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Jonny Taylor – Tool?

Jonny Taylor the eliminated Australian Idol contestant today shitbagged the show since he was voted off after singing “Better Man” by Pearl Jam.

He was if he was trying to reclaim his musical credibility – not that it looked like he had any by saying it was a “televised karoke competition” and he would have “question his musical integrity if he had gone any further.”

He said he has never sung covers.

“All those guys and girls sing covers, they do that. I never have, never will and it was an extreme challenge for me,” Taylor said.

“It’s just very, very difficult, borderline impossible for me to emotionally connect with somebody else’s song because I know how personal and how precious my songs are to me. It’s almost like I feel a little bit bad doing it to other people’s songs.”

Taylor insisted he did not want to sound disrespectful or come across as having “sour grapes” and said he did have fun on the show.

Taylor will head back to Perth today and wants to get back into writing original songs and performing in a band.

I think he will be heading off to obscurity. Why do people think they lose their musical integrity by going on the show. Personally I don’t think he could cut the pace and was overshadowed by the more talented people in the the top 12.

He believes Adelaide-born, but Sydney-based Wes Carr or 16-year-old Tom Williams will win.
“Wes is a bit of golden boy,” Taylor said.
“Tom is a bit of a golden boy but for the wrong reasons because he’s a cutesy-wutesy kid with dimples.”

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September 16, 2008   Comments Off on Jonny Taylor – Tool?