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Reality Tidbits

The Bitching From Make Me A Supermodel Continues – Keep It Coming Girls.
Sheridan Seekamp who was eliminated last night Make Me Supermodel decided to give a last swipe at Kassie.

She said “Luke had a crack but I wasn’t interested…. I thinks that’s why Kassie hated me so much.”

Does she mean Kassie hated her because she rejected Luke, Kassie’s own paramour or that Kassie hated her because Luke had shown interest in her?

Am I going to spend anymore time thinking about it? NO.

Is Ruby Rose the female equivalent of Shane Warne?
Actually I don’t think so. But the mainstream media thinks that if she is hanging out with a girl she must be sleeping with the – because really every girl now has been brainwashed by that Kate Perry song.

The latest rumour involves third place getter from Australia’s Next Top Model Samantha Downie when they turn up to the Rolling Stone Party together. Of course Sam has form due to her kiss with Leiden Kronemberger on the show.

Anyway it is all bollocks Sam has a boyfriend in Melbourne, though for how much longer is unclear as an agent from Milan has shown interest in the photogenic Samantha.

Syd Confidential has the full story.

Natalie Bassingthwaite To Launch Solo Album in November.
So You Think You Can Dance Australia host Natalie Bassingthwaite will be juggling her SYTYCD duties with promoting her new solo album.

Apparently going solo was harder then she thought it would be.

Auditions for the show are currently occurring around Australia. Details here. Apparently Bonnie Lythgoe will be on the judging panel again this year. Is this part of her divorce settlement?

Micheal Johns From American Idol Media Clips Whilst In Australia.
Considering this years season of American Idol was only shown on Fox 8, Michael Johns appears to have plenty of fans here.

His fan site Michael Johns Online/ has clips from Kerry Ann Kennerley and his performance on the Sunrise program.

He is hotter then any of the male contestants we have on this years Idol. Apologies to the eight year old Tom Williams fans.

October 3, 2008   Comments Off on Reality Tidbits

Australia’s Next Top Model Photos from the Launch


For more photos click here of Australia’s Next Top Model Launch that occurred last week in Alexandria.
Now Jodhi Meares has great bazookas, but I really have the urge just to pull up her dress.
Below: Samantha Downie, Kristy Coulcher and Rebecca Jobson.
--Left: Alamela Rowan and Kamilla Markowska

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Clashes already in the Australian Next Top Model Household

The Herald Sun today reports there have already been clashes in the Australian Next Top Model household which began filming this week in Sydney.

Apparently the girls have split into two groups one louder then the other.

Samantha Downie, 20, of Rowville is loving living in the house with the other girls. “It’s like one big slumber party,” she said.

“There are two groups, one is more loud. I’m definitely in the loud group but we’re not bitchy, but I can be a bitch.”

Belinda Hodge 17, of Ballan on the other hand is struggling to live with the girls. “I am the only child left at home so I’m not used to living with a whole heap of girls,” she said.

“It’s driving me insane. “I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy.”

With 13 girls living together how can there not be bitching.

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