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The Amazing Race – Japan To Phuket

The Amazing Race left Japan and headed for Patong, with the blind date couples up the front of the pack. Interesting concept this season where the teams are either made up of dating couples or teams of “blind dates”, that is they have been put together for the race. It must be a new form of torture to be on the Amazing Race with a person you did not know. Can see this going pear shaped quickly.

The teams headed off from Nagano to Phuket, well nearly all as Jonathan (he is from New Kids On The Block) and Harley could not get tickets and landed in the morning when everyone else landed at night. Lucky for them the other teams had been put up in a hotel for the night.

In the morning after getting their clue at the upside down house they had the choice of detours the Wave Park or Tree Top Waiting.

The wave riding looked difficult but so did the tree waiting. I was surprised that not more couples did the wave ride as they all look quite fit.

Clue reading appears to be an issue with two teams taking off with their trays without reading the sign.

Hayley was cracking it at Blair about being a follower and not stopping and thinking rather then following the previous teams and she went on and on. But to be honest I felt her frustration as he did not listen to her, not sure how this blind date is working out for them.  They were sent back but ended up finishing it second after the truckers that are actually dating.

Matt and Ashley were not quite so lucky. Matt was asking her if she was ok with her tray as she was getting hooked up to fly  and he then knocked his own drink over. The look on her face priceless.

After the detour it was off to a night club where they had to dress up as lady boys and learn a dance. Was this appropriate challenge? Tyler did seem to enjoy the challenge a lot.

The truckers, Mike and Rochelle, arrived first at the pitstop and won a trip to Prague which they were pretty happy about as they did not look happy at all doing the dance.

Jonathan and Harley who had had a disaster with their flights and did not make it to Phuket until the following morning arrived last at the pitstop, but lucky for them it was a non elimination leg.

Next week Bangkok.

March 27, 2015   8 Comments

The Amazing Race – The Top Three Are…..


Well I am crushed my favourites the Afghanimal’s, Leo and Jamahl, are out of The Amazing Race All-Stars finishing fourth for the second time.

The boys started off the leg leading but it all went pear-shaped in the United Kingdom when they got lost twice. They can’t even blame taxi drivers as they were the ones that were driving.

In the end they were eliminated with Brendan and Rachael, John and Connor, and Caroline and Jennifer will be racing for the $1 million.

Here is are interviews with Jamahl and Leo where they talk about what occurred on the race.

May 16, 2014   7 Comments

The Amazing Race – A Surprise Elimination But Let’s Blame The Taxi Driver Again

jessica and john

I have to confess I do really like Jamahl (ok might have a slight crush) and Leo on The Amazing Race as no matter what is going on they look like they are having fun. This time in All Stars they have decided to not be too evil and be a bit more cooperative with the other teams as well as being a tad crazy.

In the latest episode all the teams ended up on the same plane to Italy. Unfortunately for the two Nashville Girls they were going to have to do a speed bump as it the previously had been a non-elimination leg.

First up was the detour with most of the teams deciding to do the remote control chariot race. Jamahl and Leo decided to abort and go and do the gladiator’s challenge. Jessica and John had already completed it and then their day from hell started. Yep the dodgy cab driver. But let’s be frank it was partly their fault as Piazza di Spagna looked pretty much like Spanish Steps, however it is easy to say that when you are sitting on the couch. What was surprising was how many Italian cab drivers did not know that was what it was.

Anyway they were taken to some dodgy part of Rome with high rise apartments but then they were not the only team there. The Harlem Globetrotters were taken there as well. They ended up at the Roadblock where they had to count the steps plus work out Roman numerals at around the same time and the Afghanimals were also there.

Jamahl was helped by a local and received the pitstop clue. The other two teams thinking the Nashville girls were behind them asked Leo and Jamahl to give them the answer and they did. Of course the deal was they were not allowed to be U-Turned in a later leg. At one stage it looked like this good deed was going to back fire as Jamahl and Leo could have been beaten to the pitstop as Leo had an injury. However they made it just before the Globetrotters with Jessica and John the last to arrive and they were eliminated.

Here is an interview with Jessica and John  where they talk about what happened.


April 18, 2014   8 Comments

The Amazing Race – When A Bad Decision Effects Your Whole Leg

 Buzzfeed have put up a list of 86 Things That Happen On Every Season Of The Amazing Race and it is hilarious.

Here are a couple of my favourites:

12. Yet another team will be dating, and talk about how they want to get closer and think the race will be a perfect experience to do so. This is complete and utter bullshit and they will fight like gamecocks.

32. At least one contestant will cry because a challenge like shaving their head or going down a water slide is “too difficult.”

36. At some point, the teams will have to drive a car with stick shift. This happens every season, yet there is always at least one team who is totally and utterly unprepared to do so.

And of course this one “Through the powers of editing, every episode will seem like a down-to-the-wire footrace, even though you know halfway through the episode who is going to be eliminated on this leg of the race” is pertinent to last nights episode of the race.

Margie and Luke were always going to struggle to make up the time they lost after they took the gamble to see if they could get a stand by seat on the direct flight from Kuala Lumpar rather then risk a 30 minutes transit time in Singapore.

They didn’t get on the flight and were ten hours behind. Even with some crafty editing and a difficult Roadblock where the teams had to make a shirt they were never going to be in it. Phil Keoghan teared up when he had to tell them they were eliminated. As usual Margie was all class and Luke was zen about it.

Here is an interview with them (Part 1  and Part 2) where they talk about their time on the race.

March 28, 2014   11 Comments

The Amazing Race All Stars Kicks Off With A Casualty Before The Starting Line

The Amazing Race All Stars season kicked off in Los Angeles but there was a casualty before the race started. With Boffa from Kentucy having a pancreas attack the day before the race started. He had to medically withdraw and fellow Kentucky racer Mallory was brought in. They will be at a disadvantage due to not knowing each other but still it is better to have a crack at the $1million then not.

The full cast list is here, but some of my favourites are back the Afghanimals, the Sri Lankan twins and Margie who is just amazing.

The teams had to do a puzzle to decide who would get on the first plane. The Afghanimals were as were the Sri Lankan girls and once they landed in Guangzhou, China they decided to work together. But Nadiya and Natalie soon realised the boys were a hotter mess then they were. They had to got bridal market and track down one of three bridal wear shops to receive their next clue. Not sure why it took the girls so long to find it why were they not asking people where it was?

Jet and Cord the silent but deadly cowboys just got on with it and grabbed a clue and set off to the observation ride which was on top of a tower. There were clues in only half of the carriages and once in you had to do the full rotation which was approximately half an hour. It did not take long for some of the teams to work out the clue was in the even numbered carriages.

Then it was time for the roadblock, which was doing five somersaults on a highwire. It looked great but basically the order they hit the roadblock was the order they left. These challenges always annoy me slightly as it does not give the team behind an opportunity to catch up.  The cowboys were first to the pitstop and got the two express passes. One for them and one to give to another team.

For Nadiya and Natalie once their day started falling apart they could not make a decision and were hesistant about which carriage to get into. And of course they started fighting with each other. They were last to the pitstop and were eliminated, which was a pity as these two are such big characters and competitive racers.

An elimination interview with the girls can be read here.


February 28, 2014   17 Comments