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Dr Phil Stages An Intervention With A Former Next Top Model Contestant

Jael a former contestant on Cycle 8 of America’s Next Top model has had an intervention staged on Dr Phil to help her with her drug addiction.

It is five years since she came top six on ANTM, and since then has become poly drug addict including meth.

Dr Phil staged an intervention with her parents and of course this was to be shown on his show. Dr Drew Pinksy of Celebrity Rehab fame must have been peeved he did not get her for his show. Believe it or not this is the first time I have seen Dr Phil’s show and it did raise issues of exploitation for ratings.

I do prefer Dr Drew’s manner to Dr Phil’s, but both do have huge egos.

The story was portrayed in a very sensationalistic manner.

But on the other hand the girl was in a bad state and if she does get clean does it matter how it was achieved and Dr Phil is paying the bills.

The full segment is below and does show the ravages on the body that drugs particularly meth can have. It was hard not to become emotionally engaged with the story.

September 18, 2012   8 Comments

America’s Next Top Model Has Been Dumped By Channel Ten

TV Tonight reports that Channel Ten have dumped America’s Next Top Model Cycle 8 from its Sunday and Monday night line up due to poor ratings. Apparently only 403,000 were watching it.

I had only realised last night that it was shown on both nights. I doubt now I will bother watching last night’s episode.

The Channel Ten show has previously been screened on Fox 8. Could this have played a part in the low ratings, or the early timeslot, or maybe I am being deluded and it was the show.

If you want to know who won watch below.

January 6, 2009   5 Comments

America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 8 on Channel Ten

It was make over day, always a favourite episode of mine as they do make the models look better and there are always tears.

This is the first episode that I have seen of this cycle is it me but some of these girls look like plain janes. Without make up half them looked like secreataries. Diana is a particular case in point.

Jael who was to go from short blonde hair to long. However after 8 hours of getting weave put in, the decided it looked bad so they chopped it off. Understandably she was upset. With what she wears once she gets eliminated she can become a bondage mistress.

Later in the show she got news that her friend died of a overdose. But she did keep it together for the photoshoots.

The first challenge was a Cover Girl one where they had to make themselves up. Cassandra who was looking great with her new afro was disqualified for being outside the timeframe.

Brittany won the challenge where the prize was a Seventeen Magazine shoot. She chose Sarah and Jael to go with her.

Now Brittany was starting to piss some of the other girls off due to her crying, her whinging that her hair hurts, and then a stomach bug. It was interesting that she had a bug but could still smoke!

Renee decided to whip up the Brittany hatred. However Brit did not help herself when she was moaning about having to be naked in icecream shot. She was worried what her mother would think. She is 21 for chrissakes time to forget what her parents will think. But she looked sensational on camera.

Diana the plus sized model had a terrible time trying to make her body look good. Whereas the other plus sized model Whitney had no problems doing this. Black girls with booty always look better then white girls.

Brittany took out the best shot, and bottom three were Jaslene, Diana and Cassandra. Jaslene was near the bottom due to her personality or lack of it. I would have thought that fact that she looks like she has an eating disorder may also be an issue.

Cassandra was eliminated as they thought she had limited potential to become a model. Do you think Diana should have been sent home instead?

Here is an interview from YouTube where Cassandra answers questions that viewers have sent in.

December 29, 2008   2 Comments