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Next Top Model Season 6 – Episode 3

After last weeks elimination of Wendy from New Orleans (apologies from Raver for not blogging due to sickness) and Jade feeling fragile because she made the bottom two it was time for the heat to be turned up on these scrawny girls.

Why do we never see them eating, apart from Gina with a toasted sandwich this episode we saw them put nothing into their mouths. There is all this product placement cereal around the kitchen, but none of the boxes are open.

Furonda, and Sara must have eating disorders as they have bones sticking out everywhere.

Gina (the asian girl) continued to be needy by stalking Danielle the black girl from Arkansas around the house. By the time Gina said “Can I watch you shower,” Dani was totally over her. God I knew how Danielle felt as Gina perpetual whine and low self esteem is starting to irritate me.

The first task this show was the dreaded catwalk critique by Miss Jay, who for a semi drag queen knows how to strut it down the runway. How much of a cross dresser is this guy? He does not seem to pad up his chest though, maybe they think that would be crossing (no pun intended) a line that the American audience would just not cop.

The girls had to get dressed up in evening gowns to practice their walks. Danielle had a long scarf dress on which was impossible to walk in without tripping. Also Gina’s meringue type wedding dress looked so heavy how the hell could you sashay in it.

Kari the cute barbie doll type from South Dakota was having difficulty with the walking and being away from home, which culminated in a teary telephone call to her parents.

The next day there was Tyra Mail. With a location and some latin term on it, which the girls for all of two seconds thought they might be going to Spain. Then they pulled themselves together as they know the overseas shoot occurs much later on in the show.

They were going to a catwalk, and they were introduced to a LA designer Jared Gold. They were going to have to dress in his designs and be judged by his design team, all of which seemed to be Vivienne Westward clones (ironic considering the task on Judging day).

Finally the girls got to find out what the meaning of the Tyra mail is with Jared showing them these colourful cockroaches (real) that would be attached to their clothes.

Gina started freaking out, and Jade sensing weakness went in for the kill and start harassing her about it.

Gina should have been thankful she wasn’t on the catwalk for Tsubi or is it now Ksubi when they put rats down the side of the runway for shock/PR purposes. Now that would have been freaky.

Jade strutted out confidently, and at the end of the catwalk kissed the cockroach which had the semi gothic judging design team in lathers of excitement. Every Emo in town will want one of those to wear to their next full moon party. Jade did look great, as did Danielle.

Gina became frozen and had to be pushed out onto the catwalk. If she could have held it together it would have been good, as I thought she looked fabulous in the clothes.

Kari did poorly, the look just did not suit her wholesome vibe.

Jade won the challenge, and the prize being VIP tickets to a fashion show at LA fashion week. She picke Nnenna (so she should as Nnenna has taken her on two occasions), Mollie-Sue, Leslie, and I think one other.

The next day they were up and out the door by 6.15 for a photo shoot with Jay as director of the shoot. I like this guy he is nice but direct and I just found out he also hosts Canada’s Next Top Model.

Today the shoot’s theme was modern day fairy tales, and the girls were going to be photographed falling. The rationale for this is if you are on the catwalk and you fall you have to continue your “look”.

First up was Jade as Little Red Riding Hood – she looked great, and as the judges said it was like the wolf. This girl has a great look, but 26 years of age is like 50 in model years.

Sara who was dressed as Gretel looked a bit like a blow up doll with something stuck up her butt.

Nnenna was dressed as a princess. Some of the judges thought she looked great Tyra thought she was mediocre.

Leslie dressed as the wolf – did look good, her catwalk technique is dreadful. This girl is getting very little TV time.

Danielle as a modern day snow white, whoops Snow Black, just looked gorgeous.

Brooke was dressed as the emperors new clothes. The judges keep on telling her she has to learn her angles as her jaw is so big. But they are still in raptures over her. I don’t feel it with her.

Gina – Not good as Sleeping Beauty as the judges said she was smiling with her eyes wide open.

Kari – dressed as Goldilocks I thought her pictures were ok.

Furonda as Rapunzel was so stiff it seemed like she had not thawed out from the previous weeks ice shoot.

Joanie got to be Cinderella she got the thumbs up for the shots but not the hair on head do.

Mollie-Sue was dressed as Little Boy Blue, I love her waif look, however her photos were not fabulous, too stiff. I suspect she is not long for this competition.

Also prior to the judging the girls had to do a walk in skyscraper heels and just to really mind f**k them were shown the Naomi Campbell fall on the Vivenne Westwood runway

To give the girls some credit I would not have been able to stand in them without toppling. So those who did this without their knees touching the catwalk should be applauded.

Brooke, and Joanie got through it without a wobble.

Jade wobbled but recovered very well. Kari fell her woes were continuing. Dani fell, got up smiled (which the judges liked), but again fell at the end, and crawled off injured.

The nurse and doctor were called and diagnosed a sprained little toe and she was given crutches????

Tyra said to the other judges that this was the hardest to watch task any contenders on the series had ever been given. I wonder if it was stressing Tyra out as much as this rumour/article that has been circulating that states she won’t let guys stay overnight because she is worried her weave/wig may fall out and they would freak out. For those interested the article is here.

Anyway it was judgement time. Jade was given her photo first, closely followed by Danielle both girls were way out front this episode.

The final two were down to Gina, and Kari. Kari was given the flick which I thought was unfair as I thought Gina had done nothing right this episode. However affirmative action is big in the States, so that may have been the reason.

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