any further. Bit strange considering that I can cook, whereas a guy in my group confessed he couldn’t cook and when he did, got his food from dumpsters. He didn’t even have to go to the 2nd interview, they gave him a pass to go straight through to the cooking day! He was a great guy- but he got through on 100% personality and 0% cooking ability. If that’s what the show is based on, I’m not that upset that I didn’t get through.

and Sarah wrote:

My husband auditioned in Syd yesterday and his group all thought his meal was the best of the lot, but he didn’t get through to second auditions. One girl who did get a second audition admitted she didn’t even make her own dish – she bought a balmain bug already cooked?!?! But of course, she was pretty 😉

January 30, 2009   6 Comments

Applications Now Open For Project Runway Australia Series 2


Foxtel and Fremantle Media are now casting for the second series of Project Runway Australia. Producers will be looking for raw talent and personality when deciding which designers will make it on the show.

Last year Juli Grbac took out the $100,000 first prize. However you don’t have to be the winner to get noticed on the show.

Alison Davis who had the ignomy of being the first designer eliminated from the series has said since the show  she has been approached by agents and had met many great contacts through the publicity of the show.

Alison kindly updated me on what she had been up to since the show.

What have you been doing since the show finished?

 Since the show finished, I went back to college to finish my degree and completed my final collection. I have since then, extended my final collection to show buyers and agents

What are your plans for 2009?

My plans for 2009 are to hopefully be studying at Saint Martins London, where I will get my masters in fashion design.

 Who was your favourite designer on the show?

My favourite designer on the show was Mark and Lou. They both had the most amazing personalities, and are extremely genuine, talented designers.

Is there anything you would have done differently on the show?

 I think I would make better choices within the challenges!!

Designers interested in being part of Project Runway should:

  • Log onto
  • Complete an application and provide their cv.
  • Upload examples of their designs and/or sketches.
  • Upload photos and/or short video of themselves.

January 30, 2009   1 Comment

American Idol – Salt Lake City Auditions

Tonight American Idol was inSalt Lake City and not suprisingly an Osmond showed up. You could tell David was an Osmond due to the cheesy song he sang which was Something Within Me  by boy band Take 6.  David Osmond’s uncle is Danny Osmonde, and he definately had the family smile. He got a ticket through to Hollywood, and fingers crossed he does not have a relapse of his mutliple sclerosis beforehand.

I note this week  in both the Jacksonville, and this audition that Randy and Paula were given more air time, so the producers had decided to give us a break from the Kara and Simon show. Also I was glad tonight Kara had covered up her breasts, as last night in the Jacksonville audition she was showing a lot of cleavage. The positive thing about this was I was so distracted by them, I forgot to obsess about whether she had collagen in her lips. Sorry about no recap last night but I have been having computer issues all week.

Tara Matthews  Salt Lake City’s resident medium came dressed as a cross between a goth and a tranvestite (something I presume is illegal in that town). She did a bad rendition of Fly Away, so back to the crystal ball for her. I cannot believe this year the number of contestants who have sung this year who are totally shocked when they are told how crap they are.

Chris Kirkham provided some light relief by bringing a friend dressed up as a pink bunny. For some reason I found it amusing. Sad but true. His voice wasn’t too bad, and I think if he had turned up sans bunny he might have had a better shot at getting the golden ticket.

Megan a 23 year old single mum and font designer (Is that designing fonts for computers? Is that a job?) sang Can’t help Loving That Man showed that if she does not win she can sing in musicals. Apparently Idol contestants are  saving Broadway. Simon loved her as she was different.

Austin Sisneros a 17 year old who is Riverton High School class  President sang a song by Train  he was average, but he got the chance to sing a second song It Takes A Whole Village. He got through to Hollywood, which I was surprised by, I don’t expect to see much of him in top 100 week.

Taylor Vaifanua a 16 year old student who looked and sounded like she was 25 year old.  Her family moved from Samoa to improve her opportunities.  She sang a hymn so clearly the Mormans made a conversion of her families when they were missionaries in the Pacific.

Rose Flack a 17 year old student had the sad tale of her parents dying in her early teens. She sang  I Feel The Earth Move  the Carol King version not the Martika version.  She was an interesting looking girl and could be quite a favourite if she get through to the top 36. Her biggest liability will be whether her voice is strong enough to get her that far.

The auditions in Salt Lake City were much stronger then Jacksonville, and I expect to see a few make the top 36.

January 29, 2009   3 Comments

Natalie Bassingthwaite – Is There Any Magazine Or Newspaper This Week That She Is Not In?


You would have to be in coma or illiterate  to not know  So You Think You Can Dance Australia is starting this Sunday.

As the publicity machine is in overdrive with the show’s host, Natalie Bassingthwaite, in just about every magazine and newspaper in the country. If Mastermind were to be revived my specialist subject on the show could be “The Bass”.

In the interviews Natalie talks about the criticism she attracted last year. In an article in the Courier Mail she said to expect an improvement:

Bassingthwaighte has two words for her early critics – watch out.

“I just think bagging someone that is just having a go is not healthy for the soul or good for being Australian but, in saying that, I get it and it’s a job,” she says.

“I never said, ‘I am going to do this show and I am the most brilliant host in the world’. I said, ‘I will have a go’. All I will say is I hope that that does make young girls go, ‘I am going to have a go too’. I am OK with it (now, but) at the time it was hard.”

I find it strange that she would think people were not going judge her on her performance? Her role is pivotal to the success of the show. And if it ain’t working of course viewers were going bag it. At the beginning she was not great but by the end of the series that had been a huge improvement and I suspect she will be great this season.

In the TV Week article she say’s the following:

  • A lot more professional dancers auditioned this year;
  • She is enjoying the role a lot more this year as she is not as nervous,
  • She is not in contact with any of last year’s dancers but she does see them out and about every now and then,
  • Her film Prey will be out this year,
  • She hasn’t had a chance to miss the Rogue Traders,
  • Her boyfriend Cameron helped her a lot with her solo album, and they co-wrote a song,
  • Her New Year’s resolution is to not take on board too much, and enjoy every moment,
  • She will not be returning to Neighbours.

Now if you still need more Natalie Bassingthwaite and SYTYCDA news here is another article in The Age.

January 29, 2009   3 Comments

Farmer Wants A Wife And Ladette To Lady Start Dates Announced.


At last Channel 9 have released the commencement dates of two of their highly promoted reality TV shows, Farmer Wants A Wife, and Ladette To Lady.

Farmer Wants A Wife Will Commence on Wednesday February 11 at 7.30pm, and Ladette To Lady starts the following Monday the 16 February at 9.30pm. In this late timeslot it is not meant to be family viewing. Those girls are going to rock.

Farmer Wants A Wife will have six farmer, five male and one female trying to find love.  As the Channel 9 press release says The Farmer Wants a Wife is not a competition, there is no prize-money, and the only winner in the end is “¦ love itself.

The farmers are:

Farmer Paul, 36 – cattle farmer from Tarcutta, NSW. A single dad who’s desperate to fall in love and discover someone to share his life with.

Farmer Damian, 29 – a sheep, cattle and dairy farmer who also runs his own artificial insemination business in Caveside, Tasmania. He’s an animal lover and a greenie, but says he finds it hard to meet a local girl he’s not related to.

Farmer Andrew, 25 – a sheep and cropping farmer from Manoora, SA. A fourth generation farmer, he is the youngest bachelor to appear on The Farmer Wants a Wife. Andrew puts his shyness down to the fact that he’s had more than his fair share of rejection from women.

Farmer Ralph, 28 – a cattle and horse breeder from Nambeelup, WA. This playboy farmer has travelled the world playing international polo but now family pressure is on him to settle down.

Farmer Tim, 26 – a sheep and cropping farmer from Mulawa, NSW. With all his mates getting hitched, Tim would like to find that special chemistry with a woman who “doesn’t need much makeup”.

Farmer Jenny, 32 – a cattle farmer from Tumbarumba, NSW. Jenny is a former advertising executive who has lived in Singapore, Norway and Sweden. With her body clock ticking, she’s back on the land and not willing to compromise a farming life for a man.

 The format is the same as the previous series where in the first episode the farmer’s will have 10 potentials to date and they have to whittle it down to five to go on a date with. Channel 9 will also have a Farmer Wants A Wife official website ( which will have videos, exclusive interviews and even a discussion forum. Also if you miss the show you will be able to download it from this site.

In other reality TV related scheduling Gordan Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA will commence on Thursday February 5 at 9.30pm, and there will be a sneak peak of Wipeout Australia at 7.30pm Tuesday 3 February.

January 28, 2009   1 Comment