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If You Are Suffering From Insomnia Here Is An Interesting Article On The Mistress Of Reality TV

Bravo TV is the factory that pumps out high quality reality TV like Project Runway, Top Chef, Shear Genius and the Real Housewives. In Australia Arena TV content is a majority of shows from Bravo.

The person behind the success of Bravo is Lauren Zalaznick. She not only continues to commission highly entertaining TV, but is also targeting the right demographic.

Among women ages 18 to 49, Bravo is the fastest growing of the top 20 entertainment cable networks, and its viewers are the most educated and upscale (about a quarter of them make more than $100,000 a year), a demographic that advertisers are desperate to try to reach.

The New York Times here has an indepth interview on Lauren examining her career and how she operates. I found it very interesting.

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Wayne Cooper Found Guilty And Now On A Good Behaviour Bond

Fashion designer Wayne Cooper and occasional guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model has been found guilty and been placed on a two year good behaviour bond for pushing his wife in a domestic dispute.

The police were called to their Tamarama house earlier this year and the couple now estranged. Sarah Marsh has also been talking to A Current Affair and said that in the now famous dispute he threaten her with a knife.

It is possible Sarah is talking to A Current Affair for cash as the highly successful designer is only paying her $500 a week in maintenance.

Full story on the Daily Tele site.

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The Amazing Race – Season 13 – Episode 3

The teams are in Brazil but is the surrounding poverty the big issue no it is about a sports bra being “pushed” off a window ledge.

Christy accuses Starr of pushing it off? I tend to tend to agree with Starr what was the point of that it is not like the bra will give them an advantage in the race. Now if you could spike someones drink with laxatives that might get you ahead.

Ken and Tina, the estranged married couple are first to leave the pit stop at 12.51am. They have to fly to La Paz, Boliva, and must get to a statue and look through a newspaper to find their next clue.

The geeks are second to go. I love these guys.

Everyone got on flights to Boliva and were trying to cope with the altitude as well as sleeping on concrete on a freezing cold night.

The frat boys were the first to discover the clue hidden in the newspaper. The blondes were the last to find it – but did run a strong rest of the leg.

After getting to the hat store to buy a traditional Bolivian hat it was time for the detour.

The choices were Musical March – where you must collect musicians to form a band
Bumpy Ride where you must get on some dodgy bike and travel on some bumpy ride. At the end of this detour they have a U-Turn where they can make another team do both detours.

Terence and Sarah and the geeks stuffed up and hopped into cabs when the clue specifically said you had to travel on foot. Do you go back or just cop the time penalty at the pit stop?

Points to Tina who overtook Terence and Sarah on the bumpy bike ride. Terence nearly had a breakdown and made a crack at Sarah.

Nick and Starr flew past Kelly and Christy on the bikes this humiliation was compounded by a huge stack, which meant Nick and Starr got to the U-Turn first. Starr really wanted to U-Turn the girls but then strategy wise decided not to.

Next was to get to Los Titines and the Geeks were in first place – they had not realised their mistake at this stage.

Tina and Ken made it to the Roadblock first. Where they had to wrestling a cholita (a woman). And were off to the pit stop first for the second week in a row.

Terence and Sarah hopped out at the wrong spot when they spotted a red and yellow flag, and Aja and Ty had taxi issues with no petrol and overheating.

The geeks had trouble with the wrestling due to lack of coordination and fitness resulted in sucking on oxygen. It was getting ugly for him.

Aja took the time at the roadblock to make mischief by telling Kelly and Christy that Starr had wanted Aja and Ty to U-Turn them. There is going to be a scrag fight at the pitstop tonight.

Toni and Dallas overtook a few teams to go for the pit stop second, and the blondes came in fourth after Terence and Sarah who had a great cab driver.

At this point the geeks realised they had fucked up and their necks were on the chopping block, and they copped a 30 minute penalty. The divorcees were now saved from elimination and the geeks were going home, even Phil looked disappointed as was I.

Buddy TV here has an interview with Mark and Bill about their time on the amazing race.

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Make Me A Supermodel – Don’t Let Your Partner Go On A Reality TV Show


Rhys must feel like a fifth wheel in the model household with Courtney and Billy loved up and Tom and Shanina circling each other like cats on a hot tin roof.
Tom’s girlfriend must be pretty upset, especially with Billy blabbing to the camera’s that Tom crawls out of her bed at 5.00am.

Courtney and Billy have a strategy to try and take the gloss of the favourites Tom and Shanina and this involves telling the viewers what they are up to when the cameras are not there seems to be their main modus operandi.

Hopefully this will backfire on them, as Australians don’t like dobbers especially when it is done with such smug looks on their faces.

Hannah who was up for nomination for the first week obviously was not popular with the populace and was eliminated. Could this be because everyone remembers the vileness of Kassandra and Hannah together?

I felt sorry for her as I thought she was one of the strongest. At this point the show has just turned into a popularity contest and a pretty or handsome nice person will win.
The nauseating coupling of Billy and Courtney continued at the photo shoot with the them still saying how good it was that Shanina and Tom were caught out by a camera they did not know was on. If they had put this much effort into slowing climate change they would have saved a couple of polar bears by now.

I mean they are all around 19 how serious can a relationship be at that age? I know I know it always seems to be so dramatic when your in your teens. Though I do feel sorry for the soon to be ex-girlfriend.
Tom realising it was on film called his girlfriend and said he had been caught giving a peck on the shoulder to Shanina. He wailed down the phone “That is all that happened.” Not knowing that Billy and Courtney have been spilling the beans to every available camera.
Anyway none of their scheming worked with Courtney and Billy landing in the bottom three with Rhys. Billy was crying the bravado all gone. Hopefully he will be eliminated.
Just an aside does Jackie Frank have a lisp? And did Courtney look really dumpy on the catwalk?

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Reality Tidbits

Australian Idol Competition – You Could Sing With One Of The Idols.
To coincide with Xbox 360 launching a new title calle Lips there will be competition starting this Sunday on Australian Idol (well in the ad breaks) where the prize is singing with one of the Idol’s.

Lips is a singing game, it measures both your performance and vocal ability, with wireless motion-sensitive microphones so you can jump around the room as you belt out your favourite songs.

I would advise not mixing this with a drinking game as things could get veeeerrrrrryyyyy ugly. I won’t be entering this comp, I will just concentrate on winning the MacDonald’s $50,000 Top 10 song comp.

Denise Richard’s: It’s Complicated Has Been Picked Up For A Second Season.
Charlie Sheen’s won’t be very happy that his ex-wife will be pimping her kids on TV for another season of her hit show Denise Richards: It’s Complicated. Prior to the first season Charlie went to court to stop her from putting the two girls on the show, however he lost.

The show is a staged reality show shown on E.

More information about the show can be found on Reality Heaven./

Interview With So You Think You Can Dance Mary Murphy.
Canada is currently screening their first season of SYTYCD. Mary Murphy is guest judging on the show. Here on Dose is an interview where she gives her thoughts on the Canadian version plus other SYTYCD background information. Apparently Nigel Lythgoe has the final say in who goes home in the US Version.

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