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Ben And Tim’s Graceland Project Is Now Online

Ben from Brisbane and Tim Dormer from Big Brother have now got their Graceland Project online. The pair went with a camera crew to the home town of Elvis Presley, Memphis, a place where Ben has always wanted to visit. The trip occurred shortly after Ben’s hospitalisation for depression and the series will do a lot to highlight mental health issues as well as seeing the “real” Tim and Ben.

April 16, 2015   2 Comments

Sonia Kruger To Co-Host The Voice Australia Is This The End For Big Brother?

Motherhood is not stopping the delightful Sonia Kruger being on our screens, with news she will be co-hosting The Voice Australia. Darren McCullen and her will be sharing the stage. Well hopefully she won’t be shoved out the back in the green room doing the Vodafone interviews.

With Sonia being given this new role it would suggest that Big Brother Australia is not going to be renewed this year. It had poor ratings, not helped by the 8.30pm timeslot. The Voice’s ratings also dropped last year and they must be hoping the ever popular Kruger will be able to draw the viewers in.

NINE have got a lot of reality renovation shows happening this year and along with the rumoured new food reality show it looks like there is just no timeslot for Big Brother to slot into.

However in more important news tickets are now available for the blind auditions here. If you go you will be the first to see the new Coaches  line up which includes Ricky Martin, Delta Goodrem, Joel and Benji Madden and Jessie J.

The Voice Australia coming soon on NINE.

February 23, 2015   15 Comments

Sonia Kruger Has Had A Baby Girl

Sonia announced the birth via Twitter

Sonia announced the birth via Twitter

Congratulations to Sonia Kruger on the news she has had healthy baby girl. The baby that was born yesterday was 3.8 kilos and they have called her Maggie after Sonia’s mother and the baby from The Simpsons.

Sonia who is nearly fifty attracted controversy when she announced her pregnancy because of her age, however men of that age appear to receive none when they conceive at a later age.

The Big Brother host used a donor egg and has been refreshingly honest about her pregnancy the whole way through. She told the Sunday Telegraph it was the “happiest day of her life”. Hopefully for Sonia motherhood lives up to what she thought it would be like.


Source: Daily Telegraph

January 25, 2015   15 Comments

It’s Official Lisa and Jake From Big Brother Are Dating

OK so the rumours have been going for awhile that Jake and Lisa from this year’s Big Brother have been dating but it must be getting serious and Lisa has been putting up some photos of the pair of them together on her IamLisaClark instagram account.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.57.09 am

Last night walking the red carpet at Flickerfest.
Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.57.39 amJake confessed he liked Lisa on the show but he had hooked up with runner-up Skye. They look a little in love. Congratulations.



January 10, 2015   14 Comments

Big Brother – Have Cat And Lawson Split Up?


To be honest it not going to be the  most surprising news to hear that Big Brother couple Lawson and Cat may no longer be together.

Cat and Lawson were extremely controversial in the Big Brother house as they hooked up and he had a girlfriend on the outside. There was professions of love at one point, albeit after a very drunken evening. But there was also a lot of smooching, guilt ridden trips to the diary room and also they were excoriated in the social media.

However after the show finished the Perth based electrician/musician moved to Melbourne where Cat lives and he moved in with Sam who also split with his girlfriend after the reality show finished.

This week TV WEEK is reporting that Lawson’s relationship status on Facebook has been changed to It’s Complicated.

He told TV WEEK “Single, I guess,” the Melbourne local said. “Cat and I haven’t had a conversation and said we’re together. We’re just taking it slow and spending time together. I’m not interested in looking for anyone else. I’m just happy spending time with Cat and hanging out. It doesn’t have a label on it at the moment. Only time will tell.”

However there are still photos of the pair very recently on instagram, but maybe she is clinging on to him or he just can’t cut the cord. Which appeared to be an issue he had with his ex-girlfriend when they broke up a week before he entered the Big Brother house but then got back together.

By the way his ex has still not spoken to him. Got to give her props as this is the greatest revenge of all. But maybe Lawson who is 23 years of age could do with some single time as he went out with his ex-girlfriend for five years.



January 6, 2015   3 Comments