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Australian Idol – Elimination Night – has Marty made a pact with the devil?

Surprisingly there was no fear and loathing on the set tonight of Australian Idol. Every one just appeared happy to have enough to fill in the long hour of tv.

They did the review of the Tarasai incident and then did the follow up of what happened backstage after the show with Tarasai giving Mark a good tongue lashing in a non sexual way of course.

How real reality is tv? Yes she did look angry and upset, but then Mark later reveals this spray occurred in his dressing room. Whereas I thought when it was being filmed it looked like Mark coming to find her. So Mark was this faked??? Did the producers go right Tarasai you stay in Mark’s dressing room and yell at him then stomp off down the hallway.

Also we need to get Sheridan Tyler weekly tv time, so we will have him in the background shots a few times.

Notwithstanding that I thought she did look genuine, and probably would have clawed back a few fans.

The Arias looked liked fun – especially they got to see Nicole Kidman, who bleaches her skin so no wonder she always looks so pale. I wonder if that is what Michael Jackson does as well.

Marty rocked on until the morning, while Matt sulked in a corner worrying about the negatives on his music career being an Idol might have. I think he needs a reality check he would not have been there if had not been on Idol. Talent scouts do not just rock up to school concerts to find talent. Except of course if it is Macdonald College, or Newtown School of Performing Arts.

Marty again whinged about the format of Idol. This time it was the group songs were damaging his voice. I think he needs to realise, as I have pointed out in previous post Australian Idol is about making money and advertising dollars, not about his limited music career.

How did he make top 4?? He must have made pact with the devil, it must have been a good one as he is the most mediocre contestant to make it this far. Has he promised to poison Sydney’s water supply or vote for John Howard? He makes Kate Daruggo look like she has talent and charisma. Soon he could be walking those opera house steps.

However, I think Matt Corby, and Carl Riseley will take out that honour this year. Though I could be wrong. Not unusual for me. In a previous post I say Dean Geyer and half a Veronica have split. NO still together. Last nights post I state Tamara Jaber (Kyle’s fiancee) has a non existent singing career, today she is signed to a US record label with former Idols Reigan Derry, and Hayley Aitken.

So don’t go putting that lazy $100 on centrebet at my predictions.

The group song was the dull Dragon song April Sun in Cuba . They had the whole of Australian and NZ music to choose from and the best they could do is that? Most of the Idol’s probably had not heard the original.

Bottom three was Marty, and Tarasai (unsurprisingly) and Natalie Gauci – clearly a touchdown does not sway the punters.

Marty was the first to be sent back to the sofa, with Tarasai being eliminated. Natalie is now the only girl left. Looking very ominous for an all male final.

October 29, 2007   3 Comments

Australian Idol – Aria night

Gosh at what time tonight did Tarasai’s mum wish she had migrated to England instead of Australia. The judges on UK Idol would not have been as vicious to her baby daughter as they were tonight.

To be honest I thought the Daniel Mifsud “fake” comment had been a bit of a beat up to try and improve ratings for the show. The “fake” fighting between the judges in the previous weeks had not worked, now they needed a bitch fight between the contestants to liven things up.

However after seeing Dicko lay into her, which in part of would have been his anger and frustration at getting poor reviewsin his role as judge for ‘Next Great American Band’, I thought wow you really don’t like her maybe this is not a beatup. More on Tarasai’s performance later.

Tonight was Aria night, which meant they all had to sing a song by an band or artist who has received an Aria nomination, not necessarily this year. I noted not one of them picked a Wiggles song. I reckon Marty could do a good rendition of “Hot Potatoe, Hot Potatoe” as it is in his limited range.

Also as part of the deal, the Idol’s also got to spend a day in the recording studio with Mark Holden in his role as a producer. He may be an egomaniac but he defiantly knows about voice and performance.

The beef I had about tonight’s show, was last week because they were down to six contestants they had to sing two songs each. However tonight because Channel 10 were screening the Arias from 8.30pm it was one song each , and it was the first time all season that they actually finished the show on time?

Speaking of the Arias congratulations must go to the marketing manager of Chupa Chups who has ensured their logos were saturated throughout the Arias coverage, clearly they know their target audience. Probably sponsoring the after party as well.

First up was Matt Corby singing “20 Good Reasons” by Thirsty Merc. Mark was all over him in the recording studio, however did talk to him about his vibrato. He used a Warne analogy saying he does not bowl the same balls all the time, he mixes it up, and that is what Matt should do regarding his voice.

Mark could have also said “Mate if you piss off that pentecostal saving myself until marriage shit you too could bed a 1000 women like Warne has done”.

I got to confess Matt looked like a rock star tonight I could not say he looked hot for ethical and moral reasons, but he did look great.

Tonight they were again allowed to play instruments, Matt again took the opportunity to play the piano with no band backing.

He did an ok job, but was clearly nervous and did not look up from the keyboard, so performance was about a 1 out of 5, which was a pity as his voice sounded good. He admitted nerves got to him and he did not play very well.

I would not be surprised if he was in the bottom 3 tomorrow night.

Next up was Natalie Gauci with “Boys In Town” by The Divinyls. Brave choice, as Chrissie Amphlett is one of the great if not greatest Australian rock chick ever. However Natalie pulled it off brilliantly, not sure she needed to get on top of the piano, and even received a touchdown from Mark.

Natalie looked better then she has in weeks, even her mum was critical of some clothes choices, however the makeup team oops I meant the Head and Shoulder confidence team are able to cover up chronic acne on Ben’s face, but could not disguise a whopping zit on Natalies chin?

Also the big earrings she had on made her look like she was wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

Marty Simpson sang “These Days” by Powderfinger. Mark kept on raving on about how great Martys voice is for recording. This was one of his better performances, but by three quarters the way through it I started drifting off, as it still was a bit of a one dimensional performance.

Apparently Mark Holden teared up through it. What was that all about? Kyle thought it was great and emotional.

Marty said ” Kyle you do have a soft side.” Kyle responded “Yes it is my midsection”. I would suggest also a bit below that as well may be permanently soft, and that is why his alleged fiance former reality tv find, Tamara Jaber, is over in LA, not just for her non existent singing career.

Tarasai then came next to receive the biggest caning I have seen in the five seasons of the show.

She sang “When I Fall Apart” The Veronicas. She was with Mark in the studio, the day Daniel bagged her out on Today FM. So she was mad, so Mark told her to channel the emotion into the song.

The ironic thing was she was in the studio saying ” I am not fake” so unconvincingly she looked fake.

Fast forward to Sunday night. I thought she looked great, the hair was straight, the outfit was good, and I even enjoyed the song. This is from a person who would have loved to have seen her eliminated at least 2 weeks ago.

Kyle started off with a ‘I know the real you, I know you are not fake, but show the real person type speech’ which went on for about 5 minutes.

Then it was Marks turn, he called her a fake, she was really offended, and then Dicko waded in boots and all, and said it was another fake performance, and basically continued to kick the poor girl when she was down. If she had been a dog the RSPCA would have been called.

Then over to Marcia who for the first time in forever I would have liked something nice to come out of her mouth. But she just said ” Nothing she can say” and put her hands in the air. So no Sista, Girlfriend, I really dug you type speech. Very strange. Marcia must not like her. Unless they were threatened by pay cuts if they went over time tonight, and the other judges had used the time. Tarasai was obviously trying to keep it together until the ad break which she just managed. And good on her for telling them she was greatly offended.

Was this genuine from the judges or was it a fake stunt to improve ratings, because of the huge reaction of the viewers to the Daily Tele blog on this issue. I think she will get the sympathy vote this week and cling on for another episode.

Last was Carl Riseley with the Little River Band and “Reminiscing”. He too had a strange hand movement ala Daniel Mifsud. Maybe this is what the movement coach is teaching them or maybe this is what happens if you stay away to long from your girlfriend.

His song was like a Mike Walsh Show flashback (since I remember the show this would indicate why I cannot comment on whether Matt Corby is hot) it was trite and weak, compounded with some very bad boogieing.

I was very disturbed when I started thinking Carl was really very cute. What was going on I had only drunk non-alcohol beverages this evening. Would I need to call in those pentecostal re-educators who reeducate people with homosexual tendencies. Where they put wires on your brain and when you start reacting sexually to photos of naked men they zap you. In my case they would just use Carl’s photos and videos to assist with the brain washing process. So then upon seeing him only negative thoughts would prevail. I don’t want to think a clean cut, mildly talented, and socially conservative guy is cute. This is a clear indication on the poorness of quality in the males this year, when this bloke is emerging as the Alpha male.

Bottom three will be Carl, Marty and Tarasai. With Marty to go home.

October 28, 2007   7 Comments

It’s Official – Tarasai is a scrag

Daniel Mifsud yesterday decided to tell all in an interview with Kyle and Jacquie on Today FM regarding Tarasai’s personality issues.

He said she had a diva like attitude and alluded that she was fake.

The Daily Telegraph Blog/ exploded with this revelation. I think her time on the show if coming to an end soon.

October 24, 2007   7 Comments