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Reality Tidbits

Project Runway Australia – To Air In July – Is it going to Take on the Olympics?
Traditionally TV stations have pulled any tv show that has looked like having above average ratings during the Olympics, however it looks like there will be something to watch other then the 100 metres butterfly, and the hammer throw.

Arena will start showing Project Runway Australia in July so therefore it will definitely run into the Olympics.

Filming is continuing with a bit of relax time at a sponsored L’Oreal related function where the only straight guy in the village, oops meant show, Brent Zaicek a designer from Sydney, said filming has been so hectic he has only been able to speak to his 13 year old son once since moving to Melbourne.

Zaicek is the only self taught designer in the house. Full story here.

Caridee winner of Next Top Model Apparently Attempted Suicide

It has been reported Caridee has attempted suicide after the breakup of her boyfriend. She was found sitting on the loo saying she had taken 10 pills she had for anxiety and depression. She has had a full recovery. Full story Here.

Ricky-Lee Coulter proves there is life after Young Divas.
And the winner of the Ricky Lee and Kate D’Arruago feud is Ricky-Lee. Ricky-Lee’s career continues to improve since quitting the Young Divas last year. She will now have a presenting role on this years Australian Idol with James Mathison, and Andrew G. Apparently she will have a support, mentoring, interview role backstage.

This is one of the changes the producers have made to the format to try and increase ratings from last year. The others has been sacking the judge Mark Holden, and auditioning in London.
Link to story here.

Leiden joins other former reality tv stars on the Dole Queue.
Leiden Kronemburger reveals in post elimination interviews that she has not had a job in 12 months! This is quite incredible considering we are nearly at what is termed as “full employment” also I thought there were a shortage of retail workers.

Leiden who did not endear herself to the judges last episode due to the lack of effort she showed in a couple of tasks, will continue to look for work. Maybe motivation is the issue rather then lack of skills. Full story here.

If she had had a better attitude she could have taken out this season title.

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Charlotte Dawson Allegedly In A Reality TV Sex Tape

Charlotte Dawson may have managed to combine two of my favourite things, reality tv, and sex tapes (please note dear reader, I never managed to see any sex tapes not even Paris Hilton’s but I like these revelations as they always amuse me.)

It has been revealed that Charlotte Dawson judge on Australia’s Next Top Model may have been in a sex tape a few years back on a New Zealand reality tv show The Player.

Charlotte who at times has mentored the model’s on the show is using the much used “I cannot recall excuse.”

A few years ago when Charlotte’s career here tanked, this coincided with the breakdown of her marriage to Scott Miller (now on drug charges), she scuttled back to her homeland New Zealand.

This is when the sex tape supposedly occurred.

The New Zealand Herald reports:
Now based in Australia, Dawson told the Herald on Sunday she was so drunk the night the so-called sex tape was filmed that she didn’t remember what happened.

“It’s always been this urban myth of what happened in this apartment,” she said.

“I remember being there, I remember being drunk.”

Dawson, who was wearing thigh-high patent leather boots on the night in question, said she remembered being on one contestant’s shoulders while pointing a knife at the camera and saying “**** you Julie Christie”.

“I’m not proud of that night, I’m not proud of that time in my life. It was one out-of-control night.”

Dawson denied she and the other woman had sex with the two contestants at the apartment but two sources told the Herald on Sunday that the tape did exist.

Dawson had been at Auckland’s Boogie Wonderland club with a group of friends, including Nicky Watson and her ex-boyfriend Matthew Ridge and some of the male contestants. Dawson, a friend and two of the contestants went back to the City Life apartment, where multiple cameras recorded the footage.

Christie said in her email that the group would have known the cameras were there. Dawson said Christie has held the existence of the tape over her.

“I will not be bullied about something that happened four or five years ago. My career is going well and I don’t want someone like Julie… trying to ruin my life. I don’t deserve it so I will fight back.”

Hilarious – if they can get an excerpt Charlotte could give the girls a lesson on what not to do on reality tv…. also may liven up the series a bit.

It makes the faux lesbian kiss between Leiden and one of the other girls look positively lame.

Full story here.

May 29, 2008   1 Comment

Project Runway Australia Updates

Kelly Rowland to Be a Guest on Project Runway.

Project Runway Australia have scored some international credibility with Kelly Rowlands, former Destiny Child’s singer, to have a guest spot on the program.

She will be asking the designers to design an outfit for her, I assume that means she will be on the judging panel for this episode.

Now if we can only get Tim Gunn out here…

Link to story here.

The Claws were out between Jayson Brundson and Peter Morrissey on set on Project Runway.

Jayson Brundson who used to work for Peter Morrissey as his creative director had beaten Peter Morrissey to the permanent judging spot (the equivalent of Michael Kors) on Project Runway Australia.

However Peter was given a guest spot position and apparently it was very cool on set between the two of them.

I suspect it was Morrissey seething with jealousy at Jayson Brundson’s success since leaving him. Jayson has turned into one of Australia’s most prominent designers with international success with dressing Princess Mary, and gaining a coveted window position in New York’s Henri Bendel’s.

Also he was on an episode of popular reality tv series Runway to LA which starred Charlotte Dawson and Jordan Loukas.

It must be hard for Peter to see his protege out do him in all facets of his career.

Link to article here.

For the Project Runway obsessives only….

Filming of Project Runway was in MelbournesRathdownne Fabric and Remnants earlier this week. Blogger Pins and Thimbles was there, and said they were filming the third episode. Apparently to be seen in July.

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Reality Tidbits

Jodhi Meares Forced To Face Fears For Finale of Aust Next Top Model.

Jodhi who was acknowledged to have choked at last years live finale of Australia’s Next Top Model will now have to do it all over again. At the time Jodhi had said she would never do live TV again. Well clearly her bosses at Fox 8 had a different view.

This years live finale is to be bigger and better then last year. It will be in Luna Park with 2000 VIP guests.

The problem with Jodhi and live tv is that she very rarely adlibs and never goes off script which does not make good live TV.

Full story here.

American Idol Season 8 Viewers Give Their Ideas On How to Improve Idol.
Now it is time for the wash up of Idol after the fabulous finale where David Cook overcame the wholesome Archuleta. This year again there was a fall in ratings, however it does still make it the highest rating show on US TV.

Viewers have posted there opinions on how to improve the show for next season. Dicko would love one suggestion as one punter said they should give the judges of America’s Next Big Rock Band a go at the judging table.

However a very interesting and provocative suggestion is as follows:
My big recommendation is one that Idol will never take: Get rid of the phone-in votes and instead base the eliminations on overnight iTunes sales. Since Idol is supposed to be a talent competition to determine who has what it takes to be crowned a genuine pop star, this method would actually and legitimately prove which contestants have the ability to move some product.

This could have a completely different spin on the competition however the winner would be itunes as currently in the US you don’t have to pay to vote, but obviously would to download the song.

Full article here maybe Australian Idol may want to take up a few of the suggestions.

David Cook and Lacey fling appears to have petered out.
David Cook is doing what all good rock stars do, and makes sure he is taking the opportunity in partaking in the numerous women that are flinging themselves at him. Lacey Schwimmer from SYTYCD appears to be off the menu, but his predilection for reality tv chicks appears to continue with him confirming he has been on a date with American Idol Season 2 contestant Kimberley Caldwell.

Jordan Loukas inspired by Jodhi Meares.
Jordan Loukas who won fan favourite in last season Australia’s Next Top Model has decided to take inspiration from the shows host Jodhi Meares and start a swimsuit label.

Jordan who has had mixed success since the show clearly has decided a different career direction is needed. Her and another ANTM graduate Simmone Duckmanton will start their own swimwear label. The girls are apparently designing the pieces themselves, but now word if they have any financial backing or if it is just them. Good luck.

Full story here.

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Australia’s Next Top Model – Has Demelza been resurrected?

Has Demelza gone from being the wicked witch of the west to Glinda the Good Witch in a matter of two episodes?

Two weeks ago Demelza was the leading girl in the bitchketeers in bullying Alamela. But now Alamela has been eliminated has Demelza now being edited in a different light. Is it possible she may even win the competition. Leiden and Jamie who were punted both said they hoped would take the title.

To be fair the competition is not for Australian Best Samaritan.

One person who is going to wake up in a few years or months time and realise she blew it will be Leiden. Leiden who was abominable last night in attitude at the dance lessons (are there so few choreographers in this country that the SYTYCD ones are now on ANTM?) which culminated in a catwalk sulk at the Cargo Bar.

She deserved to be eliminated. However if she had given 100% I suspect she could have nearly taken the title.

Hello Leiden who is the hottest model at the moment? Agnes Deyn. Leiden has a similar vibe, and she did take good photos. Especially as there is no standout contestants with the ones that are left. Favourites at this point must be Caris and Demelza.

However last night was meant to be the episode of the trout pout. The media were fed the line about how disgusted they were Alex putting collagen in her lips. The judges including Charlotte “Ms Botox” Dawson and Jodhi “Real boobs” Meares said that she should not have done it as she was so young and she could not move her lips properly. Every other fashionista tsk tsk about it as well. The reality is if Alex did not have the trout pout she would not have made it into the final thirteen.

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