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Jeff Probst Got Married – And Women All Over The World Weep

Survivor host Jeff Probst has married his girlfriend of a year Lisa Ann Russell in a private ceremony in LA.

This is the second marriage for Jeff Probst, 50, who divorced his first wife in 2001. Lisa Anna Russell has also been married before and has two children.

Congratulations…..I think.

Source: (NY Daily News)

December 9, 2011   6 Comments

Survivor South Pacific – The Agelessness Of Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst is Dorian Gray. He is ageless – check out these photos from 2001, 2005, and 2011.

top:2001  Bottom:2005

                                Above: 2011

Survivor South Pacific kicked off tonight with fresh faces, but also Ozzy and Coach returning for their third season each.

The highlights of the episode:

  • Well a lowlight was Brandon Hantz (yes The Russell’s nephew) when he was creeping around like Gollum perving at Mikayla the Lingerie Football Player (is this a made up occupation?). Then he had the gall to say it was her fault on how she was presenting herself for stirring up these feelings of lust.
  • But Ozzie was also thinking with his dick as well when he was wanting to form an alliance with Semhah the spoken word artist.
  • Semhah in the immunity challenge had put herself forward to shoot the coconuts into the basket but puffed out after two shots. Jim the marijuana dispenser owner, and poker player, did not keep a straight face when he had a go at her for saying a feel “sorta bad” for losing the challenge.
  • Jim is lying about his occupation and said he was a teacher as he did not want to appear too smart. He could be a interesting strategist or he could self-implode.
  • Ozzie realised he should not push his view on who should be eliminated in his tribe as he wanted to fit in. He will be safe for awhile as he is so goddamn good at challenges;
  • Bizarrely I want Coach to do better than Ozzie, yes his ego is huge, but he does come across as more interesting. Jeff Probst thinks both need to work on their social games;
  • However my favourite player of the series thus far is Cochran the Harvard Law student. He is a Survivor fanatic, and told host Jeff Probst he wanted to be called by his last name, Cochran, as that is what the host has called all the great players.
  • Dawn the english professor with six kids who also looks like she has time to go to the gym had a emotional breakdown on the first couple of days but he she pulls herself together she might play a strong game;
  • Ozzie’s tribe Servaii lost the first immunity challenge and after Cochran self doubt and anxiety he managed to remain safe.
  • Semhar was sent off to Redemption Island sobbing.

Again Survivor shows why it is the best reality show on TV it was a riveting hour entertainment. I think Channel 9 may have cut down the episode as it was a 90 minute opener in the US however they may have put in more advertisements.

Also here is Jeff Probst answering some questions about the episode and talking to camera straight after the filming of tribal council. He thinks Cochran can recover, and that Ozzie might take him under his wing.

Jeff also shows he can read the game here he talks about who he thinks will be first out, and also is assessment of Coach and Ozzie’s chances.

Did you like the first episode and which of the contestants do you like?

September 28, 2011   7 Comments

The Amazing Race Wins Emmy For Outstanding Reality Competition

The Amazing Race wins the Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition Program. They wrestled it back from Top Chef who were surprise winners in 2010.

Jeff Probst picked up the prize for Most Outstanding Host of a Reality Program this was presented last week at the Creative Arts ceremony. Hoarders won Emmy for Outstanding Reality Program.

Here is an article from LA Blog saying why Jeff Probst is unbeatable when it comes to the Emmys.

September 19, 2011   Comments Off on The Amazing Race Wins Emmy For Outstanding Reality Competition

Hey Ladies Here Is A Chance To Check Out Jeff Probst’s Home

Ladies you thought it would never happen, but here is your chance to check out where, Jeff Probst the host of Survivor lives. He has Vloged from his home to announce his new website

His new site will be a lot about Survivor, but also have other projects he is working on.

Jeff has also been on the media this week, talking about a Celebrity Survivor, which intrigued me. However when I heard it was only going to last seven days I lost interest a bit. But then out on those islands a day must seem like a week.

Names that have come up have been Neil Patrick Harris, and Ryan Seacrest. Personally I would like to see Oprah out there as well.

February 17, 2011   6 Comments

Channel 9 Buries Survivor Fans V Favourites Like A Hidden Immunity Idol


Channel 9 must be determined to kill off the Survivor franchise in Australia as they have now decided to place it on a Tuesday night at 10.30pm.

So the most tedious show on TV 20 to 1 will lead it in. 20 to 1 is basically a 1 hour program which promotes Channel 9 personalities with bits of video footage in between. They must think this show will rate higher than Survivor.

This Survivor series brings back 10 favourites from previous series which will include Jonny Fairplay, James from China, and Ozzie.

TV Week has an interview with recent Emmy winner and the George Clooney of reality TV Jeff Probst here where he discusses the new series.

It should be noted this series has now finished in the US.

September 26, 2008   Comments Off on Channel 9 Buries Survivor Fans V Favourites Like A Hidden Immunity Idol