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Superstars of Dance Rates Well For NBC In The US.

Well that was the good news, but it has had some mixed reviews from the critics. EW here gives a humorous review of the show without to many spoilers in it.

Apparently Superstars has been the highest ranking show NBC has that is not sport. It averaged 10.4 million viewers on its opening night. Whether it retains those ratings will remain to be seen.

Daily Telegraph has the full story.

Channel 9 will be screening Superstars of Dance in Australia with a yet to be announced starting date.

January 7, 2009   2 Comments

Channel 9 Will Be Screening Superstars Of Dance

Finally after all my whinging and complaning I have found out that Channel 9 has won the rights for the Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller production Superstars Of Dance.

Channel 9 say it will be screened in early 2009, which is code for when the ratings period commences. My bet it will start the second or third week of February.

Daily Telegraph has the breaking news.

To whet your appetite here is a preview.

January 5, 2009   5 Comments

Superstars of Dance – Production Values Look Great

Superstars of Dance screened its first episode in the US last night. Above is a preview of the series (not the show). The production values look great. Something the truly awful Step Up And Dance should think about.

Apparently super hot couple Anya and Pasha from US So You Think You Can Dance will be on the show.

As will be talented popper Robert Muraine. Now if you don’t know who this dancer is check out his audition that he did for SYTYCD last year. Amazing and original.

I am still trying to find out which TV station is going to screen it.

January 5, 2009   Comments Off on Superstars of Dance – Production Values Look Great

Kelley Abbey To Be The Australian Judge On Superstars On Dance


Yes it is yet another post on Superstars of Dance, the show that may or may not be shown in Australia.

However in super cool news Kelley Abbey, singer, dancer and choreographer will be the Australian judge on the show.

Kelley showed when she was occasionally a judge on So You Think You Can Dance Australia that her comments were accurate, insightful and entertaining.

In fact I thought she should have been a fulltime judge instead of Bonnie Lythgoe. But we won’t go into that debate now.

Jason Gilkison is coach of the team, and Henry Byalikov formerly of SYTYCD AU and Dancing With Stars will be one of the competitors, as well as a soloist tap dancer, and a contemporary dance troupe.

Full list of representatives from each country is on TV Guide.

December 30, 2008   2 Comments

I Don’t Know Why I Keep Talking Up Superstars Of Dance

The Superstars of Dance and American Idol appear to be the only two reality shows getting any news lately. Fingers crossed one of the Aussie Ladettes gets knocked up by the gardener at Eggleston Hall in England to give us a bit of new years entertainment.

Anyhow even though there is no news on whether an Australian TV station has bought the dance show which starts in the US next week the NBC publicity machine is starting to crank up.

Monsters and Critics have an indepth interview with the shows producer, Nigel Lythgoe, and the host, he who Irish dances, Michael Flatley.

The interview outlines the format of the show there will be quarter finals, semi finals, and a grand final. It will not be filmed live. I think this must be because they are professional dancers who have engagements to fulfill.

The Chinese team seem phenomenal with not only the Shaolin monks performing, but also a ballerina who pirouettes on pointe on top of her partners head.

And for those who like a bit of gossip Bonnie Lythgoe is apparently divorcing Nigel. Or maybe he is just being a gentleman to make it sound that way.

December 29, 2008   2 Comments