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Australian Idol – Judges Choice

Last night was a nauseating love fest between Mark Holden and Marcia Hines, which just showed how fake the ‘tension’ between the judges was. “Oh Marcia what a great song you picked for Tarasai“. “Mark I just want to say great choice”.

The cynical public knew the articles in the paper were just a beat up. I would have thought the Channel 10 publicists had learnt their lesson with the risks of doing this a’la The X Factor, which used this trick when they faded in the ratings.

The theme tonight was the Judges picked one song each for each of the Idols, and they picked which one of these to sing. Then the second song was a song of their choice with the opportunity again to play instruments.

It was interesting that none of Kyles song choices were picked, which showed is lack of technical musical knowledge. Whereas half the Idol’s picked Marcia’s suggestion.

Tarasai was up first with a Taylor Dane number “Can’t get enough of Your Love”, which Marcia chose. It was sung well, but I still feel she is just a top notch karoke singer. Also she has some irritating personality issues like an ego.

When Tarasai was picking her second song she must have thought now will I go for Mariah, Celine or Whitney. Predictably it was Whitney Houston “I believe in Me”, which hit all the right notes. She was going by the theory that big notes bring votes. But again it did not make me want to dial the number to save her.

Kyle quite correctly bagged the dress she was wearing, it was so unflattering. Kyle said they needed to fix the wardrobe issue. Here, here Kyle, Sheridan Tyler taste is gobsmackingly awful. Whatever they are paying him is to much. It will be interesting to see if he is around next series.

Next up Marty admitted he was ‘lazier then the striving muso‘ picked a song which reflected his life philosophy a reggae number “No Woman, No Cry”. Again his performance was pretty inspiring, and Dicko was correct when he said”it had the choreographic zest of a dole queue” a comment that Marty would be able to relate to very well.

Marty predictably then whinged about only having one and a half minutes to sing the tune in. Andrew G put him back in his box by saying “smashed by waves or learn to surf.” I wish Marty would wipeout of this comp.

Though I must admit Marty’s second song the Pearl Jam number ” I guess” was one of his better performances.

Daniel Mifsud gave new meaning to the word tedious with his rendition of Sting’s “Fragile”. It made 1 min 30 secs seem far too long.

His own song choice was the overplayed Eskimo Joe song “Hello, Hello” I know that is not the title but I think it should be. Again his movement was an issue, with his right arm going all over the place. Apart from his version of the Kiss classic “I was Made for Loving You”. There has been no improvement from him since the semi’s.

Carl Risley – predictably got a another hold onto his horn entendre‘ in his pre song sound bite. He chose Dicko’s suggestion the Tom Jones classic “It’s Not Unusual”. I think Carl is finding form at the right time of the season, and is definitely marking himself as a contender, however was it a touchdown?? His song was good but his voice was weak in parts.

The touchdowns are becoming meaningless, as they are not for top notch, spine tingling performances, but just for ‘good performances’ in a year of mediocrity. Also the way Mark Holden milks them for attention is becoming extremely irritating.

Now Carl’s second song “Jealous Guy” deserved the touchdown it was great, and really laid down the gauntlet to Matt Corby, also it showed he could other singers apart from Buble, and Connick Jr.

He is the one singer in this competition who his improving.

Matt Corby showed how smart he was in his pre-song going home vignette. His family had a bottle of coca-cola on the table, which is a grab at getting a post Idol advertising contract. He knows that Guy Sebastian already has the Pepsi one wrapped up.

Matt Corby chose to sing a musical piece “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera. However I thought he was channelling Fiddler on the Roof with his weird outfit. I am still deciding whether I am old or whether his outfits are just super trendy. Again he was being savvy by trying to make his mark on Idol, like Anthony Callea did with “The Prayer”, and Damien Leith with “Nessum Dorma“.

Matt received another milked touchdown from Mark, but it was nowhere as rousing as Anthony’s or Damien’s renditions.

Dicko was highly critical of the number, it was not that bad, but it was not that good.

Matt’s song choice was an obscure song called “Transatlantic” or something like that. He played the piano to showcase his prodigious talent, and it was good, I enjoyed it even though I had never heard of it before.

Natalie Gauci was great tonight with “Nothing Compares to U” where her voice soared over the bad, and a toned down rendition of the Rhianna hit ” Umbrella”.

“Umbrella” received a touchdown. I think she will and Carl will be fighting it out for the second position to be in the Idol finale. Again Kyle quite rightly had a swipe a Sheridan, she needs to get out of the ’80’s outfits she looks hideous in them.

My apologies for the late post, I was away for the weekend, and had a delayed flight home.

October 22, 2007   2 Comments