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Todd McKenny Cleared – Drug Charges Dropped

- Well you would want to put on a bit of lippie and celebrate if you had drug charges against you dropped.

Todd McKenney, judge from Dancing With the Stars, today had the charges withdrawn for drug possession due to lack of evidence.

Todd McKenney was charged with possessing the prohibited drug gamma hydroxybutyrate – also known as GHB or fantasy – after being found unconscious in Ruschutters Bay Park on Anzac Day.
He was allegedly found with a vial of the drug in his pocket after spending time at a friend’s party.

Todd McKenney has maintained his innocence throughout. I must confess I was a bit sceptical about it all.

McKenney’s lawyers were going to show there was ample opportunity for the drugs to have been planted in his jeans, therefore NSW Police decided not to proceed.

McKenney – who is currently starring as drag queen Mitzi in the musical Priscilla: Queen of the Desert – was relieved that the charge had been dropped.

Full story on Daily Tele Website.

November 3, 2008   2 Comments

Todd McKenney Needs To Employ Some New PR Chicks.

Ok so your trial for drug possession is coming up, so Todd’s McKenney’s PR team decides some positive spin needs to occur to garner sympathy for him.

Now if the best they can do is a story where he was attacked in the supermarket by a bloke with sausages because he wasn’t nice to Pauline Hansen, maybe he needs to think about getting a new public relations team.

“I was buying meat for a barbecue when this guy accused me of not giving Pauline Hanson, who starred in the first series, a fair go – and hit me with his sausages!” he says.

If you want the full story you will have to buy this week’s New Idea because I certainly won’t be.

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Todd McKenney Wants His Drug Possession Charges Dropped

Dancing With The Star judge, Todd McKenney wants his drug possession charge dropped. His case which went to court today has been postponed until December, because a mystery woman witness was unavailable.

I thought the Marcus Einfeld case had the monopoly on mysterious female witnesses.

Earlier this year McKenney was found semi-conscious in a park with GBH in his pocket.

Full story here at the Daily Tele.

My thoughts on his predicament can be found in a previous blog here.

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Reality Tidbits

The Difference Between Two Newspapers Commentating On The Todd McKenney Incident.

The Daily Tele article here takes a more cynical view of the incident with them saying when the police arrived and searched him he told them the vial was GBH. Also witnesses said he was dancing until 5.00am in the morning.

Whilst the SMH(hard copy only) have taken a more compassionate line saying that the Sydney Star Observer had reported last week there was a increase in drink spiking incidents in the gay and Lesbian community.

Aussie American Idol Contestant May Be Coming Out For A Promotional Visit.
Michael Johns the Aussie blues/soul/rock singer who was a shock a elimination a few weeks ago may be coming out to Australia next week for a quick promotional visit for Fox 8.

Another highlight for the singer has been being invited to the White House and meeting Condeleeza Rice, Secreatary of State who apparently was a big fan.

He also said he has some record labels interested in him and an album may be out next year.

Full story here.

Big Brother to have a snap eviction
Their first night was more Survivor then BB after the 14 contestants were told they were staying outside the house for the night. Also they were told they had to choose one person to evict today. It will be interesting to see who they pick.

Full story here.

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Reality Tidbits – miscellaneous

So You Think You Can Dance Gossip and this is getting into the banal – Jack nearly arrested in New York.
In TV Week Jack reveals he was busting to go to the toilet when he was on the Subway.

“I got off at the next stop to find a bathroom, and after I found one, I started walking around, not really knowing where I was.

“Suddenly, this van drove up on the footpath and almost hit me! These cops jumped out and arrested two guys, who were standing next to me, for dealing drugs. They asked me, if I was part of it and I said no and took off!”

The other riveting piece of information in TV Week was that Henry used to be teased when he was young for dancing.

Todd McKenny is a lush.
Todd McKenny a judge on Dancing with the Stars was found guilty for drink driving and was banned from driving until July. The full details are here. What I found interesting that he only copped such a small penalty when he was already on a good behaviour licence. Methinks if he wasn’t a celeb a much harsher penalty would have been given out.

Guy Sebastian reveals Matt Corby to be his Wedding Singer.
Those who pray together, sing together. Guy Sebastian has revealed Matt Corby will be his wedding singer at his May wedding. They apparently met last year and became friends when Matt was in Australian Idol. Full story here.

Australia’s Next Top Model winner Alice Burdeau shows there is careers after reality tv.
Today it was revealed she will be heading to London to shoot an ad campaign for Dolce and Gabbana. This campaign will be shot by uber famous photographer Mario Testino. This is on top of modelling for New York fashion week. I don’t think we will be seeing her home anytime soon.

Full story here.

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