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Scary Reality TV Mum From My Kid Is A Star

There has been a little bit of discussion of My Kid Is A Star on Twitter due to the fact that Celebrity Apprentice contestant Max Markson was in the ill fated series.

@TrentyMc sent this in response to a twitter conversation on Dance Moms, a reality show that follows pushy dance mums.

Entertain yourselves with it whilst I work on my The X Factor Australia form guide – which of course will be completely wrong….

September 16, 2011   3 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Kel and Ash The Ones Who Had To Leave

God I am thick, last night in my blog post I query where Kel and Ash are as they are not spotted on The Ghan, and do I twig at all? NO. Clearly I learnt nothing from all those Nancy Drew books I read in my teen years.

It was Kel and Ash who had to leave as Kel had lost sight in her right eye and they had to leave the competition. Well they wanted to stay but apparently the producers were not comfortable with it. The condition was from a long standing medical issue.

After they had given their farewell speeches and the tears had been shed, I am sure all the viewers were sitting there like I was thinking OK so what is going to happen in the next 45 minutes.

Manu and Pete  revealed all teams would be cooking and the winner will mean they are safe from elimination next week.

By the way how many bullets can Kane and Lee dodge? I was sure they would have been eliminated tonight.

The challenge for tonight was two teams had cook mudcrab for entree, two teams cook barramundi for main, and tropical fruit for dessert.

Kane and Lee cooked salt and pepper crab, and the judges loved it. Daniela and Stefania cooked chilli mud crab, but it was undercooked.

For mains Sammi and Bella cooked barramundi on crushed potatoes and pea soup, which looked delicious. Nick and Ann-Marie cooked macadamia crusted barramundi on a lentil and vegetable salad. Nick spent ages fiddling with the fish fillets, and their dish looked a bit ordinary, but the flavour was there.

The two teams who got dessert had no hope in winning, as they had to cook with tropical fruit. Yes it is nice but it was going to be hard to get a wow factor in 60 minutes. Esther and Ali made a passionfruit syrup cake which looked dry. Bill and Alex’s Zabaglioni was a dud, as it was not cooked enough. There was certainly enough effort put in with Bill putting a litre of sweat into it as he stirred it. The judges could only take one spoonful of it.

The winner unsurprisingly were Sammi and Bella. I thought that was fair. Considering Kane and Lee were meant to be up for elimination tonight it would have been a bit unfair if they were now safe for next week.

March 30, 2011   11 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Mel and James Marriage Is Fine

Controversial Tasmanian couple Mel and James have hit out at rumours there marriage is in trouble in this week’s TV WEEK.

The article states:
Despite one weekly magazine recently suggesting her relationship with husband James was in “in crisis”, Tassie’s Melanie insists that nothing could be further from the truth.

“James and I are incredibly happily married and are going to Singapore soon to celebrate our second wedding anniversary,” she tells TV Week. “Things are great [with us] – I promise!”

So what did Melanie, 37, think when she saw the salacious front-page headline? “I was quite surprised but I just laughed,” she says.

“There’s nothing you can do about that kind of stuff, but it doesn’t worry me in the least. James and I got home and had a good joke about it. The kids weren’t upset by it either, because they see us together every day. They know that we’re not in crisis.”

James adds: ” If anything, the show has made our marriage stronger. At no time was our marriage under threat because of what we went through on MKR – or after it. We spent so much time together on the show, and that really solidifies your relationship even more.”

Melanie does admit, however, to having regrets about referring to James as a “good boy” on the cooking competition – something fans slammed as patronising in internet chatter.

“I was unwell that day and didn’t know what I was talking about,” she says. “But it did sound awful. I certainly don’t treat him like that at home.”

James add: “It’s a bit disappointing to know that some people see her as being bossy and me as being henpecked. Nothing like that exists in our real relationship.”

March 21, 2011   12 Comments

Masterchef Australia And My Kitchen Rules Finally Having A Cat Fight

Well you knew it had to be simmering but finally the lid has exploded off the pot (cooking euphemism fully intended) and Masterchef Australia and My Kitchen Rules are having a cat fight.

 An article in The Australian states the Ten Network is so infuriated by the similarity of Seven’s My Kitchen Rules to Ten’s MasterChef franchise that it is considering taking legal action against Seven to protect the integrity of the lucrative brand.

Also the article said:

MasterChef producers say privately that My Kitchen Rules has been slavish in its copying of the original, right down to the colour palette used on set, the theme music and the way the two judges interact and comment on the preparation while the action takes place behind them.

Ten’s chief programmer, David Mott,  fired off the first salvo saying:

 “I take my hat off to Tim (Worner, Seven’s head of production and programming),” Mott told industry publication Mediaweek. “Normally Seven is a little bit more original than that. Success has many fathers and I think that Seven should thank us for the idea. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

“When you look at My Kitchen Rules there is no question they have done a good job of it. When you look at their show and MasterChef , though, it’s like having a short stay at the Coogee Bay Backpackers and then moving into the Park Hyatt. People will soon realise that MasterChef is the real cooking show.”

Seven hit back saying:

“David Mott’s obsessed about Seven,” the spokesman said. “He’d love nothing more than most of our programs and our ratings — and not his own network’s.”

The article continues:

 My Kitchen Rules looked a lot like another cooking show, Britain’s Come Dine With Me, in which contestants hold dinner parties in their own homes and then vote for one another.

But then it surprised everyone by turning into a kind of MasterChef, complete with its own big kitchen “face-off” and its similar storytelling technique.

Something we have  been saying on this blog for some time (see previous post My Kitchen Rules A Hybrid Of Come Dine With Me and MasterChef Australia

Also eagle eyed commenters on www.realityravings  also picked up the similarity in vernacular, particularly noting the MKR judges used the Masterchef term “step away from the benches”

Masterchef Australia judge Gary Mehigan also waded in on the debate saying in  “It’s just that when George (Calombaris) and I are standing up there, instead of saying ‘please step away from your benches’ – because now they’re using it on MKR – we’ve got to come up with something else.”

MasterChef was a different show to MKR, he said.

Come Dine With Me appears to be staying out of it at this stage.

March 29, 2010   5 Comments

My Kid is A Star – TJ won

I just rang Channel 9 to find out who won – I was put through to about 3 different people to find out so clearly not a popular TV show within the actual network itself.

However TJ won she was Christina’s child. The cute one, who was competing against Claudia. I can see Christina being like Dina Lohan in a few years, as she was pretty strict on TJ on the show.

Hopefully she will put the $50,000 in trust for TJ.

May 19, 2008   1 Comment