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American Idol – Top Five – Neil Diamond night.

It was another mentor night and again the Idol producers trotted out another baby boomer favourite, Neil Diamond, so they could remember the good old days of psychadelic drugs and free love. Clearly Paula Abdul is stilling living in those days – more on THAT incident later.

Again I query why they get people to mentor whose career is dead about the time the Idol contestants were born? Thank God Cat Stevens decided to give up singing for religion otherwise he would be wheeled out next week.

The format was different this week, with the Idol’s having to sing two songs, and due to time constraints they were not going to be individually judged after the first song. So once all five had sung once they were brought on stage and the judges were asked their opinion.

After Randy quicky gave his opinion about the five it was Paula’s turn. Paula started critiquing Jason Castro songs both the first and the second one. But hang on Paula he has only sung one of them!!! Randy prompted her by saying “Paula they have only sung one” not getting it at point she had made a mistake, and saying I thought they sang two songs. The look on Simon’s face was priceless as he smirked and rolled his eyes.

Was she reading from notes she or the producers had written during the dress rehearsal, or had the show been edited and they had in fact already performed their two songs before an audience. I think the former occurred. She did look rattled and upset for the rest of the program.

Simon stepped in and quickly gave his views of the singers and then ranted “that he hope their second songs were going to be much better.

Jason Castro first song Forever in Blue Jeans was pretty bland and forgettable. These mentor weeks must be killing him as he was ordinary last week with Andrew Lloyd Webber. If he can survive this past fortnight he may go onto thrive again. He did not do himself any favours with Neil by forgetting the lyrics in the rehearsals and only enhanced his stoner boy image.

Randy Jackson said ” Just Ok.”
Simon Cowell said “Forgettable”

Jason’s second song was September Morning. It was dull, dull, dull. Both of his songs sounded the same.

Randy said: “Just Ok”
Paula said ” I thought you had taken the same liberty on both songs”
Simon said ” We don’t recognise you, no attempt to make the arrangement your own, both forgettable.”

David Cook first song was I’m Alive. Neil said David gave him goosebumps and he had the right material, attitude and voice.

David’s version had a rocky edge to it and he played his electric guitar. It was just ok for me a tad boring but that could have been the song not the performer.

Randy said “Very good in the Zone, doing your thing”
Simon said “Just above average.”

His second song was great All I Really Need Is You. He playing the acoustic guitar, whilst singing smouldering vocals and eyes to these romantic lyrics. I can imagine the girls at home swooning at home. Smart song choice and performance.

Randy said “Huge David Cook fan.”
Paula “So proud of you, you pulled that off, I feel that I am already at the American Idol.”
Simon said “First song ok, second song brilliant. Sounded like it was written this year.”

Brooke White’s first song was I’m A Believer. She played guitar as well and appeared very nervous, which was making her voice shaky, and flat. Is she on The Biggest Loser as well as every week she seems to drop weight? She looked stick thin tonight.

Randy said ” A bit Karaoke.”
Simon said “A nightmare” Brooke yelled out no it wasn’t – yes it was Brooke.

Her second song I am Myself was much better she accompanied herself on the piano. In a pre song chit chat she revealed to Ryan she had the lyrics written on her hand I am not sure how she thought she was going to be able to prompt herself whilst playing the piano. However it was not bad rendition of the song in a kind of country way.

Randy said “Nice job”
Paula rambled I had no idea what she said I think it was something about vulnerability.
Simon said “This is the Brooke I like, it was not incredible but a millions time better then the first song.”

David Archuleta sang next. Neil said “He is a kind of a prodigy”.

David’s first song Sweet Caroline not a personal favourite of mine, but the way he mixed up the song made it ok.

Randy said “You’re the bomb”
Simon said “Amateurish”

His second song was America from the Jazz Singer. Did David pick this song as he had seen how popular nationalistic songs are with the Idol audience. Kristy-Lee Cook saved herself with God Bless America earlier in the competition when she had been particularly vulnerable. He even had the US flag on the screen flapping away in the background. Personally I thought the song was dull.

Randy said “In the zone, another good performance.” I think he means the middle of the road zone.
Paula said “Voice is so on point”
Simon said “That was a smart choice of song, ticked all the boxes, very good.”

Syesha Mercardo was a big hit with Neil Diamond he asked her for a hug.

Hello Again was her first song. Her voice was strong, but the song is boring.

Randy said “Not amazing but stronger”
Simon said “Old fashioned.”

Her next song was Thank the Lord For The Night Time. It had a good beat and it was a nice contrast between her two songs. She did a good job but it did not blow me away.

Randy said ” Finally realising who you are, you are in the zone.”
Paula said “I love her”
Simon said “Very good actress/singer, I think you may be in trouble tonight.
“I don’t think you had a really memorable second song like some of the others.”

I think bottom two will be Jason Castro, and Syesha, with Jason being eliminated.

Simon summed up the episode nicely by saying “This is officially the strangest show we have ever done. It is kind of a bit chaotic.”

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Australia’s Next Top Model – Exit Interviews



Left: Supposedly Charlotte Dawson looking mutton spice at the MTV.

Here is an interview with Kristy after her elimination last night. She is still bitching that Alamela had two goes at the shoot, and if she hadn’t she may have been the one eliminated.

Click here to read it.

Here is an interview with the first girl eliminated Karmilla – it is a bit boring but what do you expect she was only on the show for a minute. Click here for the interview.

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So You Think You Can Dance – Reality Tidbits

Greatest Conspiracy Blog Ever on SYTYCD.
Marndizz Goss Blog has this great theory on how So You Think You Can Dance was a scam. Now I am a conspiracy theorist but this person beats me hands down.

Her theory which goes into some detail, says the she did not even think the final was live, as there were no public tickets available, which is unusual for those type of show.

She also raises how the routine prior to the announcement of the winner was the one between Jack and Rhys, and how the girls had not had a similar dance together. I have to pay that.

Anthony Ikin Tore Shoulder Muscle – So Had An Excuse For Bad Disco Routine In Finale

It was reported yesterday that Anthony Ikin tore his shoulder muscle right at the start of Laura and his disco routine. Which would explain a lot as it looked pretty shoddy. Poor bugger as Laura is probably the biggest (tallest) girl in the competition to lift. Her part of the routine was not to good, but then she was probably wondering if she was going to get dropped doing the lifts.

Nigel Lythgoe told Bonnie Lythgoe Not To Dance In Group Dance at the Finale.

Now this was a spurious rumour that was posted by a reader on It said that Nigel told Bonnie not to dance in the routine as she would make a fool of herself. Nice to know that even after their separation he is still trying to reduce her self esteem.

Interview with Rhys here

Interview with Jack Chambers here he states the person he would turn straight for would be Beyonce – I cannot get that image out of my head, she would squash him.

Interview with Demi here and one with Kate here.

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Big Brother the much advertised diversity is being eliminated.

Terri the 53 year old baby boomer got rumbled by the Gen Y’s or more specifically the male Gen Y’s to be eliminated from Big Brother after only spending 8 hours in the house.

Big Brother surprised the housemates on the first night by first making them stay outside all night ala Survivor, and secondly told they would have to eliminated someone at sunrise.

Personally I would have eliminated on IQ though I think it would have taken me more then 8 hours to work out the dumbest.

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Australia’s Next Top Model – Episode 2

I am undecided whether I would prefer to stay in the Big Brother or Australia’s Next Top Model household. Both would be quite trying.

The girls were given a box of butterflies so that could only mean one thing – transformation day.

They were taken to a hairdresser in the city to be greeted by Jodhi who says she has problems with models with bad haircuts when she looked like she had not brushed her hair at all.

Leiden was going platinum blonde.

Alexandra was not happy about what they were going to do with her a Cleopatra look she has already done twelve months ago.

Caris started crying because she was not used to living with so many people.

Delmelza the 16 year old was not backward in coming back forward about Alex and Caris.

Alex was still upset when she got home sobbing down the phone to her boyfriend about the haircut. Maybe they should have given her a spiral perm that would have given her something to really cry about.

The first challenge of the episode was to be a catwalk challenge.

It was going to be an easy audience as it was navy boys and the catwalk was a ship. Alex was still bitching at Jonathan about the haircut.

Judges for the challenge were Charlotte Dawson, Jonathan Pease, Jodhi two special judges Jordan and Steph from last season ANTM. Also the Captain of the ship got to judge as well.

The 16 year old Delmelza was the favourite especially when she flashed her knickers to all the old pervs.

Belinda without glasses looked like she was going to fall off the catwalk. She kept on getting paid out by the judges for not having her contacts which were meant to be sent to her by her mum.

Jodhi after the show told them how well they had done, she is so different to Tyra. Tyra with Miss J would have torn their walking to shreds. Which I agree, if they are told they are good will they improve? And I thought some overdid it.

Delmelza unsurprisingly won the sailors choice, and Alex won industry award. They got to go on an $11,000 shopping spree.

Shops sponsoring this were One Teaspoon, Grab Denim, then the Trelise Cooper’s studio.

When they got home Delmelza and Alex gave them the dregs and handed over four items. The other girls bitched about the stinginess of the gift. But to be fair it was their prize.

Next was their first single photo shoot. It is a beauty shoot with Napoleon – he had so much make up on. Napoleon bless him breathed some life into what was becoming a rather dull episode. Jonathan is a bit of a charisma free zone.

They had to sit on a chair with a boob tube and get water sprayed on her.

Kristy was being criticised about her angles “she is not the face of my brand”.

They loved Rebecca. Alamela was lost, scared – Napoleon said I am getting bored.

Jonathan wanted Leiden to concentrate on here feminine side. They did not want her to do sexy as they compared her to a praying mantis where she looked like she would devour her partner afterwards.

Alyce and Belinda got favourable reviews. Delmelza did not do well, and was upset in the loos.
Alamela was a given another chance but did not do much with it. Jonathan thought she would be lucky to survive the elimination.

It was Leiden’s birthday and the girls went to a club to let their hair down. The under 18’s organised a party at home. Leiden and Sam pashed for .5 of a second. Alex pashed some very ugly guy.

Alex when she got home phoned her boyfriend to confess saying she was dared to pash this guy. He started crying. He reminded me a bit of Nneena’s desperate boyfriend. It was pathetic.

Elimination time:
Guest judges Jackie Mirren photographer, and Napoleon with the usual suspects Charlotte Dawson, Jodhi Meares, and Alex Perry whose shirt was undone to the waist.

Leiden upset as she is not model ready, said she did not want to be there.

Alyce criticised for being so fake, Napoleon really did not like her.

Rebecca called first I am not sure if that has the same significance as the US version, that you have the best photo from the shoot.

“Well done honey” appears to be is Jodhi’s signature quote. She really needs to get rid of the cheap clipboard she is reading her lines from. I must admit she is not a natural TV talent, she never appears relaxed. I think Charlotte would be better in that role.

Kristy and Belinda were bottom two.

Belinda told to step up. Kristy told she looks like a model but just shown more of the same.
Kristy was eliminated. Then she bitched about Alamela saying she must have been crap as they had to give her a second chance in the shoot. She said she would like Emma to win.

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