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Has Sophie Monk Made It In Hollywood?

I thought you had made it in Hollywood once you have your own reality TV show. However apparently that is not the case for Sophie Monk.

Sophie has been cast in a ‘scripted’ reality TV show (is that an oxymoron?) that follows her attempts to make in LA LA land. It is called Bigger Then Paris an obvious dig at the starlet and new girlfriend of her ex-fiancee Benji Madden. Who needs to put the prawns in the curtain rod when you can seek revenge on Pay-TV? s

Photos from the show have been released onto Facebook – the show was trying to say they were leaked and apparently they are attracting plenty of attention.

Link to article here.
Just before you sign up to Facebook and get distracted by the myriad of quizzes and gadgets, you can see the photos on the Daily Tele website here.

September 26, 2008   Comments Off on Has Sophie Monk Made It In Hollywood?