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Reality Tidbits Part 2

Confirmed Sermsah and Camilla did not get on.

In Who magazine it has been revealed there was a rift between Sermsah and Camilla Jakimovics, because she kept referring to his lack of self-confidence.

“I told her I’d appreciate it if she didn’t go on about my emotional state” Sermsah said.

While he states he departed on good terms, it’s unlikely they’ll remain in contact.

“We’ve never really had that outside-the circle -relationship.”

David Archuleta’s father the new Damir Dokic??
DListed states that David Archuleta’s father is a pushy stage mum.

Sources say that during a rehearsal on Monday, Jeff Archuleta bitched out his son and even made him cry.

Also the same article states David’s dad was banned from the Star Search set when he was 12, because he was harassing the competition.

Link to article below

David Hernandez talks about his stripper past.
In an interview with MTV talks about whether he thinks being revealed as a stripper harmed his chances. He said not it was all about song choice.

Also he reveals that he had revealed his past to the producers when auditioning. Idol PR chicks probably leaked the story…..

March 14, 2008   2 Comments

Interviews with SYTYCD Dancers Laura and Sermsah

Laura and Sermsah are on the media circuit after their elimination from the show Monday night here are some links to interviews you may find of interest.

Generation Q twenty questions with Laura

Generation Q twenty questions with Sermsah

Another interview with Sermsah where he comments about Bonnie

March 13, 2008   Comments Off on Interviews with SYTYCD Dancers Laura and Sermsah

So You Think You Can Dance Gossip

This week’s edition of TV Week has an article on what has inspired four of the top twenty dancers in So You Think You Can Dance.

But it was stuff we already knew. So I really blew my money.

For example:

  • Sermsah mother died last year, the anniversary is coming up on February 19.
  • Kassy nearly losing her leg because of a tumour.
  • Khaly’s family not thinking dancing is a career for their son they would like him to go to Uni.

There was one thing I did not know that Rhys Bobridge (who I am a big fan of) is the Elf in children’s entertainment group The Fairies.

It is now a TV show on Channel 7. Channel 10 have not mentioned this previously as it would mean promoting a show from another network. Not that they appear to have that problem with all the Dancing With The Stars dancers auditioning and now choreographing!

In more romance news, apparently Vanessa is seeing someone she met through the show, though she won’t reveal his identity.

“He’s wonderful and has a very kind heart,” she reveals. “And he’s an excellent dancer.”

However she is not the only one who has managed to spark up romance on the show. Laura from Adelaide met Rodolfo also from Adelaide during the show, even though Rudolfo did not make top 20.

Rudolfo was in the audience last night, which explained why Anthony Ikin was not hugging Laura after the routine, or maybe he just does not like her.

February 18, 2008   2 Comments