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Paula Abdul – Is She Drunk?

This is an oldie but I just rediscovered it on Dlisted today and thought some people might what to watch this retro clip of Paula Abdul acting a little bit under the influence.

June 20, 2012   8 Comments

Andrew Gunsberg To Host New Reality Show In US

Australian Idol

Great news for Andrew Gunsberg or Andrew G as he used to be known as he will be hosting a new reality show with Paula Abdul called Live To Dance.

Paula Abdul will anchor the expert line-up, alongside Pussycat Dolls singer/dancer Kimberley Wyatt and choreographer Travis Payne.

The show will premiere in January on CBS. Hopefully an Australian TV station will fast track the show here.

Source: Daily Telegraph

October 14, 2010   3 Comments

Paula Abdul For Australian Idol – I Think It Is Bollocks

paula-abdul has a story in it that says that Paula Abdul may be coming to Australia to replace Kyle Sandilands.

Somehow I think the $1 million (Australian dolllars not US) would not be enought for her. However if she does come, can she replace Marcia Hines, and then we get two new judges for this season. Now that would improve ratings.

The word that it is JayDee Springett just keeps getting stronger.

August 14, 2009   5 Comments

Paula Abdul Now Available For Australian Idol


News in from the US is that Paula Idol has quit American Idol. She was a judge on the show for eight seasons. She won’t say why she is leaving.

But this is how I think it played out.

1. American Idol producers decide they have had enough of her zonked out/crazy behaviour.

2. Hire saner, younger and female fourth judge Kara DioGuardi for “one season”.

3. Negotiate with Kara to come back for another season for peanuts.

4. Offer Paula contract that is insultingly low, claiming Global Financial Crisis, and Simon Cowell’s astronomical pay demands.

5. Paula quits to save what little dignity she has left, and plays right into the hands of the producers.

6. American Idol does not hire a fourth person, but goes back to a three person panel.

Now Fremantle Media Australia and Channel Ten this is an opportunity to get Paula going crazy on our screens.

August 5, 2009   7 Comments

Paula Abdul Has a New Boyfriend


American Idol judge Paula Abdul has a new boyfriend, name unknown at this stage. He looks like a cross between uber chef Anthony Bourdin and George Harrison.

Apparently they went on a date to Beso her ex-boyfriend’s restaurant. Is she trying to make him jealous.

Full story on Idolstalker.

In other reality TV romance news winner for cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Model Eva Marcille is engaged to Lance Gross, an actor. Full story here.

December 30, 2008   2 Comments