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Guy Sebastian To Be Australia’s Representative At Eurovision

Australian Idol winner  and ARIA Award winner Guy Sebastian will represent Australia at the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Vienna, Austria. It will be broadcast on SBS from Wednesday May 20 to Sunday May 24.

The performance will be the first time in Eurovision history Australia has been invited to compete at the contest as a wild card entry to celebrate 60 years of Eurovision.

Guy Sebastian will be a popular choice.

March 6, 2015   4 Comments

Dicko Tells How To Select Singers On Reality TV Shows


Dicko tells us what many reality TV observers already know, that to have a chance on a reality TV talent show you have a better chance of being selected if you are good looking or have a good sob story.

Dicko who was on ABC2 comedy program Story Club at 10pm last night (you can now see it on iview)

On the show he said:

“Great looking kid, great voice, big tick,” Dicko says. “Great looking kid, s..t voice, still a big tick, but only to make the viewers laugh. S..t looking kid, great voice, terrible home life: bingo. Great looking kid, great voice, both parents killed recently by a single coward punch… it’s tissue time!”

He also talked about the controversy about Paulini and the gold dress:

“You should have heard what I was thinking!,” Dicko said. “That was me with the ‘Don’t be a d..khead filter on’. Thankfully social media was still in its infancy, so the kicking I got for bullying a Fijian girl in an ill-fitting dress on TV was in some ways touchingly old school.

And why he sold his soul to reality TV, that is, left the record business:

“Reality TV is a sell out and it will gobble up your professional credibility like Clive Palmer would a boardroom sandwich platter,” he notes. “But after spending 20 years in the music biz peddling multi-platinum crimes against humanity whatever pride I paraded had shrivelled up and dropped off. I really didn’t have a lot to lose.”

I am hoping that Dicko will continue his career in reality TV and that we see him on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Source: Daily Telegraph

January 8, 2015   4 Comments

Wes Carr Pens Song About The Sydney Seige

There is probably not anyone in Australia or the world who did not know about the events in the past few days where a man held 17 people hostage in the Lindt Cafe in Sydney and in the end two were killed and he himself was shot dead.

It was first thought it was an act of terrorism. It wasn’t it was a law and order issue along with mental illness.

Wes Carr, the winner of Australian Idol has penned a song about it called I Pray where he is saying it is not a racial issue.

His lyrics say:

“This has nothing to do with religion, it’s one man’s madness and confusion. It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Buddhist, atheist or Muslim, we are all ONE type of human,”.

It is very sad that two families will be spending Christmas without loved ones and three young children of Katrina Dawson have lost a mum.

When the media stop focussing on the terrorism angle I hope they examine the issue of how the courts do not take violent crimes against women seriously.

This man was out on bail on an accessory to murder charge of his ex-wife and also out on bail for 40 sexual offences against seven women. There is no doubt in my mind this man should have been in jail. Also at any point, was a mental health assessment done of this man, and if so was he referred to a mental health team. Bugger whether he was being watched by ASIO, I want them to continue watching the real potential terrorists not this lone guy. This guy was a terrorist, but a terrorist against women.

Apologies rant over.

Australia has pulled together during this crisis and hopefully it won’t permeate fear and angst throughout the community in the short and long term.

December 17, 2014   22 Comments

Shannon Noll Finally Gets Some Publicity But It Was Not Good

Shannon Noll has been criticised for his rendition of Advance Australia Fair at yesterday’s Cox Plate apparently the most bogan ever. Click here to watch. Of course Twitter was quick to get critical with this quick wit writing:

Of course Shannon Noll has hit back using the hash tag #hater which is apparently what anyone is if they are critical these days. Anyway he should be thrilled that he has generated so much publicity for himself. He should let everyone know about his new projects stat.


October 26, 2014   10 Comments

Australian Idol’s Kate DeAraugo Has Lost 60 Kilos

woman's day cover kate

Kate DeAraugo has certainly transformed herself, the former Australian Idol winner is on the front cover of Woman’s Day saying she has lost 60 kilograms.

However it was not the reality TV show Excess Baggage that she was on, that started the weight loss journey, it as surgery.

She had her stomach stapled so now can only eat one cup of food at a time, but hey whatever works.

Kate who has struggled both physically and mentally since her Idol days seems to be in a much happier place, working on breakfast radio in Coffs Harbour and dating builder’s labourer Shannon Vick.

September 11, 2014   8 Comments