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Reality Tidbits

Matt Moran Tells Of His Abhorrence For Restaurants On The Chopping Block
Matt Moran who advises failing restaurants in The Chopping Block tells Perth Now how at his horror at what he has found at the failing restaurants.

“To walk into the first kitchen and see the dirt and the grime and the uncovered things and the chefs who look like they just came to work after being out for 48 hours”¦ I realised straight away it was a completely different league.

“The way I run my restaurants, we’re proud of what we do – we like our uniforms to be clean, our shoes to be spotless and the restaurant and the kitchen to be immaculate every time someone comes into it – because you’re on show”¦ It made me realise that they, the featured restaurants, are not the kind of places I would ever go to anyway”¦ It made just go “˜f****** hell!’ and realise there’s another world out there.”

It is a pity he does not name names, as I was thinking of eating at Emads one of the featured restaurants on the show.

Australian Idol Winner Won’t Be Releasing a Christmas Album this year.
After the disaster of Natalie Gauci covers release last year, this year’s winner will not be releasing a covers album of songs they sang on the show.

This tradition was started with Damien Leith’s win and he sold over 100,000 CD’s, however Natalie’s bombed with only 11,000 sold.

The winner will release their album in May next year with a single released in March. Which raises the interesting issue of when is Natalie Gauci album going to be launched? Or will it just be buried?
Full story on Herald Sun.

Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe launch ‘Superstar Dancers Of The World’
A follow up from yesterday’s post on Nigel Lythgoe criticising Simon Cowell, it has now been announced that NBC will be launching a new dance show produced by Nigel Lythgoe.

It is called ‘Superstar Dancers Of The World’ and as Nigel previously said it is like the dance Olympics.

The series will pit the masters of various dance genres from eight countries against each other. Equal parts sporting event, rock concert and artistic exhibition.

The eight countries currently scheduled to participate include: Ireland, India, USA, Argentina, China, Russia, South Africa and Australia.

It is interesting that the UK and Canada are not represented.

Full details on The Futon Critic.

November 15, 2008   Comments Off on Reality Tidbits