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So You Think You Can Dance Elimination Night – Final Eight

It’s official So You Think You Can Dance has now turned into to a popularity contest. Tonight for the first time the dancers were really able to gauge who Australia was voting for.

Rhys in a rare unguarded moment did not look pleased when Anthony got voted into the bottom two instead of Jack. More on that later.

The other issue was for the first time I noticed that the judges comments were edited on last nights show. Since the judges are meant to be “guiding” the audience shouldn’t we hear all their comments.

A couple of examples relating to Jason Coleman:
On Rhys’s solo last night he said “Whole routine very very powerful” but the last bit of the sentence had been chopped and we heard it tonight “… but a little self indulgent in this form”
Also Jason said to Henry and Rhiannon after the Kelly Abbey routine “Emotion slightly underdone for me”. This comment was not on the show last night.

The show started off with the group number which was a Nacho Pop hip hop routine. Now I know Nacho has a lot of fans out there, but I thought the routine was a tad dull.

Natalie Bassingthwaite looked liked she had morphed into Cat Deeley this week – how much longer can her hair extensions get?

First up on stage were the five girls. Demi was the first to be told she was safe. Is this an indication she received the highest number of votes amongst the girls?

Kate and Jemma were paired, and then unsurprisingly Jemma was told she was in the bottom two.

Then out of Rhiannon and Vanessa – Rhiannon was told to go sit on the stools.

Next up the five boys. Rhys was told he was safe first.

Then it was Jack and Anthony standing there. Anthony was wearing a Gold Coast t-shirt in a last ditch attempt to gather some South-East Queensland votes. Again no surprise Anthony was in the bottom two.

However after that was announced Channel ten cut to Rhys who mouthed the f word and did not look happy. In my opinion this was not because he was upset Anthony may be eliminated, he knew tonight was a litmus test on what the Australian voters thought of the dancers. This outcome only confirmed Jack’s popularity, and I suspect Jack and Rhys will be the two male dancers in the top four. I think Rhys wants Jack gone.

Lastly out of Graeme and Henry, Graeme was placed in the bottom two.

Then we had Delta Goodrem perform. What is it with Delta and reality tv shows, in the last three months I have seen her perform on Dancing With The Stars, Australian Idol, and now So You Think You Can Dance. At least tonight she left her caftans at home.

If Simon Cowell was judging her performance he would have said this:
“Delta it was like a school girl trying to be sexy. It was just cheesy, you used every performance trick you learnt at Young Talent School, from the hand clapping, to getting the audience to sing along. Also there were far to many vocal tricks in there – it was the equivalent of making a pizza with 20 toppings and expecting people to enjoy eating it.”

Next the four dancers had to do their solos, which really lacked any passion or point as it had nothing to do with the vote.

Then we learnt Jemma and Anthony had been eliminated. My over active imagination went into to overdrive when Anthony was told he was gone as the cameras kept on panning on a good looking but obviously camp boy in the audience. Anthony has always been coy on his sexuality stating it was irrelevant (which it is) however I think Channel ten just outed him. Never mind Anthony you new boyfriend is a spunk.

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So You Think You Can Dance – The top ten dance off.

So You Think You Can Dance was back after a two week hiatus. At least they did not try and pass it off as a rest break for the dancers, because we all know Channel ten did not want to waste a precious high rating episode on a Easter weekend when a lot of people are away.

Tonight it was the stress of dancing with new partners, plus having to do a solo dance to a song of their choice from a movie soundtrack. However they could choose between three choreographers for assistance. Nacho Pop for Hip Hop, Paul Green for Ballroom, and Kelly Ackers for Jazz/Contemporary.

Just a few comments on tonight’s show before getting into the recap:
It grated when both Jason Coleman and Matt Lee were saying at the end of sentences – Yeah? Matt was a particularly bad offender;
Does Rhiannon ever cover her belly? Her idol must be Fabienne from the classic movie Pulp Fiction who said “But on a woman, a potbelly is very sexy….. If I had one, I’d wear a tee-shirt two sizes too small to accentuate it.”;
The Rove ads including snippets from the judges were hilarious especially the one where he was trying to work out the meaning of what Matt Lee was saying;
Laughed when JD grimaced just before he had to swallow the berry flavoured Metamucil in the ad he and Camilla were in; and
Vanessa reminded me of Helena Bonham-Carter this evening and not in a good way.

The night began with Natalie Bassingthwaite bounding out on stage wearing a cross between a salsa and flapper outfit. She must have spent her week off practising reading an autocue as the sedative eye look was gone – unless I have gotten used to it.

After a few minutes of banal repartee with the judges it was time to start the dancing.

First up was Vanessa in a package pulling a card from a container and there were only two in there, ok I thought she may have been the second last person to get to pick. However when she went to pick a dance genre card there were three in there.

Somehow I don’t think it was as random as the producers make it out to be.

Vanessa’s new partner was Jack and they danced a contemporary number by Juliette Verne.

It was to be a love story where a man loses his lover and an angel brings him hope again. Juliette Verne said Vanessa has got to stop doing the baby doll face. Which then ensured I noticed it all through the routine.

It was a nice routine, but Vanessa does have problems evoking emotions she smiled throughout the dance. I thought angels were meant to be serene. But then again my knowledge of angels is limited to Botticelli paintings, and Anne Geddes photos.

Jack was great to see him dance contemporary he is definitely a contender.

Bonnie Lythgoe said “Great routine, loved it”.
Jason Coleman slapped Vanessa around for saying in her package she “Wasn’t a technical dancer”. Huh? I agreed with Jason when he said “Ballet means technical dancing”. Was she trying to gain some sympathy votes out of the audience? If so I think it failed. I thought her strength was her technical dancing?

Next were the new pairing of Kate and Rhys who danced a hip hop routine choreographed by Supple. I tried to googling the name Supple to find out more about him, however had to stop as going into one dodgy porn site was enough.

Supple was obviously wanting to show views he was not just a pretty face by equating learning the routine to interpreting a great Shakespeare monologue overnight.

The routine was great, and Kate was hot. For once Rhys was not the centre of attention in a routine. Having said that he was good, I love it when he has to be all butch and sexy, and the hand stand at the end of the routine made me laugh.

Matt said ” Intricacy just phenomenal
Bonnie said “I liked the match – worked well together” and “Kate I thought you had your jazz face on” Can someone please tell me what a jazz face is?
Jason disagreed with Bonnie over the jazz face comment and said to Kate “You owned it” and Rhys “Yes, yes, yes”, and “unreal I loved it”

The first solo for the night was Henry to a song from the soundtrack of 300.

He was to quote Tyra Banks “fierce” with a cape on, showing his chest like Dimitri from the US version. However I did not understand the make up of what looked like a tree root drawn on his body and his face.

Personally I found the routine just a bit frenetic.

Matt said “Strong routine”
Bonnie said “Hurricane Henry on his way”
Jason said “Great showmanship”, “Thought you danced through the music not to the music” and “Thoroughly entertaining.”

Rhiannon was next dancing solo with music from the soundtrack “Hit” (I could have got that wrong). She was channelling her hip hop side rather then her jazz side and I just found her dance a better versions of her solos.

Matt said “Really good” and “Energetic”
Jason said “You’re a hottie“, “Very honest, very you” and “I worried about the musicality”

Anthony Ikin’s routine was to a song from the film Closer.

I thought the dance was technically good, but he has the same problem as Vanessa – his face does convey emotion. Maybe Bonnie needs to tell him to get rid of his gymnastic face.

Matt said ” I liked that it was purely about your dance”, “But no tricks meant it was missing the wow factor”.

Jason said “Monotonal for me” and “Get impact with the tricks.”

Jemma was next dancing a jive like solo to “Shake a Tail Feather” from the Blues Brothers. It was not good, like something you would see in a strip club before the clothes start being peeled off.

Matt said “Little lack lustre”
Bonnie said “Disappointed” and “I believe you have got a lot, lot further to go”
At this point Jemma was crying on stage, and Jason went for the jugular “Not good enough” and “Splits is an exercise and does not belong on stage.”

Demi and Graeme were the next dancing a contemporary routine by Sarah Boulter. This routine was about creeping critters. I immediately had a flashback to Wade Robson’s foxes routine.

Graeme was upset as this was the third contemporary routine he has had and wanted to show the audience (the voters) something different.

I really like the choreography and the music. The only criticism was the last movement when Graeme lifted Demi onto his shoulders that was a bit stilted.

Matt said “You became the routine” and “Last lift a bit shaky”
Bonnie said “Wow, wow, wow”
Jason said “You took me on a journey” and “Congratulations Sarah Boulter

Vanessa did her solo to “How Can I Live Without You” from the soundtrack from Con Air.

She was definitely channelling Helena Bonham-Carter’s vagrant style – Picture of wacky Helena here.

Her dancing was lovely but again I find her emotionally deficient.

Matt said “I love the light and shade”
Bonnie said “The genie came out of the bottle you are going forward and forward, and there’s no going back” Huh?? Expect to see that quote on a Rove ad next week.
Jason said “You show emotion through your body, but not your face.”

Jason Chambers solo was to the Mission Impossible theme. I thought it was fantastic. He looked great and moved well.

Matt said “Dance to literal, kind of bugs me a bit”
Bonnie said “I loved it”
Jason said “Good dancing should be entertaining, and Jack that was entertaining”.

Kate was next dancing to a Whitney number “Queen of the Night” from The Bodyguard soundtrack. She used a cane as an accessory.

It was a bit ho hum after Jack’s solo. Technically it was good but it did not move me.

Matt said “You owned it”
I agreed with Bonnie for once when she said “Very mediocre”, and “It did not make my heart race”.
Jason said “I did not get a lot more from you then I have already gotten.”

Rhys’s solo was to a techno song from the Trainspotting soundtrack. Now Matt was this too literal. Was Rhys sending out a positive or negative drug message to the kiddies at home. It started with despair, then joy, and then despair again.

It was not the best solo of the night, but certainly enjoyable.

Matt did not like the routine “Not sure if it was the music”
Bonnie said “Bits in it I thought you could do better”
Jason said “Whole routine very very powerful – well done”. I noted that Jason did not criticise Rhys for the side splits in his routine.

Jemma and Anthony danced the Cha Cha to a Paul Green routine. This pairing was always going to be cursed, and I wondered if the producers manipulated it so these two dancers can be the next to voted off.

I thought the start of the routine was highly energetic and great but then it just faded.

My conspiracy theory did not abate after hearing the judges comments.
Matt said “I don’t think the routine was as strong as the music”, “A bit disjointed”, and “Really good for what you had” Was he have a sledge at the choreographer???

Bonnie said “Well done Jemma and Anthony”

Jason said “Jemma you have had a dream run with partners and routines” this was code for Rhys has pulled you through this far. “Tonight not your night considering it was your genre.”
“Anthony that for me was beige”.

Graeme’s solo was Bohemian Rhapsody from Wayne’s World.

It was just a bit to Freddie Mercury camp for me, and I love Freddie. Just not sure this was the image Graeme may have wanted to portray considering he has alienated a lot of the girl voters by saying he will only marry a mormon girl, but will play around with others until he marries. And not sure there are enough mormons in a Australia to be a big enough voting block.

Matt said “Showed what type of dancer you are, ending a bit cheesy”

Bonnie said “I would have liked more”

Jason said “Sometimes less is more” and “Bit manic”

Demi was up next with her solo to “Sex Machine” from Legally Blonde. I quite liked the quirky, cute routine.

Matt said “That was great”
Bonnie said “I hope you realise how far you have come”
Jason said ” A bit underwhelmed”, “Not musical” and “Take windmills out and the rest of the routine was blah”

Last dance for the night was Rhiannon and Henry dancing a lyrical jazz number to a Kelly Abbey number. This was a piece very personal to Kelly about the loss of her partner when she was much younger. I wonder if she was inspired by Mia Michaels routine last year about a daughter meeting her father in the afterlife.

These numbers are always hard to critique as the emotion and dancing are interlinked. On first viewing I wasn’t overly fussed about it, however on second viewing I liked it much more.

Henry who clearly read the New Weekly slag off of him last week (previous blog on that here.) said in the pre-package “Even though I come across as Mr Confident I’m really not”. He was obviously trying to stop some anti-Henry arrogance backlash.

Henry seemed to me emotionally overwrought by the dance and was weeping whilst the judges were giving his comments. Rhiannon following his lead by also remaining teary.

Matt said “Loved it”
Bonnie said “Henry this is what we want to see”, “Just perfect, best routine of the night”
Jason said “Very big responsibility to take on someones personal journey” and “Beautiful, honest, and heartfelt”.

I presume there will still be a bottom three tomorrow night my predictions:
Girls: Jemma, Vanessa, and Rhiannon.
Boys: Anthony, Graeme and Henry.

Vanessa and Anthony to go.

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I know of a favourite who doesn’t make it to be the Biggest Loser, but I’ll tell you at the end of this post.

It was a more interesting week than most in the Whitehouse as they are now all on their own and their weightloss will be crucial, because if they fall below the yellow line at weigh-in they’ll be up for elimination. So challenges and immunity are all the more important.

As there were no more teams, at the beginning of the week, Shannon took the guys, and Michelle took the girls. Shannon took the guys for a yoga session and the smartarses complained about how it would not be a real workout. I hate when people go on about things like yoga and dance not being strenuous, then it’s great to see football players crash when trying to partake in what they dissed as sissy activities. Well, this is what happened with Cosi saying it was the hardest workout he’s ever done.

hannon also wanted to get in touch with their spiritual side. Now, I am not much into sporty blonde men with tats, but Shannon is quite deep and I am finding him very appealing. Then again I am finding Bryce appealing and I am wondering if I should just put all this lusting down to the fact I am ovulating.

In the yoga session where Shannon was trying to get them in touch with their inner selves, it was revealed that Bryce lost his Dad in a car accident five years ago. Made you just want to go up and hug him. This guy has no false bravado,he is gentle, maybe this devasting experience gave him compassion and maturity.

The breakfast challenge was hilarious. There were all these different types of breakfast foods, ranging from The Big Breakfast at 3000 calories, down to watermelon at 45 calories. So think again people when you go out for your weekend brekkies and keep in mind that if you order the big brekkie, you are eating two days worth of calories.

The idea was for each person to choose a breakfast for another contestant. The winner of immunity would be the person that ate the most calories, the rule being they had to finish their plate. Curtains came down between them so they couldn’t see eah other and Sam always the cheeky schoolboy, pretended to be eating when he was not. Cosi had chosen the big brekkie for Garry as Garry always gives into temptation. Next highest in calories was Alison with nine pancakes. Alison attempted it but was turned off by the sugary food as her tastes have changed. She couldn’t finish it. Garry’s tastes hadn’t changed and he was drooling. As they were told to reveal if they had eaten their dish, Michelle with a 95 calorie yogurt had, and everyone was shocked that Garry had not eaten a morsel. I was surprised that others such as Nicola hadn’t eaten her muffin, because it was unlikely that Garry would eat his, but anyway good on Michelle as she needed it after knocking back the 50 grand.

The big thing this week was the return of previous losers. They were all super fit. Last years Biggest Loser Chris was absent. Apparently he is fat again and starved himself to win the money. He even put on weight to go on the show. I think that’s quite clever, it only took a 23 year old guy to get $200,000 in about three months.

An old loser had to pair up with a current one of the opposite sex. The challenge was to pull a bus to win a two kilo advantage. This is extremely impotant as that would see that person highly likely above the yellow line. We find out tonight if it will be Alison or Garry.As for my spoiler alert, apparently Cosi, is not the Biggest Loser.

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US So You Think You Can Dance – Interview With Neil Haskell

Neil Haskell was one of my favourite dancers in Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance. He finished number three in the series. He had an amazing athletic style. A bit like Anthony Ikin, but Neil is a much better dancer/performer in my opinion.

Shimmy Magazine has an article with him talking about what he has been up to since the show and top 10 tour finished.

He has finished MTV movie The American Mall to be shown later this year, and he is currently back in New York.

He was also asked who his favourite choreographers were and his answer:

I think Wade Robson’s choreography is the most challenging. It’s strange and quirky. You have to find a way to learn where your weight, your hip, foot and just everything is supposed to be or else it won’t look right. The way he does it is so unique that if you aren’t doing it exactly as he’s telling you to then it’s going to look awkward unique rather than cool unique. I love being able to do his stuff. I also love being able to dance Mia Micheal’s stuff because it is more my style. Her jazz and contemporary feel is very unique as well and it suit my body and way of moving.

Which is interesting as I think theose two choreographers consistently do the best routines on the show.

Unfortunately Neil makes no mention of coming to Australia, however we will have Season 3 winner Sabra and her boyfriend Kameron come out in April.

They will be teaching workshops in Melbourne, and undoubtedly appear on the Australian version So You Think You Can Dance.

Links to those previous blogs here and here.

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Reality Tidbits

Australia’s Next Top Model’s Have Had Their Make Over – Leiden Got a Buzz Cut.

Leiden Kronemburger has appeared on stage at the Royal Easter Show with a buzz cut. Make-over week in Australia’s Next Top Model must have occurred. In the American series normally one of the model contestants will received the buzz cut.

Bianca from Cycle 9 was much improved because of the radical change.

The picture of the the new hair do is here. Other top modellers in the photo are Kristy Coulcher, Rebecca Jobson and Alyce Crawford.

For the before shot here is a group photo here.

Australia’s Next Top Model commences on Fox 8 on April 22.

It Take Two Jade McCrae and Paul O’Brien say Judges Want Them Out.
Jade McCrae has lashed out at the It Takes Two judging panel to protest at what they claim is unnecessary and unfair criticism.

The Daily Terror article said:

A normally composed MacRae couldn’t contain her anger backstage after the Channel 7 talent show aired on Tuesday night, infuriated by judge James Valentine accusing Home and Away star O’Brien of not wanting to be a part of the singing competition.
“I am so f . . king angry,” MacRae raved to Confidential. “We’re all for constructive criticism, but when they put him down week after week, it’s just not nice.

Normally I find it is the opposite with Channel 7 stars as they get a few bonus points to enable them to stay in the show so they can continue to promote their shows. Channel 7 is the master of the cross promotion.

Another Channel 7 personality was eliminated on Tuesday night Sara Groen the weather/news girl. An exit interview from TV Week is here.

Also another exit interview from Who magazine here.

So You Think You Can Dance Jemma Armstrong Can Expect Strong Support from WA.
Jemma Armstrong the Perth Latin American dancer can expect strong support, ie lots of vote from Western Australia.

I expect the Western Australian media will give her huge coverage over the next few weeks.
The West here has a small article complete with a very nice photo.

Will geographical voting push some of the contestants to the top 4? There does seem to be some advantage of being from an area where there are fewer contestants eg a smaller (population wise) state, or a large regional area.

It was rumoured in 2005 that the winner of Australian Idol Kate DeAraugo won the competition because of the strength of the Ballarat vote.

Also good news for fans of the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance, Channel 10 have confirmed it will be shown again next year.

Article here.

American Idol – Exit article with Chikezie
Chikezie was the unfortunate singer to be eliminated off American Idol this week, at least he can take comfort in making the top 10 tour.

Here is an exit interview from EW.

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