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Housewives of NYC – Who Do I Loathe More Ramona or Kelly?

I haven’t been the greatest recapper of this show as sometimes I don’t get to watch it on the night, however it is one of my favourite reality TV shows.

Tonight was part one of the reunion episode and here are a few thoughts about it:

  • I love the way Andy Cohen from Bravo TV asks all the hard questions;
  • The Count told the the Countess that he had another woman by email, and she is clearly bitter about it, but then so would I;
  • I loved the way she cast doubt on whether the Count’s girlfriend was a princess, was she implying that people would only think it was ok he was shagging a black woman was if she was royalty. I found this surprising considering Lu Ann is part native american;
  • Both Bethenny and Jill have had boob job;
  • Alex was a victim of the GFC;
  • Kelly Killorin Bensimmon explained that she did not belt her boyfriend, she said he made it up, she even managed to cry – somehow I still did not care.  Also she got the tissue but did not use it as there were no tears or tear snot.
  • Kelly Killorin Bensimmon denies plagarising the owl design on the jewellery. I find her so insincere, and a tad manipulative. I loved the “My father’s a lawyer line and I never make any verbal agreements” line. I am not sure she is really telling the truth on this;
  • I wonder if Ramona was feeling uncomfortable when they showed her montage, I don’t find her very likeable she is always yelling and will use anything to win the fight;
  • Ramona fucking dumps on Lu Ann, and telling everyone that Lu Ann had asked a guy for his number three months before, which Lu Ann says in her book is a no no. But Ramona really showed a lack of sensitivity to Lu Ann’s marital problems and probable emotional fragility;
  • I agree with the viewers there was too much spruiking of their own products;
  • I kind of agree with Alex about her kids the night they were filmed it was past their bedtime;
  • Ramona’s I don’t want to eat in Brooklyn and the fact she may not be eating at 8.00pm as the reason she did not attend Simon and Alex’s housewarming was total crap;
  • Alex was right to call Bethenny out about her behind the back comments, still I think Bethenny has a high likeability factor; and
  • Loved, loved, loved that Lu Ann started the fight about Kelly not being a girl’s girl and then everyone else starts attacking her and Lu Ann just sits back.

In tonight’s episode Ramona has to win the most loathesome award, as she was just insulting and rude and never takes any responsibility for her behaviour.

Next week in part two of the reunion the fighting continues. I wonder if they speak to each other when they are not filming?

November 2, 2009   3 Comments

Housewives Of NYC – Would A Guy Really Agree To A Blind Date On TV?

Newly Engaged Bethenny with Jason Hoppy

Newly Engaged Bethenny with Jason Hoppy

Again the Real Housewives of NYC  was an entertaining episode, and there was limited self promotion this episode only Bethenny’s Skinny Girl Margarita, and Jill Zarin’s fabrics. Has Jill had written into her contract  that they must shoot a scene each week in her store? I have to confess I am amazed at the range of fabrics.

What I found interesting is how do the producers got Bethenny’s guy to turn up on a blind date in front of the cameras. I mean blind dates a bad enough without a camera crew and producer there. The same goes for Kelly’s boyfriend. Kelly’s ego is out of control. I think it is healthy to be self confident but she borders on narcissistic.

A few comments on the episode:

  • Alex and Simon’s renovation looks fantastic – Bethenny gets props for her comment on “who is doing the morning shift” alluding to it looking like a bordello;
  • I love that the kitchen appliances were sponsored by Monogram as seen on other Bravo TV shows;
  • Why do Simon and Alex set themselves up to get their head kicked in by Ramona, they invited her to the party and she never showed up;
  • Same for Bethenny and Kelly, I don’t know why Bethenny bothers, as Kelly clearly thinks of her as just an annoying as a buzzing gnat;
  • And how great did Bethenny look in the Herve Leger dress, a walking advertisment for the skinny girl margarita, speaking of alcohol did she looked a bit sozzled walking out of Simon and Alex’s party?
  • I am starting to think Brad needs a bigger role in the show, as does Bobby.

Also CG sent me this link saying Bethenny is now engaged to Jason Hoppy, so the blind date did not work out. Bethenny will also be getting her own series on Bravo TV, so hopefully Arena will show it here.

October 19, 2009   4 Comments

Kelly Bensimon – Faker Than A Gucci Bag In Bangkok


Well the producers of The Real Housewives of New York City, have unleashed Kelly Bensimon on the viewer and does anyone like what they see?

As a member of a pretty superficial cast, she definitely wins the prize for the fakest and most delusional. On the latest episode Kelly asked Bethenny to meet her to discuss Bethenny’s rude comment about her at the charity committee meeting. You know the meeting when Kelly refused to have her name on the invite for some spurious reason. Possibly because she is so well known. Not! Last time a looked people only went on reality TV shows to raise their profile.

So Bethenny turns up at the designated time and Kelly is half an hour late (what would Luann think of that?) and clearly did not give a rats about it and did not apologise.

She then rambled on at Bethenny about how rude she was, and how Kelly was running on a higher plane then Bethenny. I must say I thought it showed all of Bethenny’s restraint not to glass her. Also did anyone else think Kelly at times did not make sense? Prescription drugs/diet pills anyone?

Anyway she then left to meet her date – and oh my god if I had been him I would have run. She looked like some crazy woman, I am sure he could not wait to get out of there.

Anyway just so we know how classy Kelly is she has decided to pose for Playboy which as we know is classier then Ralph. Just. Full story on Dlisted.

Anyway back to this episode and just when you think Kelly wins the prize of ego of the week, along comes Ramona. Ramona who had been bonding with Kelly was peeved when she read an article where Kelly said something about teaching the Housewives about fashion. Apparently Ramona worked in fashion for years. Anyway when she called Kelly on it, Kelly immediately retracted and said “Oh no not you,” which placated Ramona’s ego.

A few other points about the episode:

  • Mario having a go at Jill about taking so long to get a tennis partner for match with Ramona and Mario (who apparently was a former pro). I like Jill and good on her for trying to make sure she is not put at a disadvantage;
  • Mario cracked it with Jill who took it quite well really, he was being a prick. Bobby just stood there, but then why should he step in Jill should be able to handle herself.
  • The other big fight of the episode was Simon and Alex with you guessed it Ramona. Ramona was peeved that she had invited them to a party and they had not told her that there were topless photos coming out of Alex in the ensuing days. The way she was going on you would have thought they had concealed that they were both up on child sex slave charges. Ironic considering if Ramona was offered a Playboy spread she would do it.

If you want to know the background to the episodes go to Simon Van Kempen’s blog here.

September 24, 2009   5 Comments

The Real Housewives Of NYC – Season 2 – Episode 1

real_housewives_nyc_070709-BravoTV_com-mThe second season of The Real Housewives of NYC premiered Monday night on Arena, and it is still as good as I remember it. There were the season one cast of Ramona, Jill, Bethenny, LuAnn, and Alex and Simon, plus newcomer Kelly Bensimmon.

Here are just a few thoughts on the episode:

  • The only person who appeared to have had no work done to them over the season break was Simon Van Kempen. Ramona’s face looked tight, as did Luann’s. And Bethany’s boobs just speak for themselves;
  • The picking on Alex and Simon continued from last season, with all sorts of put down from all the cast mates, even Ramona’s husband called Simon gay. Not that Simon does anything to help those rumours by wearing lime green jackets, and pleading with his wife to go shopping.
  • The Van Kempens don’t help themselves by being so obviously upwardly mobile, including how they raise their children by teaching them to speak french. I would have thought spanish would be a more practical language if living in the USA.  Those kids seem very serious, however I do agree with Alex’s no TV in the bedrooms rule.
  • Here is the article in the NY Mag that created the drama between Jill and Simon. I thought it ironic Jill called Simon out on his drinking when all the housewives appear to drink like fishes.
  • I am continually surprised by the level of vacuousness from all the Housewives, including the new one Kelly Bensimmon.
  • Speaking of Kelly what is the tandoori leather looking face skin like? Was it an acid peel gone wrong?
  • Alex and Simon after panning the Hamptons in a previous season were out there this year. I guess the producers of the show set this up. They rented a two bed room place which just highlighted the difference between the rest of the cast and the Brooklyn couple.
  • Bethenny who is not wealthy either seems to escape the social climbing tag from the other housewives, in fact she appears to be the most popular of them all;
  • Bethenny who has maintained her wit, I love the term she used in describing the people Kelly hung out with – the fabulosity crowd.
  • I note the Countess Lu Ann husband was with her in the Hamptons, so they must not have seperated at that point of filming. For those who don’t know he has run off with an Ethiopian princess – yes a much younger one.
  • My fave housewives last night Bethenny and Jill, at least Jill can admit she is neurotic, something Ramona has no insight of.

The Australian housewife Simon Van Kempen now blogs for Bravo on the series and gives a bit of insight into the episode here.

August 12, 2009   1 Comment

The Real Housewives of New York City – Is There A Liberal Party Candidate In The Cast

Political parties love star recruits be it former rock stars, football players or actors. Will reality TV stars be the next ones political parties will try and tempt into public life?

Tim Brunero who was on Big Brother could be a potential reality TV candidate for the Labor Party.

However the Liberal Party may also have a potential candidate in Simon van Kempen, the husband of The Real Housewives of New York City Alex McCord. Simon an Australian was a member of the Young Liberals, and still keeps an eye on Australian politics as can be seen in this post on an opinion forum here.

The Real Housewives of New York City is a show on Arena which shows New York so called ‘socialites’ going about their daily lives – with some set up situations of course.

Alex and Simon are the co-dependent couple who do everything together and could be described as social climbers.

Personally I find them a little bit creepy.

There are somethings I just don’t get about them this includes:

  • Why would you wear a his and hers matching g string swimmers when you are over thirty?
  • Why you would spend so much money on clothes when you house needs a lot of renovations, also new furniture would not hurt one of the sofas looked like it was from Fantastic Furniture?
  • When she said I couldn’t live in the suburbs and pulled a face didn’t she think it was ironic she lived in Brooklyn (I know it is not suburban but it is not Manhatten)?
  • Why would you invite your husband along on a girl’s night out, and why would you want to go if you are her husband?
  • Why the big deal about speaking French, I would have thought Spanish to be the more practical language to learn in the US?

Regarding the thong swimmers apparently we were lucky they were wearing any at all. Gawker reported Alex and Simon had been spotted on St Barts in all their naked glory. Obviously he has not got the Australian paranoia of the sun and does not slip, slop, slap.

NY Mag has a article on their assessment on how far up the social scale these New York housewives really are.

I must confess I am loving the show, and I am disappointed the final episode of Season 1 will be shown this Monday at 9.30pm on Arena. Though apparently there is now a series called The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

October 7, 2008   6 Comments