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Casey Donovan To Talk About Self Harm And Sex Addiction On Living Black

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Casey Donovan is being interviewed on Living Black about her autobiography Big, Beautiful, Sexy. She will talking about self harm and sex addiction. She will also tell about her time being a victim of an internet hoax otherwise known as catfishing. 

I hope she is in a good place at the moment as she is talking about topics that show that she was and is very vulnerable. However she is an articulated, talented individual so the interview should be interesting.

Full details below:

2004 Idol winner Casey Donovan took time out from her national tour, You Believed, this week to speak frankly to Karla Grant about her often turbulent past, how she is healing her present and her plans for the future. She opened up about her demons that plagued her growing up including self-harming and her recent sex addiction. She also talks about the pressure of Idol and her advice for others involved in reality programs and her complicated family relationships. She reveals her future hopes of making it in the United States.

Casey reveals some of the struggles behind penning her incredibly honest autobiography, Big, Beautiful and Sexy, and says it was very therapeutic and part of the healing process of the various ups and downs of her life’s journey over the past 10 years, as well as it being a celebration of her achievements.

She gives intimate details of her six year relationship with a man she had never met and tells Living Black Conversations that since releasing her autobiography this year; as many as four other women have approached her telling her that they too have had similar experiences with “Olga”.

Casey also details the sex addiction that followed the Olga/Campbell relationship and how she wanted to feel real again. And now as a result of these experiences, Casey is now helping to raise awareness of online dating scams and “cat-fishing” and shares the excitement for her role as an advocate for plus size women.

“I needed to get away, with every click of a button on a new profile it, it just got me further away from whether I was and I did kinda take it to extreme and just went hell to leather and rode the wave ….I needed the touch of a man I wanted to know how it felt it to be embraced and cuddled and kissed by a dude whether he had any intention of liking me whatsoever, it was just the fact that I wasn’t playing this imaginary  boyfriend in my head of what he’d be doing to me I was living the real thing.” Casey said.

 Living Black on Monday 9 June at 5pm on SBS ONE and Tuesday 10 June at 8pm on NITV

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Casey Donovan Was Catfished.

casey donovan

Is it a full moon today as there have been a lot of WTF? stories doing the rounds today. First was Corinne dumping hunky first husband for David aka The Captain, then Grant Denyer denying going to rehab for ice addiction and now Casey Donovan said she was in a hoax relationship for six years.

I am a fan of Casey’s and have followed her career over the years but I am perplexed on why you would get engaged to someone you have not met. Exceptions to this rule are when there is a visa involved or you meet your future husband on

The Daily Mail via New Idea writes that Casey who won Australian Idol reveals the prank in her autobiography. Why someone writes their autobiography at the age of 25 is another mystery to me as well.

The article states:

They had been dating for six years and were engaged to be married, when Casey Donovan discovered she had fallen victim to an elaborate hoax.

The former Australian Idol winner revealed she sustained an intimate phone affair spanning over half a decade, only to discover her supposed boyfriend was an imaginary figure created by a stalker who was posing as his trusted friend

‘I was so vulnerable that finding someone who was interested in me made me feel on top of the world,’ she told the latest issue of New Idea magazine, citing low self-esteem for her willingness to believe the affair was true.

I loved that he loved me,’ she said.

In her upcoming autobiography, Big, Beautiful and Sexy, the 25-year-old confessed that on her lover’s urging she even had sex with the woman, known only as Olga, who orchestrated the hoax,

Speaking to New Idea, she described the painful experience, saying: ‘All I felt was dirty.. uneasy and used. I was so ashamed of the person I had become,’

The affair began when singer and actress received a call from a man by the name of Campbell, shortly after she rose to fame in 2004 as the youngest ever Australian Idol winner at age.

Struggling with self-image and having never been in a relationship, the young star was quick to confide in the sympathetic stranger who introduced himself as a muscular IT worker who shared her Indigenous background.

She writes in her autobiography that she soon felt at ease with the man, who claimed to have gotten her number through friends, and that they would talk for hours on end.

With her elusive lover citing a string of excuses as to why they could never meet, Olga, who the singer described as being ‘stocky and intense’ and strangely child-like, was always on hand to comfort and assure her.

The elaborate lie unravelled after the singer and actress discovered her supposed boyfriend’s sim card in Olga’s apartment, after which she was forced to confess the truth.

Hopefully her sense of self worth is in a better place now.



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Casey Donovan releases a new EP

One of my favourite singers from Australian Idol, Casey Donovan, has released a new EP. It is not backed by a big record label, but website OZ Music Scene thinks it is quite good.

For more information on the EP click here./

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Reality Titbits

Casey Donovan has a mystery boyfriend of two years – article still could not reveal who it was – no photo of him though.,22049,22495142-5012964,00.html

Damien Leith’s book “One More Time” is now on sale in all good retail outlets. I look forward to the reviews.

Asha Kuerten rumoured to be the host of the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance. Never heard of her – must watch the Channel 9 Saturday morning music show to check her out.

Matt and Lana admit to a few “cuddles” in the house – yawn- so over this bring on the Natalie, Daniel, Ben love triangle.,22049,22489947-5006002,00.html

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