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Darryl Somers – Did he jump or was he pushed?

Darryl Somers has announced that he will not be continuing as host on Dancing With The Stars next year.

Many viewers who sat through season 7 will not be shedding any tears at this announcement. Darryl was even worse then the squillion of ads they managed push into the 2 hour show.

This feeling has been confirmed on the Daily Telegraph readers commenting on the announcement.

The Daily Telegraph states:
The veteran TV host spat the dummy over news a promised variety show pilot would not go ahead as well as the package offered to him for DWTS next year – which will only have one series instead of two, reports TV editor Marcus Casey.

Thank you David Leckie for not putting us through a tortuous variety show which I suspect would have been Darryl singing for the cameras with occasional guest appearances by Patti Newton.

Aren’t those shows more suited for Channel 9?

Darryl also said he is ready for a “new direction”, which is code for I don’t know what I am going to do next, probably hair replacement commercials. Something he would be eminently qualified for.

This years finale though it had a respectable 1.68 million viewers it was the lowest audience they had had for a finale yet. A clear sign the show needs a revamp.

In other news it shows that the Dancing With the Stars does not necessarily mean the kiss of death.

With the well known rumour being confirmed that Sonia Kruger and Todd McKenney will be co-hosting the Mix 106.5 breakfast show starting from mid-January. It should be interesting to listen to it as the both have fast and sharp wits.

December 1, 2007   Comments Off on Darryl Somers – Did he jump or was he pushed?