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Reality Tidbits

Darren Hayes Disappointed With His Idol Pick Sophie Patterson.

Darren Hayes who will be mentoring the Australian Idol’s this Sunday where the performers will have to sing Australian hits. What are the chances Luke Dickens will do a Barnesy number? However in an interview he said Sophie had become too ‘slick’. Hayes had been at the London audition where she was found.

Personally I think Sophie is trying to be sexy when she is not. I don’t get why Dicko goes the whole Bridgette Bardot route with her. She needs to go back to be a bit more the folk singer like Brooke White was in this years American Idol.

Hayes says he is impressed with Roshani Priddis and Wes Carr. Full interview on

Charlotte Dawson In Talks To Become The Host of Australia’s Next Top Model
In non surprising news Charlotte Dawson will be meeting with Brian Walsh, the head of Foxtel today to discuss her future with the show.

After stepping in at last minute to host the live finale when Jodhi Meares choked she deserves to be first crack at the top job. Anyway Jodhi never really made a success of that role she was far too scripted something Jennifer Hawkins should learn from. Full story here.

Speaking of Jennifer Hawkins…
In tomorrow nights show of Make Me a Supermodel the wannabe models will be training with AFL footballers, Brodie Holland and Ryan O’Keefe. If you want to see a nice picture of Shanina Shaik click here.

This year’s Idol’s and Bobby Flynn to Meet Up At The Basement tonight
Bobby Flynn will be playing at The Basement tonight and tomorrow night to promote his new album. If that Idol fix is not enough this years Idol contestants will also be there tonight with cameras in tow.

In other Idol news – Carl Risley will be singing at The Vanguard at Newtown tonight. Shannon Noll is also releasing a Best Of Album. Can you do that if you have only been around for five years?

Also the Australia contestant from this years American Idol, Michael Johns, will be in Perth as a guest star on a telethon.

For the truly Obsessed US So You Think You Can Dance Fan
Yes I am one of them. Here is an excerpt from the LA Times about them hanging out at the post Emmy party.

The “American Idol” / “So You Think You Can Dance” table was in a festive
mood despite “Amazing Race’s” continued dominance of the reality television
category. “Idol” / “Dance” overlord Nigel Lythgoe reported that he used his
first few moments without a show on the air this year to launch the dance show
franchise in South Africa. Telling of his travels, he marveled about that
nation’s talent.

Across the table, “SYTYCD” judge Mary Murphy was asked if the
party rates a ticket on the Hot Tamale Train (her highest level of praise on the
show).”Oh, no,” she drawled in a deep Southern pitch, “You can’t get a ticket on
the Hot Tamale Train if there’s no dancing.” She gazed out forlornly at the
empty patch of dance floor in front of the bandstand. So why are these things
called balls if there’s never any dancing? “Maybe because there are so many more
losers than winners,” she said.”A party with Mary Murphy is a scream!” Lythgoe
said from across the table, referring to his colleague’s penchant for
full-volumed praise on the show.

But Murphy didn’t take the bait; no piercing trademark shout came forth to crack the chandeliers across the ballroom.Making his way out of the party, Ryan Seacrest stopped by to greet his “Idol” family.

The famously early-to-bed, multiple-job-holding hosting titan is out awfully
late, maybe his latest ever? “Well, let’s see,” he said, looking at his watch,
“the big hand is on the 2 and the little hand is on the, what’s that number?
I’ve never seen that before, 1 and 0 . . .” He looked up and gazed around the
room. “So this is what normal people do at night . . . I’ve got to try this

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Carl Risley’s new single is out.

Carl Risley, the crooner who was the surprise packet in last year’s Australian Idol show has released his new single This Guys in Love.

The song is soulful with a big band arrangement. has exclusive access to the film clip of the single.

March 20, 2008   3 Comments

Reality Tidbits

Carl Risley scores record contract, so no more seeing him in his navy uniform.

All those girls who love navy men will be disappointed that Carl Risley, third in Australian Idol last year has resigned from the navy.

But the good news is he has signed a record contract. He was signed by Universal Records. He has already completed an album called Your Imagination which will also contain a swing number of Waltzing Matilda a song he did on Idol which I hated, but everyone else loved.

To keep the Idol connection going John “Kermit” Foreman produced the album. It will be released in a few months time.
Full story here.

More It Takes Two couples revealed.
Sara Groen the Channel 7 news reader and weather presenter will be a contestant on It Takes Two which is starting this Tuesday on 7.00pm.

Her singing mentor will be Adam Harvey the country music singer.

Julia Morris comedian will be partnered with opera singer David Hobson. Is it only me or does anyone else think David is becoming over exposed?

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Reality Tidbits – miscellaneous

Carl Risley to get a Gig

It has been announced that Carl Risley on – the worlds most visited brass website (how do you prove that claim?) that there will be a gala concert in Brisbane Friday the 21 March 2008 featuring the he United States Air Force Band of the Pacific “Alaska Brass”.

Also the Brisbane Army Band will play, as will Australian Idol third place getter the swinging Carl Risley. It is not clear on their website whether he will be sing with the army band or separately. If you were keen to know you could contact the organisers website link above.

Natalie Gauci looking hot
In the Daily Tele gossip column there is a Natalie Gauci looking fantastic walking the red carpet at the 2Day FM and Sony BMG hits and stars party on Thursday night. She looks like she has lost weight and her hair looked great pulled up. No Jenny Craig contract for her…..

Wade Robson to choreograph a ballet
Hot So You Think You Can Dance choreographer, Wade Robson, has announced he will be choreographing his first ballet to debut on January 23 for San Francisco Ballet’s 75th Anniversary.

After that Robson’s next project is that of choreographer for the new Cirque du Soleil production starring Criss Angel at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

Is there anything this guy cannot do? I hope he leaves time to be a guest choreographer on the upcoming Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance, which hits our TV screens on Feb 1.

Season 2008 It Takes Two bookies odds have been released

When you see a headline Gay Favourite for singing contest you think has Tim Campbell signed up for It Takes Two – however it is in fact Virginia Gay and actress on All Stars who is the favourite to take out the show.

I have never heard of her but clearly she must have a huge personal following. It will make a change from having a Home and Away star take out the title.

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Carl Risley Not To Posted to Afghanistan

Carl Risley may have life after Australian Idol, with news he has signed up with Ralph Carr, Vanessa Amorosi’s manager.

Ralph Carr will work on a record deal for the good looking crooner. This may stave of any official posting to Iraq or Afghanistan in the near future!

The full article is here.

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