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Ricki-Lee Coulter To Have An Electorate Named After Her?

I am considering offering this woman a guest post.

This from

Richard Farmer writes:
Brighter than your average submission. Submissions to the Australian Electoral Commission on changes to electoral boundaries are normally very boring affairs full of figures and thinly disguised arguments of self-interest from political parties trying to gain an advantage. I hope, therefore, that the panel considering changes that will result in Queensland gaining an extra seat take note of Public Submission No 15 by Claudia Marckx. Not for her all that dull and boring stuff. Ms Marckx concentrates on the important question of who the seat should be named after and makes the case for Coulter, in recognition of Queensland entertainer Ricki-Lee Coulter.
She argues:
I submit that this choice of name would leverage synergies between reality television and electoral process, progress the cause of youth electoral engagement and help project a contemporary understanding of Queensland as a vibrant place in which young Australians, and in particular young women, are valued and recognised for their contributions to nation-building.
Further, given the understanding of the lives of working Australian families that is demonstrated in Coulter’s catalogue of songs, such a choice would also accord with modern Australian values.
 I further submit that the redistribution committee embrace youth-driven technology and make the announcement of the name of this new electoral division by way of a “tweet”.

Now the issue Ms Marckx does not address in her submission is whether the seat should be known as the Electorate of Coulter or the Electorate of Ricki-Lee. Now as many of her young fans only know her as Ricki-Lee it would make sense to ensure maximum impact for the younger voters the member of this area should be known as the Federal Member for Ricki-Lee. On second thoughts that title sounds like a name of a bad porn flick. And to any would be commentors I don’t need an outline on what the plot of that movie would entail.

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Australia’s Next Top Model – Some Belated Thoughts.

After all the hype Australia’s Next Top Model Season Five finally started and it was straight into it with the final 13 bitchy antics.

Here are just a few observation on Episode 1:

  • Sarah Murdoch in her first episode looked more confident and relaxed than previous host Jodhi Meares was after two seasons. She appeared to adlib at times and there was no sight of the cheap plastic clipboard that was Jodhi crutch during the elimination scenes.
  • Charlotte Dawson is tall, thin, beautiful and funny, but why are the only two things moving on her face are her lips and eyeslids. She really did not need to be botoxed within an inch of her life, as it would be nice see some expression when she is spouting her witticisms.
  • Is judge and fashion designer Alex Perry a straight guy in a gay guys body?
  • Judge Priscilla Leighton-Clark in the Ivy scenes showed she was self conscious of her body by continually tugging on her jacket when she was standing next to the other two judges. She needs to realise she is there for her expertise as a modelling agent/business woman, not as a model/show pony. It should be ok to be a female and oversize 12 on TV. If she is feeling not great about it she should turn on Masterchef Australia and see judge food critic Matt Preston whose overblown jowls does not appear to effect his self-confidence.
  • It would be a good idea for Johnathan Pease who was criticised last year for getting to close to the young modelettes from manhandling them when they came off the catwalk. Also he appears to think his new characterisation this year of being a bit of a hard nose bastard will save him from ANTM oblivion. And Johnathan stop plagarising iconic Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn’s mantra “Make it work,”.
  • The  producers have got the formula right in mixing a group girls,  with a lot of boredom due to being confined to barracks which results in mega bitchiness. Why are none of the modelettes ever sighted picking up a book?
  • Cassi Van Den Dungen was hilarious when she dropped the F-Bomb on the catwalk, but I would have been cursing a lot more if I had to walk in those shoes. I am surprised one of the girls is not a paraplygic from those shoes.

Laura T who we did not get to know was the first girl eliminated.

April 30, 2009   5 Comments

Ajay Rochester – Is Her TV Career Over?


In a news report on the radio it said that the host of The Biggest Loser, AJay Rochester, had not been invited to the Logies. She apparently announced this on her Facebook page.

Ajay who has hosted all four seasons of The Biggest Loser appears unlikely now to be hosting the fifith series.

There have been rumours circulating of her TV demise since she pleaded guilty to Centrelink fraud last year fuelled by the fact she was not included in the ad campaign for the show or for Channel Ten.

April 30, 2009   4 Comments

Is Cassi Van Den Dungen Still In Australia’s Next Top Model?

Cassi Van Den Dungan in Wayne Cooper's Show

Cassi Van Den Dungan in Wayne Cooper's Show

Cassi Van Den Dungan, the controversial contestant on Australia’s Next Top Model appeared in last nights Wayne Cooper show in Fashion Week. Does this mean she is still in the competition? Or does this mean Wayne was trying to court as much publicity as possible by having the model who has had the most media coverage in the last ten days.

I am thinking the latter, as Wayne pulled another PR stunt by having his ex-partner Sarah sit in the audience even though he had been physically violent towards her this year. Full story here.

April 30, 2009   1 Comment

Masterchef Australia – Melbourne Auditions

Tonight’s auditions were in Melbourne, and it was being talked up as THE  foodie city, and with the three judges being from Melbourne, it would appear the producers considered there was a brevity of foodie talent in other parts of Australia.

However the recently released Top 100 Restaurants of the world has three Australian eating establishments in it and they are all from Sydney. Yes I know I am being parochial, however I do think one of the judges could have been from Sydney. Oh and a woman.

Anyway it was the same format as the previous auditions, anyone who was put through got a lot of airtime, apart from the guy who did the Chicken Jolie which I swear I have seen similar dishes on The Chopping Block or a Women’s Weekly Cookbook circa 1972. Are there any circumstances where avocado should be put on a hot dish?

The vegetarian girl we have been seeing in the advertisments has finally shown up. Her beetroot risotto was simple but it did look nice. Obviously she had confessed all in her application form as the judges asked her about her eating disorder. Apparently recovered. She also said she was comfortable cooking meat.  We know this is not the case.

I was bemused they put through the molecular technology guy through, as I still don’t know if his dish was savoury or sweet – there were peas in it so I am presuming it was savoury. Matt Preston said that this particular cuisine had yet to take off in Australia. And he wonders why? His food looked like it was haemorraging blood.

Prediction the female former aerospace engineer who undercooked the salmon will go far in the competition.

I thought George Columbaris really found his feet tonight some of his lines were definitely amusing. However someone needs to tell him and Matt Preston to keep their hands from covering their mouths.

The second half of the show was an onion cutting competition, which culminated in 12 people being up for elimination tomorrow night.

Best Dish – The simple pasta with cherry tomatoes

Dud Dish – Tie between Chicken Jolie and the molecular technology.

April 30, 2009   2 Comments