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Aust Idol – The mystery spa photos have emerged.

Finally the rumoured pictures of Brianna and Marty in the spa have emerged. Sitting in the prime page 3 position in the Sunday Telegraph. Quality.

Rumours had been circulating that big money had been paid for them. However, I had thought the Telegraph prided itself on not buying stories, however photos might be a different thing.

Link below:,22049,22464573-5001026,00.html

The picture does the raise the question about why Matt Corby has such a strange look on his face what is he thinking?

Is it:
a) Why did I sit on one of the spa’s holes I have bubbles going up my ass?
b) Oh God I am only a 16 year old and I only have to look at a girl to get a boner, I hope she cannot feel it? or
c) Oops, Uh oh – At my school did they tell me that semen could stay alive in a spa – oh please god I hope not.

Interesting that Lana and Marty were sitting together – there was the rumour they were having some sort of interaction, however no overpowering body chemistry seems evident in this photo. Maybe he has a sneaky hand underwater.

September 23, 2007   Comments Off on Aust Idol – The mystery spa photos have emerged.

Brianna gone all pretty predictable

Firstly I must congratulate the producers of Aust Idol in their ability to spin out a 10 minute show to one hour.

It is particularly excrutiating to have to watch the previous nights performances twice, once at the beginning, and once through the camera at the side of the stage.

What was the story with Lana and her eyes had she been bawling her eyes out prior to going on stage. Had Dicko given her the just commit harikari talk.

Anyway Lana is surviving another week, but seems to know she won’t be there to walk those opera house steps.

It was unsurprising that Brianna went, I must say I was not sorry, again we had her pretentious whinging about how she has only ever sung her own songs. Bull – I am sure she has been seen hanging out in those Karoke bars in Fortitude Valley.

The only unfortunate thing about her going is that it reduces then number of girls to three.

I was surprised that Jacob was in the bottom 3 – clearly he did not carry many fans over from the X Factor. However is was not the worst performance of the night.

Disco night next week well that will be a giggle as they the majority crash and burn again.

September 17, 2007   Comments Off on Brianna gone all pretty predictable

Brianna signing her own death warrant???

Rumours were flying this week that there were photos of Brianna doing unspecified actions with Matt Corby in a spa.

Fingers crossed they emerge soon in the mags or internet.

Maybe she was in damage control and trying to show she did get on with the younger ones in the hours after her comments in TV Week that said she thought some of the housemates were immature. I presume comments like will not win her any popularity contests either inside or outside the house.

Brianna should expect a voting backlash from Matt’s teeny fans for sullying him so expect her already low vote to be further down this week. My prediction is she will be in danger of being voted out and dead set cert for bottom three.

Matt being an early contender for this year Idols crown may also find his nice boy image tarnished by playing tonsil hockey with Brianna. Especially since earlier this week they set him up with a aw shucks what a nice guy story regarding a girl he liked and how they were waiting until the whole Idol thing blew over to get it together. He may also find himself losing some of his large fan base to the other heartthrobs on the show.

They are not the only ones using Idol as an opportunity to get some horizontal folk dance action. Mark De Costa was alleged to have been using his ‘fame’ to pull some tottie in a night club in Sydney. The Daily Tele states he was sleazing around until he finally pulled. Disgruntled patrons said he was sleazy. Good on him if you are not going to get a recording contract out of the show the bare minimum you can expect is to get laid.

I thought he had a girlfriend in the audience – but maybe it was his sister. If not I suspect there will be some interesting phone conversations today – will she believe that he did in fact just share a cab to their seperate residences as the Channel 10 publicists tried to spin it.

As the rocker of the show isn’t he meant to drink copious amount of alcohol, drugs, and sleep with at least three groupies a day? Well the theme is rock on the show this Sunday so maybe he is just getting in some early practice.

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