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Australian Idol Elimination Night – Final 9

Reality Ravers crystal ball predictions improved this week, with predicting two of the bottom three. Marty missed walking the plank this week due to being in the lucky last singing spot. I wonder how many votes that position is worth?

I was surprised Daniel Mifsud had to haul himself off the lounge, however maybe it was karma. On the Daily Telegraph Blog Brad Coward from Brisbane, clearly a music savant, pointed out that maybe Mr Mifsud should not have been claiming the arrangement of the Kiss song “I Was Made For Loving You” as his own. The Nissan Cedrics on Roy and HG show “Club Buggery” in the mid 90’s apparently did a rendition very similar to the one done by Daniel.
Brad’s Comments

To be fair Daniel was probably barely toilet trained when that show was on so may not have heard it. However if anyone knows Brad Coward can you give me his number as I want to invite him to a music trivia night.

Maybe Daniel lost popularity after his friend Jade McCrae decided to diss the majority of idols talent, plus questioned the premise of the show. Mmmm very ironic Jade considering you were on “It Takes Two” last year and that show is filled with music credibility.

Jade McCrae article

Kelly Clarkson belted out a number – she has a such great raspy voice. I am sure she enjoyed chatting with Andrew G and James, instead trying to get a word in edgeways between the gay flirtations of Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell which occurs on American Idol weekly.

Bottom three were Mark Da Costa, Jacob Butler, and Daniel Mifsud. Daniel quickly returned to the couch. Jacob breathed a sigh of relief for another week. He will be especially happy as the show next week is Brit Pop, and that is about the only genre he sings.

The judges were all shocked that Mark was gone. Yes he gave no dud performances, but he also gave no great performances.

Marcia blubbed – was it because she finally realised that only one of her fingernails was painted blue?

Dicko said that Mark being voted off was a scary thing in an election year. Dicko you are no Anthony Green Anthony Green link
1. A high percentage of voters in idol would be under 18 therefore not eligible to vote in the Federal election, and
2. Just maybe the voting public were tired of an older, formulaic person, who was showing no new ideas with his policies, oops I meant music.

Mark Holden gave him the pep talk about how now Ricki-Lee now has a top 10 album, but personally I don’t think we will be hearing much from him again, unless the new lead singer JD Fortune of Inxs quits and they do Rock Stars again.

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