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Idol’s Outed on Today Tonight

Today Tonight this evening did a gasp shock horror story on Hillsong hijacking Australian Idol, and how there were also other christians had been through Idol.

They portrayed the congregation in the same way as a satanic cult, and I was disappointed they did not manage to get footage of someone walking across hot coals just to make their irrelevant point about the zealotry of this bunch.

I know it is not relevant to Hillsong but when has that ever matter to the quality journalism on Today Tonight.

Ben was outed in a different way for once, as was Tarasai, Daniel Mifsud, and Matt Corby as being part of this sect.

This story did assist with understanding why Ben says he’s straight (and he could well be), but Hillsong are not known for there open and welcoming attitude to gay people. I think they may even dabble in a bit of re-education.

Jacob Butler must have been rubbing his hands in glee as being the about the only man left not tainted by this story. He needs to pick up I won’t vote for a Hillsonger no matter how talented niche vote to have any chance of staying in the competition.

Stay tuned for other Today Tonight stories on how Arabic Idol is full of Muslims, and Israeli Idol – full of Jews.

October 3, 2007   1 Comment