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Sarah Murdoch To Host So You Think You Can Dance?

It is about time So You Think You Can Dance Australia returned to our screens so hopefully the rumours in the Daily Telegraph about Sarah Murdoch hosting a new series on TEN this year are true.

At the moment there are no dance reality TV shows on our screens. Fox 8 have announced Got To Dance more times than Carl Scully announced the Parramatta to Chatswood rail link, and we know what happened to that!

Basically I will not believe Got To Dance has got the green light until it is on my screen.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia should be a ratings winner for TEN as it has been a few years since it was last seen on our screens and a new batch of talent will be ready to audition.

Sarah Murdoch who has a knowledge of dance will make a great host, and really she has the runs on the board to be able to easily handle the live shows.

Also I would only keep Matt Lee as judge from the first incarnation, he really hit his straps in the final series giving good critical advice that the viewers who are non-dancers could understand. Also he has the recent experience as a professional dance and performer in his recent role in Mary Poppins.

Also after Jason Coleman’s turn on Celebrity Apprentice Australia, he kind of damaged his brand and came across as a egomaniac. Also I found him to be saying the same thing series after series. And well I have nothing to say about Bonnie Lythgoe that was just wrong.

So fingers crossed we see So You Think You Can Dance Australia back on TEN in 2012.

February 29, 2012   2 Comments

Matt Lee Turned Down Role On So You Think You Can Dance Ukraine

Sydney Social 04.04.10

(Image: Sunday Telegraph)

Here is the So You Think You Can Dance Australia cast at the Logies nomination breakfast at The Ivy in Sydney. Canny readers will realise that it is an unusual thing for Matt Lee to be without his usual headwear. I don’t get why he does not go sans hats on the show.

Anyway I do get why he is not being a judge on So You Think You Can Dance Ukraine, if a vignette in the Sunday Telegraph (hard copy only) is true. It stated that Matt Lee had turned down a part on the show, because he was over committed here. But it did say that choreographer Adam Williams might take up the role. I will be surprised if it is true, as he they would need an interpreter, and I am not sure that would be great TV.

UPDATE: Matt Lee confirmed for me on Twitter that he did turn it down, but only because of his Mary Poppins commitments.

April 4, 2010   3 Comments

Natalie Bassingthwaite Says She Has Taken Acting Lessons To Help With Hosting So You Think You Can Dance

Photo courtesy of Daily Telegraph

Photo courtesy of Daily Telegraph

Natalie Bassingthwaite reveals today in the Daily Telegraph that she is feeling much more confident going into season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance Australian (SYTYCD Au).

She has hired an acting coach to help her with the second series. She said the criticism of her performance on the first few show last year hurt.

She says:

“I was really aware of it (nerves) at the time and in the first few episodes I was so petrified you could see me shaking.

“So I got an acting coach last year and I think I’ve found it.”

This is great news as SYTYCD was great last year, if the last few hiccups can be removed then it will be fabulous this season.

Anyway good news for fans Channel Ten have released the new SYTYCD website, and it looks super slick. Click  here. to get to it.

It looks likes Jason Coleman has had his paddlepop lion hair cut into something funkier. Only thing I don’t get is the poll on the site asking who is our favourite judge and Matt Lee has 50 %  of the votes. Hopefully only about 10 people have voted.

January 16, 2009   2 Comments

Reality TV Hook Ups – Is Bravo Matchmaking?

- Now I thought I had my finger on the reality TV shagging pulse but I completely missed the coupling of Project Runway Season 4 contestant Jack Mackenroth and Top Chef 3: Miami runner up Dale Levitski. Has Bravo TV been doing some matchmaking and cross pollinating between shows.

I am pleased for Dale as he spent half his time when he was talking one on one on camera on Top Chef moaning about the fact he was single. He does look very content in the photo.

Will Jack be basing himself in Chicago now as I thought Dale was going to be opening a restaurant there with another Top Chef 3 contestant CJ.

Dale and Jack are not the only gay reality TV hook up. Australia also has it’s very own same sex couple with Australia’s John Foreman, and So You Think You Can Dance Australia judge Matt Lee.


They were spotted leaving the Channel Ten after logies party together.
Want to know more reality TV couples Canoodle Soup has an article on the top ten reality TV couples.

November 1, 2008   2 Comments

Interview with the judges of Australia So You Think You Can Dance

Pop Republic TV a free mag and internet site has an interview with the Bonnie Lythgoe, Jason Coleman, and Matt Lee the judges of the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance.

The show will commence on 1 February 2008.

They say it is going to be just as good as the US show!

Full article here in the mag. Unfortunately PDF so you will have to download the magazine.

January 13, 2008   Comments Off on Interview with the judges of Australia So You Think You Can Dance