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Dancing With the Stars – Final 3

Due to a recording malfunction….. me – I missed both Anh Do and Luda’s, and David and Corrina’s first dances – Sob.

However it meant I missed the banal opening segment by Darryl Somers. Yeah. On Sunday a person was telling me how he thought Darryl was one of the great comedians, I immediately deleted him from my Christmas Card list.

Speaking of Christmas, Sonia Kruger was certainly getting into the festive spirit by dressing up as a gift.

Bridie and Craig were the third couple to dance and they did the salsa.

The pre routine confab at rehearsals continued to not wow me with them. I know she is hugely popular and a great dancer, but she just annoys me.

Notwithstanding that I thought she looked super hot in that dress, and the opening was great when Craig jumped over her. Then it went into a lull, and it was not the sexiest nor smoothest salsa I have ever seen.

I did not see the point regarding both of them chewing gum. Was this to try and highlight that it was Cuba pre the Castro revolution, when there were heaps of Americans there, hence the gum. If so I thought the link was as tenuous as one of Anna Coren’s segues as The Chaser is constantly outlining on their show.

Judges of course love Bridie and gave her 31.

Anh Do and Luda’s second dance of the evening was the Argentine Tango. It was a snappy little dance, with intensity, the only negative comment is that Anh does not do sultry convincingly I always think he about to smirk. The dance ended with a great backward bend from Luda, to reach a knife to slit his throat.

Anh Do then played dead on the floor, and Darryl came rushing over to try and milk a joke out of it, by pretending to do CPR. Anh Do nearly gagged, thinking this was not in my contract, and as usual with any joke involving Darryl it was incomprehensible and fell flat.

Judges loved it. Paul Mercurio said “Their best routine of the season.” I still like the Wiggles one which they hated, but I suppose this is more technical.

David and Corrina were were next with a Samba. I did not get the story they were trying to portray. Was it a sailor coming into port to meet a girl. I could not understand whether it was his girlfriend or if it was a lady of the night.

Since seeing Lacey, and Danny do a sizzling Samba on SYTYCD, anyone else just looks flat.

The judges agreed, Todd said ” No feeling, no bounce”, and gave it a low 23.

Why doesn’t David let Corrina speak? Does she have some sort of speech impediment we don’t know about?

Bridie and Craig were last doing the Argentine Tango as well. They role played Morticia and Gomez from the Addams family. Which was pretty clever. I thought it was good, however again I think it lack sultriness, maybe she should have channelled Esmeralda in again, at one stage it looked like it had morphed into a B grade zombie movie flick.

Darryl of course would win an award for stating the obvious, when he said to Craig, you must be Gomez.

Todd won gag of the night, when Helen was rabbiting on about the judges all being a character from the Addams Family, she asked him who he was and he held up 2 fingers and said Thing.

Judges scored them a high 35.

Final scores were :
Anh Do and Luda : 66
Bridie and Craig: 66
David and Corrina: 54

The guests tonight were Human Nature, and Smokey Robinson. Human Nature since turning from teeny boy bad, to Motown band, have continued to milk it this genre, with the release of their third album just in time for the Christmas market.

Smokey Robinson looked like he had been botoxed within an inch of his life, however cannot criticise one of the great songwriters. Performance wise it was not so great, not help by a microphone malfunction for one of their singers.

Then the moment we had been waiting for who was going to go through to the final.

Predictably Bride and Craig went through, then there was about 10 seconds of suspense before we learnt Anh Do and Luda were through. I was surprised that David Hobson had been eliminated, but I could not say I was unhappy.

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