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Guest Post: Dancing With The Stars Were The Judges Too Harsh?

Rosie is back with a recap of Dancing With The Stars and do you agree with what the judges were saying about the contestants? Over to Rosie:

So two of our “stars” will leave tonight. And my darling Bruno has already left. We knew he was only here temporarily, but I was secretly hoping he could stay for at least another week. It just looks odd with only three judges. Todd has moved into the middle – God knows why. Producers and their little whims, I suppose.

Shane tells us Josh Groban will perform for us later.

First up is Emma and Aric and they are doing the cha cha. She’s pretty good.

Helen agrees, saying she’s on track.

Todd says she is hard to fault.

Kym thinks she is dynamite.

They each score her a 9.

Mat and Ash-Leigh are next. Apparently he strained a groin during the week, but hey, he’s a former (rugby league) footy player, and tough as old boots. They dance the fox trot. And dance it well, by my humble standards.

Todd loved it.

So did Kym. Said it was a game changer; he was a debonair Fred Astaire.

Helen loved the music (Mack the knife) and loved them.

Helen: 9

Todd: 10

Kym: 10

Next is Samantha, doing the tango with her partner, Joshua. She has certainly improved, I’ll give her that.

Kym thinks she is sultry and sensual, but needs more confidence.

Helen says she is running out of time. She has been trained for the catwalk to show no emotion, but needs more pizzazz.

Todd agrees. She needs to show more personality. (I see her going tonight…)

Helen: 6

Todd: 6

Kym: 7

The sweetie pie Matt Mitcham is next. He and Masha are dancing the Viennese waltz. He looks just fine to me.

Helen tells him he’s a master at role playing – he looks as though he’s in love. (Their song is “I can’t help falling in love with you.)

Todd says his feet were turned out a bit.

Kym agrees it was a beautiful performance, but also agrees with the nitpicky stuff.

Helen: 9

Todd: 7

Kym: 9

Larry and Alana will do the paso doble. He makes a good attempt, but IMO, we’ve seen better.

Todd is content but says it’s a little light on.

Kym thinks it’s lacking in a little content also.

Helen says you sexy brute. It’s an unusual interpretation.

They each give him 7.

Next, Lynette and Carmelo are dancing the foxtrot. Did I ever tell you I think Carmelo is super hot? Oh, I’m supposed to watch Lynette? *pouts*

Kym says she looks gorgeous, but should cut the action short a bit. She suggests Carmelo record her because she’s not quite getting it.

Helen thinks she’s trying to sell it better, but the dancing is not much better.

Todd says her kids can be proud of her (we saw her 3 year old daughter at rehearsal), but her core collapses and she buckles in the middle.

They each give her 6.

Jude and Dianne are doing the tango this week. Dianne is worried about the elimination. His dancing is okay, but nothing to write home about, for mine.

Helen says his dances are a bit aggressive, and she’s worried he’ll break Dianne.

Todd liked that he got smiley and cheesy now and then, but thinks there’s an issue with his being bendy legged.

Kym says she’s not sure about his commitment, but good job.

Helen: 7

Todd: 8

Kym: 8

Next up are Kelly and Damian to dance the quickstep. I think she does a fine job.

Todd said the confidence she is giving to others with similar challenges is huge, but she has risen to the challenge.

Kym was blown away. Says she is flying around the floor.

Helen says she will be Australia’s sweetheart. Incredible.

Helen: 7

Todd: 7

Kym: 9

And last but not least are Ash and Jarryd. They are dancing the Viennese waltz. And doing a great job of it IMHO.

Kym liked it, mostly. Thinks it gets a bit choppy.

Helen says when she dances solo she’s great but not so good partnering. Partnering skills are difficult to learn, but great job on the whole.

Todd hated it. She showed too much ambition. It should have been romantic rather than ambitious. She needs to chill out.

Helen: 7

Todd: 5

Kym: 9

Sing it Mouseketeers: Now it’s time to say goodbye to… no, no, Rosie, this is not the original Mickey Mouse Club. Boy, is my age showing here. 😀

Speaking of singing, Josh Groban did sing earlier, and I must say that the boy has a pretty voice.

Shane and Edwina tells us that the following couples, in no particular order, are safe:

Mat and Ash-Leigh

Emma and Aric

Jude and Dianne

Matt and Masha

Kelly and Damian

Ash and Jarryd

Unsafe are:

Samantha and Josh

Larry and Alana

Lynette and Carmelo (sob)

Next couple to be safe:

Larry and and Alana. Whew!




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Guest Post: Dancing With The Stars – Maybe Reality Stars Are Not Going To Get Votes

Rosie is back with another recap – thank you. This time it is Dancing With The Stars. Were you surprised who was eliminated? Over to Rosie:

So who will go tonight? I guess the obvious pick would be Samantha, but she could surprise us. I didn’t think she was bad enough to be in the final two last week, not that I voted for her. Not that I care enough about any of ’em to actually pick up a phone or wiggle me fingers to actually vote. Yeah, big fan I am. I just enjoy watching them dance.

I wonder if Shane will get in anyone’s way tonight? Although I suspect the director should shoulder some of the blame there, unless he had been screaming in Shane’s ear to get off the freaking stage already. Still, it made for an amusing moment watching him scuttle away before Samantha began dancing with him instead of her partner.

It will be Latin heat tonight, specifically Rio night, what with the Olympics being held in Rio next year. Shane waggles a set of maracas that are a bit too small – just like his jokes. Sigh. He has not improved any. He reminds us that another star will leave tonight, and Edwina tells us there will be a surprise twist tonight. Bruno wants the dancers to be sexy and full of life.

Tim says he will be full of life. Camille is late to rehearsal because she can barely walk. She has a shin splint so can’t dance, so Giselle (JPY’s partner) is there. Their dance is the samba.

We actually get a good look at the band tonight, which is nice. Well, Camille dances well. Tim just hops about.

Todd says Tim’s dancing is truly awful. He plays it too safe.

Helen sympathizes that it’s hard to have a new partner. He tries to do the samba but didn’t quite get there.

Kym says it’s a great way to start Rio night. Doing the samba with lots of samba steps.

Bruno says for him it was convincing and he was letting his hair down. The problem was the feet. His didn’t take off.


Todd: 4

Helen: 6

Kym: 6

Bruno: 6

Tonight is exactly one year until the Olympics, so Matt is in full training. We see a quick glimpse of him and his dancing partner, Masha, in evening wear underwater. God knows what that achieved. They dance the foxtrot. He does a grand job, but to me he always does.

Helen loved it.

Kym congratulates Masha on the choreo, but says he needs to have his shoulders back and butt back for his frame but otherwise it’s lovely.

Bruno says the lovely smooth gliding moving is as if on air. He agrees with Kym about the shoulders.

Todd says his suit jacket is a bit big and gives him bit of a hunch. So close to perfect. The routine itself is great.

Todd: 9

Helen: 10

Kym: 9

Bruno: 9

Samantha is next. She was much better, but says her confidence plummeted last week when she was in the final two. Her partner gets her a flashy dress to lift her confidence. It works. They dance the cha cha. She is awkward in the beginning, but she is not too bad over all.

Kym says we are seeing a transformation.

Bruno says we could see tension and then she doubts herself. She’s got it all, but it’s time to stop doubting herself.

Todd says it’s time to stop just doing sultry.

Helen says she has it, now it’s time to flaunt it.

Todd: 5

Helen: 6

Kym: 7

Bruno: 7

Larry is dancing the tango tonight. Alana tells him he can’t look at her while they are dancing closely. I think he does a great job, and so does his wife who is in the audience.

Bruno tells him he is sexy.

Todd thinks he was great.

Helen says he is Mr Cool. She’s not going to criticize him although she could. His best dance yet.

Kym says she is impressed; she also says it is his best dance yet.

They each score him an 8.

Jude is next. He is dancing the samba. Ooh, he’s topless. Your recapper pays closer attention than usual. His dancing? That’s the judges’ job. 😉 Apparently he dropped poor Dianne, but his chest? 10/10

Todd says he thinks he likes it. Well if course he did. 😆

Helen says something or other, but I was still looking at that rather nice chest. *drool…*

Kym says he is full of energy and puts himself out there.

Bruno says it’s jungle fever and he’s been ravaged by the savage.

Pant, pant, I know what he means!

They each give him a 7.

Lynette is next with the glorious Carmelo, dancing the rumba. She seems okay to me. Or maybe I was just looking at Carmelo. It seems to be a very short dance. Unless time passes super fast when I’m looking at Carmelo? Must be something about the space time continuum, yes that’s it.

Helen says rumba is a hard dance to nail, but over all she did sell it.

Kym says she did well.

Bruno says we talk through our hands: you me, all night together.

Todd says she listened to what they said last week, but she needs to do more.

Todd: 6

Helen: 7

Kym: 7

Bruno: 7

Ash and Jarryd are dancing the Argentine tango. She looks fabulous to me.

Kym says it’s a difficult dance and congratulates Jarryd on the choreography, although she would’ve liked to see more romance.

Bruno says it was mesmerising and hypnotic. So beautiful. One tiny thing: someone went off balance, but it was still awesome.

Todd says the other lift was not quite there, so it was only almost 10. He loved it.

Helen also says it was almost flawless, so well done to Jarryd.

They each give them a 9.

Kelly and Damian dance the salsa. I thought she was quite graceful tonight. I know she is pregnant but was a little shocked when Edwina reminded us later that she is 20 weeks. The girl is barely showing.

I was a little, ahem, “unwell” tonight so missed hearing what the judges said about a couple of the competitors. Sowwy.

Todd: 8

Helen: 7

Kym: 8

Bruno: 8

Mat is finding it awkward to be sensual with anyone who is not his wife, so Ash-Leigh gets his wife in to rehearsals and says go for it. They dance the rumba.

Kym says it is sensual and soft.

Bruno says he was right there on the balcony with him in West Side Story, and then says well, well done.

Todd says he is watchable and romantic. He loves watching the two of them.

Helen says he is a quiet achiever in the nicest possible way. She also says they might rise to the top in nicest possible way. I’m not even sure what she means by all of the nicest possible way stuff, but okay.

They all give him an 8.

Emma and Aric are going to be dancing the salsa. She is happy and relieved about that. And it shows in her dancing, as she seems happy and relaxed with plenty of va va voom.

Todd: 10

Helen: 9

Kym: 9

Bruno: 10

The final scores:

Emma and Aric: 38

Matthew and Masha: 37

Ash and Jarryd: 36

Larry and Alana: 32

Mat and Ash-Leigh: 32

Kelly and Damian: 31

Jude and Dianne: 28

Lynette and Carmelo: 27

Samantha and Joshua: 25

Tim and Giselle: 22

(Thank you, Wikipedia)


Aaand it’s elimination time. I put my sad face on, and try to pretend I care. Well I do care about some of them, but I reckon those couples will be safe (and it turns out they are).


The following couples are safe:

Larry and Alana

Ash and Jarryd

Samantha and Josh (I am a leetle bit surprised, but not unhappy)

Kelly and Damian

Lynette and Carmelo

Matt and Masha

Emma and Aric

Jude and Dianne


Not safe are:

Mat and Ash-Leigh (I am pretty surprised)

Tim and Giselle

And Tim is leaving. Bye bye Tim.

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Guest Post: Dancing With The Stars – The Baby Boomers Might Be Watching But Are They Voting?

Rosie is showcasing Dancing With The Stars and it is the first elimination. Did you pick it? Now over to Rosie:

They’ve been showing us teaser shots during the week of Emma (Freedman) with her head in her hands in the rehearsal room, being comforted by Aric, implying that Some Big Drama is happening/has happened/might have happened. Ooh, gosh, I wonder what… oh for fuck’s sake, just tell us already. Should your loyal recapper pretend to care about someone about whom she’d never heard until a week ago? Nah, let’s be realistic here. Not that I wish the girl ill, I really don’t, it’s just that I prefer these shows be about what they say they are about rather than all the bloody drama.

Rats, I missed the first 10 minutes. I was thinking it started at 7.30. *hangs head in abject shame* So, sorry about that, gice. I guess I missed some bloody dreadful song as well as JPY’s dance.

I started viewing as JPY was being scored. According to the OS, he did the samba.
Todd: 6
Helen: 6
Kym: 6
Bruno: 6

Samantha and her partner Josh are up next. Her dance is contemporary. She looks much better to my not very discerning eyes than she did last week.
Helen says she looks more confident but she needs to connect more with the audience.
Kym thinks she did let her light shine this week.
Bruno tells her the gorgeous butterfly has started to emerge, but she needs to work on her balance.
Todd says her is confidence better but her core still needs improvement.
Todd: 6
Helen: 7
Kym: 7
Bruno: 7

Matthew lovely boy Mitcham and his partner Masha are next to dance. They do the salsa. And can he ever do it! Standing ovation!
Kym thinks he races ahead of the music.
Bruno likes that he is totally plugged in. He thinks he should be careful though, because he was clipped whereas the salsa should be smooth.
Todd agrees he has a bit too much enthusiasm and needs to chill out a little bit.
Helen says he is an absolute born performer, although she agrees he is racing the music a little bit.
Todd: 8
Helen: 8
Kym: 8
Bruno: 8

Tim is next, with his dancing partner, Camille, doing the rhumba. Sorry, but he didn’t look all that sexy to me.
Bruno says he is mucho macho. He thinks he is so moody and so manly. Little bit of fire down below. It’s all in the hips. He says you’ve got it but I wanna see it.
Todd says, without a hint of obvious double entendré that it’s a hard one. He tells him sexy isn’t just a look on the face. He was mostly just a warm prop for Camille. Y’know, I completely agree with you, Todd. He mostly stood about and smirked.
Helen says yes, Camille did most of the dancing.
Kym thinks he is out of his comfort zone, but it is early days.
Todd: 6
Helen: 6
Kym: 6
Bruno: 7

Jude and Dianne are doing the pasa doble. He has improved considerably IMHO.
Todd liked it too.
Helen says that’s what she calls a transformation.
Kym says he came back fighting. She congratulates Dianne on the choreography.
Bruno loved it. He says there was great passion. (He is so gorgeous! Bruno, although Jude is okay.)
Todd: 8
Helen: 8
Kym: 8
Bruno: 8
From 21 to 32 in a week!

Jude’s wife Lynette and her partner, the luscious Carmelo, are next, doing the waltz. Can she improve the way her husband did? Maybe a little.
Helen loves the setting. She says there’s a big improvement, but her hands are a bit too open.
Bruno says it’s beautiful. Much better, but she should sustain it better and never let it go limp. The dance? Her partn… Don’t go there, Rosie!
Todd says she needs to work on the theatrics and exaggerate to the point where you feel like an idiot. Carmelo defends her. Quite dramatically. That’s my boy.
Kym says she seems more comfortable, but could work on her frame a bit.
Todd: 6
Helen: 7
Kym: 7
Bruno: 7

Next are Ash and Jarryd, dancing the samba. She’s still got it!
Kym says she owned that.
Bruno says she’s a baaad filthy nasty little girl. It was delicious and he loves her.
Todd also loves her attitude.
Helen agrees with her confidence, but says to remember she has a partner at times.
Todd: 9
Helen: 9
Kym: 9
Bruno: 9

Mat and Ash-Leigh’s dance is contemporary. It is dedicated to his father who died about 10 years ago. It is nice, but a bit average. I hate to say this, but it seems to be designed to pull at the heartstrings. And that it did, for everyone but me. I guess I’m the hardest old bitch in the land, because well, it seemed just too contrived to me.
Bruno says it was very honest, very deeply felt.
Todd loves it when big blokey guys portray innocence and vulnerability. He loved it. I think Todd just plain loves big blokey guys. 😉
Helen finds it beautiful when a man expresses his vulnerability.
Kym says he got his talent from his dad. For dancing? I doubt it somehow. She says great job, very moving.
Todd: 9
Helen: 8
Kym: 8
Bruno: 7
Nothing like a bit of emotion. Do not roll, eyes! Sigh. They rolled.

Kelly and Damian are up next to dance the waltz. Standing ovation, which I have to think is because of the leg. Or because she got up again after they fell.
Todd says it was really beautiful to watch. He tells Damian he is doing a great job, and says Kelly couldn’t be in better hands.
Helen says it was just beautiful and the essence of a waltz. She also says she was just beautiful.
Kym tells her it was just divine.
Bruno says she was the belle of the ball. Even when she fell it was gracious. I’m glad he mentioned the fall, because I was beginning to think I had imagined it.
Todd: 8
Helen: 8
Kym: 8
Bruno: 8

Larry and Alana are dancing the jive. After telling a story against himself that ends with him telling his now wife on their first date to choose life, he is wearing a T-shirt that says choose Larry.
Helen says she won’t insult him this week. She says it was entertaining, energetic and full of fun.
Kym loved it. It was fun. It was jive mixed with nineties aerobics.
Bruno tells him he made this dance his own: bonkers gorilla on acid.
Todd says he had issues. He caught him out counting. And he was a bit flatfooted. But he loves it if someone is going to make mistakes for them to be big confident mistakes, and that’s what Larry did tonight.
Todd: 5
Helen: 6
Kym: 6
Bruno: 6

Emma and Aric are doing the rhumba. All that Big Drahma they were advertising was that Little Preshus was feeling The Presha. Well fuck me. But sweet Aric found the way to cheer her up. She loves Tina Arena. So he asked Tina to send her an encouraging message, which she sweetly did. Eeeeee! Bang, bang, bang! That’s my head and the desk, making much too sudden an acquaintance. Multiple times. After all that, her dancing ain’t bad.
Kym says we’ve seen a different side of her.
Bruno says something about her being sensual but in a little way? I think my head is still a little foggy.
Todd says she is a bit off balance now and then, but he loved her.
Helen says she put too much pressure on herself and she didn’t listen to the music enough.
Todd: 8
Helen: 8
Kym: 9
Bruno: 9

Somebody will be going home tonight. The following couples are safe:
Matt and Masha
Tim and Camille
Ash and Jarryd
Lynette and Carmelo
Mat and Ash-Leigh
Emma and Aric
Jude and Dianne
Kelly and Damian
Larry and Alana

The final (unsafe) pair of couples are John Paul Young and his partner, Giselle, and Samantha and her partner, Josh.
Samantha is safe, so JPY is the first dancer to be eliminated from DWTS 2015. He doesn’t seem too unhappy.

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Guest Post: Dancing With The Stars – The New Series Kicks Off

I think we need to rename the blog Rosie Ravings, here she is with a recap of the new season of Dancing With The Stars. And kudos to her as this show has so much filler. Also agree with her Go Ash! Over to Rosie:

And the night starts as we have to endure… I beg your pardon, I mean of course, enjoy, a song by some chickie whose name escapes me. I try to escape by switching over to Masterchef but as it hasn’t started yet, I just rely on the good old mute button.

So to really start, the new host of the show, as we well know from those endless previews, is former comedian, and more recently, straight actor, Shane Bourne. Edwina will once again be the hostess. Or assistant host. Or whatever the PC term is.

The judges have changed a little. Todd, Helen and Kym are back (not that I’d have minded had Kym found fairer pastures) but Adam has been replaced (as we’ve also seen many times in the ads) by one of the UK judges, Bruno Tonioli. He promises to liven up the joint.

And off we go.

Shane and Edwina introduce the contenders. At least this year I’ve heard of most of them:

Larry Emdur, of whom all Aussies, with the exception, perhaps, of those who were born in the last hour or two, have heard. He’ll be dancing with Alana.

Mat Rogers, former rugby league player. Yep, heard of him. He’ll dance with Ash-Leigh.

Jude Bolton is an AFL player of whom I’ve never heard. His dancing partner will be Dianne.

John Paul Young – don’t we all know this singer, or is only oldies like me? Giselle will dance with him.

Tim Robards was the first Australian Bachelor, or so I am told. Not a bad looking boy, he’ll dance with Camille.

Matthew Mitcham is a gold medal winning Olympic diver, so of course I’ve heard of him. He’ll be partnered by Masha.

Lynette Bolton is Jude’s wife (and no, I haven’t heard of her, either). She will dance with Carmelo, lucky girl.

Samantha Harris is a model. Haven’t heard of her. She’ll be dancing with Joshua.

Kelly Cartwright.  I have to admit the name meant nothing to me until I looked her up and remembered she is the very impressive paralympian. I wish her well. Her partner will be Damian.

Ash Pollard we remember from MKR. Go Ash! She will dance with Jarryd.

Emma Freedman is a radio host of whom I’ve never heard, and will be partnered by Aric.

I notice there is no mention of Robbie, the pro dancer who fucked up his first dance with Torah Bright last year, and was royally told off by the judges for so doing. Not really surprising to not see him back. 😉

Ash, who tells us she has done some dancing in the past, and Jarryd are first with the jive. She does a fabulous job to my untutored eyes.

Todd says she did a great job.

Helen also thinks it was good.

Kym says something about needing to go up a level next time.

Bruno says she has given us the dish of the day.

They each give her an 8.

Tim and Camille are next. They dance the Viennese waltz. He seems okay to me, but not as good as Ash. But what do I know. *shrug*

Helen says he moved smoothly. She scores him a 7.

Kym says he did a good job. 7

Bruno, who is very, very gay, mentions the junk on his trunk. He suggests listening more to the music, but says he did well. 7

Todd loves having Bruno on the show, saying, to much laughter, that he makes him look butch. He criticizes him a little, to some amusing interruptions from Bruno. 7

Next it’s Samantha and Josh. Their dance is also the Viennese waltz. She describes herself as a baby giraffe. Her arms seem awkward to me.

Kym tells her she looks beautiful and is poised and mentions her arms, so it isn’t just me.

Bruno is so sweet to her. Tells her the potential is there and she is like Bambi.

Todd tells her not to talk herself down.

Helen also says she should not doubt herself.

They each give her 6.


The next couple up is Jude and Dianne. They will perform the cha cha. He has to wear cuban heels, which doesn’t appeal to him. Are his Reg Grundies supposed to be showing at the side there? Because it’s not a good look. His dancing seems a bit average to me.

Bruno loves him, if not his dancing, saying it would help if he dances the same dance as his partner. 5

Todd says he kept looking for the cha cha, saying he was entertaining from the neck up. He is also a little critical of Dianne, saying there was no real need for Jude to wear the cuban heels after all that. Ooh. 5

Helen says was entertaining, but it was not a cha cha cha. 5

Kym gives him a 6.


Lynette and Carmelo also do the cha cha. IMHO, she is way better than her husband.

Todd says it was too safe. 4

Helen says Jude is all show and she is technique. 5

Kym says she has started off great. 6

Bruno says she was competent but a bit vanilla. 6


Next is Mat and Ash-Leigh. Their dance is the tango.

Helen says it was a good tango, but he needs to work on his frame. 7

Kym was really impressed, but he needs to relax his face. 7

Bruno only has a slight criticism and it is similar to Kym – he needs to relax his face while dancing. 7

Todd also thinks he needs to relax and to breathe. 7


Matthew and Masha will also do the cha cha. He looks pretty good to me.

Kym expected big things from him and says he didn’t disappoint. 8

Bruno says he is on fire and asks does he have fire crackers down his pants. 8

Todd is worried because the last person to wear all white was Mark Holden. Tells him he’ll need to find other characters. 9

Helen gives him an 8.


Kelly and Damian are next. She is 3 months pregnant too – good luck, Kelly! Their dance is contemporary.

Bruno says she is glowing on stage. He tells her the port de bras comes from the centre not from the legs. 7

Todd takes his hat off to Damian as well as to Kelly. But there will be different challenges with different dances. 6

Helen says great job. 6

Kym loved it. Took her on a journey. 7


John Paul Young and Giselle are next, dancing the foxtrot. I think he did a fine job.

Todd says it was charming in a drunk uncle way. He was a bit stiff and in need of a bit of WD 40. 5

Helen thinks anyone who is over 50 and does this show, deserves a medal. 6

Kym says he was light on his feet… at times. 6

Bruno says great opening, great ending, but lumpy in the middle. 6


Emma and Aric are on next and will be doing the Viennese waltz. She looks great to me.

Helen said it was the best Viennese waltz they’ve ever had. (I knew it looked good!) 9

Kym loved it too, although she says she needs to elongates her posture more. 8

Bruno says there is nothing clunky there. She is a thoroughbred. (As I’ve just discovered, she is the daughter of top racehorse trainer Lee Freedman) He says it’s a wonderful performance. 8

Todd says her dancing is not quite soft enough. 7


Larry and Alana also do the cha cha. What’s with all the cha chas and Viennese waltzes tonight? I think he does a decent job of his cha cha for all his fear.

Kym says it looked as though he had a lot of fun. The dancing techniques need a little work. 7

Bruno says he is technically a bit rough but good entertainment. 7

Todd says the entertainment value alone was worth it. 7

Helen asks was it as good for him as it was for her? Then she says there aren’t many experiences left in life (to much laughter) but insists she didn’t mean it like that, but compliments him for coming on the show. 7


So in case like me you don’t want to do your own adding up, the final scores are:


Matthew and Masha…33

Ash and Jarryd…32

Emma and Aric…32

Tim and Camille…28

Mat and Ash-Leigh…28

Larry and Alana…28

Kelly and Damian…26

Samantha and Josh…24

J P Y and Giselle…23

Jude and Dianne…21

Lynette and Carmelo…21

We will see the first elimination next week, so get voting to keep your favourites. See the Channel 7 site for the appropriate numbers.

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Dancing With The Stars – And The Winner Is….

David Rodan took out the 2014 series of Dancing With The Stars beating two high profile performers, Ricki Lee and Home and Away star Lynne McGregor.

In a slightly surprising result hot favourite to win, Ricki-Lee, was the first to be eliminated of the three, leaving the former AFL player and Lynne to fight it out for the mirror ball. Edwina Bartholomew was so shocked about Ricki-Lee being voted out that she said there should be rule changes.

Kudos to David for winning as it is much harder for the AFL and NRL players to win as normally people don’t know who they are outside their state. So to overcome this shows just what a talented dancer he is. In fact he scored a perfect score for each of his three routines tonight and a hat tip must be giving to his dance partner Melanie.

Mark Holden was there but he was shoved up the back and if you blinked you missed seeing him at all. My only gripe about the finale is that at 2 and a half hours the show went on far too long.


November 25, 2014   13 Comments