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Reality Tidbits

Australian Idol’s Luke Dickens Had A Baby Boy
Luke Dicken became a father earlier then expected. His wife Brooke had the baby boy on Monday night during the live verdict show.

The baby was not due until December. I hope the baby is well. Luke will continue on the show.
Source: Daily Tele

Wade Robson To Teach Two Day Workshops At Carriage Works in Sydney on the 11 and 12 of November. -
Wade Robson who has choreographed some of the most amazing routines on the US version of So You Think You Can Dance will be in Sydney next with his wife Amanda to teach two day workshops at Carriageworks.

He will also be doing a two day workshop in Melbourne on the 8 and 9 of November at the Mercure.

Personally I think they will be amazing as his style is so original. Wade is Australian but went to the US at a young age as he was discovered by Michael Jackson.

However Michael is not the only troubled superstar he has worked with, as Britany Spears has asked him to choreograph her new world tour. He previously choreographed her shows when she was an up and coming performer.
Wade Robson (Right)
Ticket for his workshops can be bought at Ticketmaster and are $148.50 for a two day pass. Personally I think this is great value.

Source : Daily Tele

Is This The Biggest Non Story About Demelza Reveley Ever???
Now I am not the greatest fan of Demelza, but this story on appears to be the biggest non story ever.

They say that in a period where Aussie models like Alice Burdeau and Myf Shepherd are the toast of the International catwalks Demelza was forced to stay home. Her agent Priscilla Leighton-Clark, also a judge on Australia’s Next Top Model said Demelza was “not ready”. However in good news for Demelza as agents in New York love her and Priscilla will send her when “she can cope.”

I am not sure what they are trying to say in the article, another dig perhaps?

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Reality Tidbits – miscellaneous

Carl Risley to get a Gig

It has been announced that Carl Risley on – the worlds most visited brass website (how do you prove that claim?) that there will be a gala concert in Brisbane Friday the 21 March 2008 featuring the he United States Air Force Band of the Pacific “Alaska Brass”.

Also the Brisbane Army Band will play, as will Australian Idol third place getter the swinging Carl Risley. It is not clear on their website whether he will be sing with the army band or separately. If you were keen to know you could contact the organisers website link above.

Natalie Gauci looking hot
In the Daily Tele gossip column there is a Natalie Gauci looking fantastic walking the red carpet at the 2Day FM and Sony BMG hits and stars party on Thursday night. She looks like she has lost weight and her hair looked great pulled up. No Jenny Craig contract for her…..

Wade Robson to choreograph a ballet
Hot So You Think You Can Dance choreographer, Wade Robson, has announced he will be choreographing his first ballet to debut on January 23 for San Francisco Ballet’s 75th Anniversary.

After that Robson’s next project is that of choreographer for the new Cirque du Soleil production starring Criss Angel at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

Is there anything this guy cannot do? I hope he leaves time to be a guest choreographer on the upcoming Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance, which hits our TV screens on Feb 1.

Season 2008 It Takes Two bookies odds have been released

When you see a headline Gay Favourite for singing contest you think has Tim Campbell signed up for It Takes Two – however it is in fact Virginia Gay and actress on All Stars who is the favourite to take out the show.

I have never heard of her but clearly she must have a huge personal following. It will make a change from having a Home and Away star take out the title.

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Mad Mary may be Guest Judge on Aust So You Think You Can Dance

TV week online edition has an excellent article which strongly hinted that Mad Mary Murphy may come to Sydney to be a guest judge on Australia’s version of So You Think You Can Dance.

I so hope so, I think it would be a great boost to our Australian debut season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Come on down Mary and bring that hot tamale train with you!

It is great to see the producers of this show are taking the antipodean series seriously. We have Bonnie Lythgoe as judge.

Nigel just about confirming he will also be a guest judge. Nigel and Bonnie’s son lives on the Gold Coast, and apparently they have visited often to see their grandchildren.

It would be great if Mia Micheals, and Wade Robson come out as well both for the viewing audience and the top 20 dancers.

With the American version ending tomorrow night, at least we won’t have to wait long for the Australian version to commence in February 2008.

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So You Think You Can Dance – Final 4

It is down to the last episode where people in America were able to vote so we got a 2 hour special a boy it was a cracker.

Cat came flouncing down the stair dressed as a christmas decoration, or was it a young Krystal Carrington from Dynasty.

The judges were Nigel, who was looking a tad tired, probably all the work he has to do on the other shows he works on. Bonnie Lythgoe his estranged wife said he was a workaholic.

Mad Mary Murphy who has been a judge on every single episode this season (clearly they like her) looked great tonight in a light green dress, with a huge
?faux emerald ring.

The final guest judge was Dan Karaty the hip hop choreographer. Now apparently he was the one who complained about Wade Robson’s peace routine (the one where each one did a solo with it), and also I suspect he may have complained about the Mia Michaels marine jacket. Apparently his brother is in the marine corp. So getting to be a judge on the critical episode is the producers peace offering. Article here for the full story

It was interesting to hear that 3 of the 4, Sabra, Danny and Neil all auditioned in New York City.

They did a recap and it was great to see them at the audition process again. There must be some poor junior who has to go through hours of footage to get the scenes where they are standing in the queues waiting to audition.

Tonight they would all dance one routine with the other plus a solo.

First was a group dance a Tyce DiOreo broadway number to Mein Herr from the musical Caberet. It was a cross between a German bordello, and a Moulin Rouge can can. Last year he was one of my favourite choreographers, however he this year I don’t think he has maintained the standard.

Cat interviewed Lacey, it was interesting to hear that Lacey had given up dancing and taken up hairdressing, and it was when her brother Benji Schwimmer(last seasons winner)was on SYTYCD she was inspired to take up dancing again.

She said her high light was dancing the samba, yes I agree it was hot, hot, hot. Her low light, was her solo she forgot the routine, so that explained why it was so lame.

She then did her solo which was average and ended with a very awkward flop where she was caught by members of the audience.

Lacey really annoyed me on tonight’s show, far to much mugging to the camera, and always trying to get herself into the shot. Benji won last year by cultivating the personality on camera so maybe she is copying that strategy. I think it will back fire, she just kept on coming across as a show off.

Sabra and Neil did a Shane Sparks hip-hop routine. Which I thought was very average. The only fun bit was in the rehearsal with Shane’s assistant physically manhandling Neil so he would get the pelvic thrusts right.

Nigel thought Neil “was a little stiff” but he was not saying that in a positive way. Neils fans loved him anyway.

Next was Lacey and Danny with a Viennese Waltz, this was beautiful. Danny I thought was superb it was so smooth.

Cat then interviewed hunky Neil. Apparently he was a gymnast so that explains when he does his flips his clearance is amazing. He said the best was his jazz routine, and worst was the salsa and tango. He said his teeny bopper fans pumped him up before he goes on stage.

Neil’s solos was great flips, and spins.

Next was Sabra and Lacey dancing to a Wade Robson routine. Wade was channelling his inner buddhist during rehearsals. Sometimes I wonder is this guy genuine or is he affected? Anyway I don’t care, because I loved this routine of the mother and baby fox. I was transfixed. However the judges did not like it, Dan was just saying that for payback. But Wade did not look happy for the rest of the episode.

Cat then interviewed Danny. She talked about his adoption and his mother who taught, him and also his brother Travis last seasons runner up to dance. Also Jamie a girl from this season has been taught by her. All are just sublime dancers. As Dan Karaty said at the end of the show “What is in the water at Denise Wall’s studios.” It was great to see her get some recognition. As both her sons are the best dancers I have seen.

Danny thought his best moment was the Samba. He then did his solo which like Neil’s full of pirouettes and flips.

Danny & Neil danced to a Mia Michaels contemporary piece. It was about duelling princes. It was brilliant. How good is this women, I think she must have an overactive imagination. It was like a cross between goth and Shakespeare. Also Neil is the only guy I have ever seen who looked good wearing eyeliner.

Cat and Sabra then had their chat. She was born in The Netherlands into a military family. So it was ironic her favorite piece was the controversial peace routine they all danced choreographed by Wade.

The also showed the footage of Dominic dropping her on her head. Ouch that must have hurt. I thought it was interesting that Dan Karaty had thought Domenic had been the one to carry her. I always thought it was the other way around.

Lacey and Neil then did the Lindy hop. This apparently is very difficulty. The judges gushed over it. I thought it was awkward the whole way through.

Last was Sabra and Danny doing the Cha Cha, this was choreographed by Melanie Le Tartin the lady who had the pleasure of dancing the Cha Cha with the baby licious Pasha in an earlier episode, when his partner was taken to hospital.

This routine was a lot of fun, and a great way to end the show. It was a fusion of latin and disco even including strobe lighting. This will be very advantageous in the voting for the $250,000 first prize money.

Next week is the last episode and Cat let the “Cat” out of the bag by saying her and Nigel will be dancing together on it. Cannot wait.

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So You Think You Can Dance – Final 12

Tonight’s episode provided extra tension because each year the top 10 dancers get to do the end of series tour. There were more tears, high anxiety, and a greater sense of relief once the dancers were through.

However firstly a couple of things:
1. Did Arnie bring in a law when he was voted in the Governor of California that all citizens must have bleached straighten teeth otherwise you are kicked off TV land. Damien Leith would not have made past the first audition over there.

2. Could someone tell Nigel’s stylist that he should not be put in suits that are the same colour as his skin and hair colour, it is to much beige

The night kicked off with a swing type number to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. It was a lot of fun, and Lacey especially looked like she was enjoying herself.

Then Cat came out in high heels, and a top in the colour de jour of the season coral, but hang on where were the pants? What that is a dress – hopefully she won’t bend to hug the diminutive Sabra otherwise there is going to be issues, especially if she is wearing a g-string (thong in their vernacular).

Judges of the night were Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy (who looked like she had been eating to many tamales), and Wade Robson who I have just raved about in the previous post.

First up was Sabra with the jive.
This routine was dynamite lots of energy, all eyes were on pocket rocket Sabra, but Dominic is doing ok for someone untrained. Maybe he can attend the over promoted, and I suspect over hyped Debbie Allen Dance Academy with Cedric.

In the pre-routine gambit it was revealed that Dominic drops Sabra a lot in rehearsal. In fact he has also dropped her once in the pre -recorded opening number of the show and could not continue. Lucky for him she is a former gymnast and she has probably had worse falls from the beam whilst doing a triple somersault dismount.

I think she is his good luck charm as she is pretty versatile. It will be interesting to see what is going to happen once they swap partners, I think he will struggle to stay in the competition then.

Next up were Hok and Jaimie with a Broadway number to Mr Bojangles. Normally I like a Tyce Dorio number but tonight it lacked his usual pizazz. Hok did plies all around the stage while, Jaimie ran around leaping and with lots of high kicks. It was tonight revealed Jaimie is also trained by Travis, and Danny’s mother who is clearly the greatest dance teacher in the world. Move over Debbie Allan.

Speaking of Travis,(season 2’s runner up) he was assisting Tyce with this number. He also looked like he had had an accident with the bleach bottle. Nigel, who clearly is addicted to the stuff, probably even does his pubes, must write into their contracts that at least one body area must be whitened.

Pasha and Sarah danced Jazz. It was weird funky number, which was definitely channelling the ’80’s with the fluro clothes and dance moves. I kept thinking Fame and Flash Dance, then low and behold next ad break there is Jennifer Beales coming up in a Law and Order episode. Speaking of ad breaks, and I apologise for being off topic, but what has happened to Sandra Sully? Has she been on one of those cheap plastic surgery trips to Thailand? The medico who did her eyes should be deregistered.

Neil and Lauren danced a Mia Michaels choreographed contemporary number. Again I love her work she does these weird pieces that are very evocative.

Nigel and Mary didn’t understand the story of the dance. I thought that was the whole point of contemporary. The dancers when asked did not really know and said it could be anything you wanted it to be. Well I thought it was about two people escaping from the Clockwork Orange set. Now that was one weird film and I must look up Wikepedia and find out what it was actually about.

One of the things that mystifies me is how Mia Michaels gets her complex choreography across, as she is not the lithe dancer she once was. However what ever she does it works, as I gather she is a bit of a icon in dance circles.

Danny and Anya danced a Foxtrot. This was a Fred and Ginger type dance – ethereal and floaty, with lots of feathers on Anya dress. They did a great job with it. However these ballroom numbers can be the kiss of death of a couple. The voting public like the big moves, the lifts, the kicks, the fast beats in routines.Just like Idol punters will dial in when the big notes are sung. They were not able to keep out of the bottom three.

Lacey and Cameron completed the show they were dancing a hip hop number. She is clearly very popular and pulling Cameron through with her, as he is just invisible. I suspect he will struggle as well once the partners are swapped.

The routine was ok, sexy school girl type number. However I kept on thinking of a dog on heat waiting to be sniffed every time she stuck her arse out.

The bottom three couples were Anya and Danny, Hok and Jaimie, and Neil and Lauren.

Anya was eliminated even though she fired up her solo routine this week, however Lauren was told she was on her last life line. Then sadly Hok was eliminated, but it is getting to the stage in the comp where the untrained dancers start to stumble. Lacey started wailing (they are dating) probably now thinking she will now have to share a hotel room with rather dull Lauren.

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