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Open Post – television shows and other topics

If the three open posts are not going to cover what you want to chat about. Come here to talk about whatever you want to.

September 13, 2015   463 Comments

Open Post – The Block

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September 13, 2015   538 Comments

Open Post – The X Factor

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New judges James Blunt and Chris Issack are joined by Guy Sebastian and Danni Minougue.

September 13, 2015   179 Comments

Open Post – The Biggest Loser

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This year it is back to the families concept and Tiffany is back to join Michelle, Commando and Shannon.

September 13, 2015   731 Comments

Guest Post: The Hot Plate – Is There Strategic Scoring Going On?

Rosie is knocking out these recaps on The Hot Plate and they are sensational. Now have a restful weekend Rosie:

So since we are still in Sydney, it’s Aron and Vanessa’s turn tonight. In case you don’t know, and on the offchance you care, their restaurant is called Rocksalt. After Liam’s constant carping about the other teams, it will be very interesting to see if he performs better under pressure than anyone or indeed, everyone, else.

Hmm, it seems I was wrong with last night’s total. It’s 54, not 55. Sorry to give you bad intel. That’s what comes from adding numbers up in my dopey old head instead of using a calculator, or just plain not listening as well as watching the machine with sound and pictures in front of me. Deep sigh. I promise to (try to) do better tonight.

Aron, in an incredibly bossy way, tells Vanessa she needs to listen and not be bossy. He says they have to prep the whole menu. He asks her to get him some beetroot. Bloody beetroot again. Vanessa says is this a beetroot, holding up a beetroot? I know she’s not a chef, but how can any Australian woman not know what a bloody beetroot looks like? She starts chopping sweet potato and immediately cuts her finger. I actually feel sorry for Aron for a quarter of a second. Tom and Scott discuss the roast vegie tarte tartin. Tom will be impressed if they pull it off.

Aron has been working on the balsamic toffee reduction for the tarte tartin. He pompously tells Vanessa that he needs to watch it closely. She points out that it seems to be, ah, “well done”. He agrees it’s almost burnt but adds the vinegar anyway. The main course of barramundi has lots of stuff added. Aron portions up the fish. The dish has harissa, lemon butter, cherry tomato salsa and potato rostis. Vanessa will kill him if anyone finds a bone. Unlike MKR or Masterchef, this does not appear to be a hint that someone will find a bone.

Liam tells us his expectations are higher than a drag queen’s stilettos. (I guess in case we’d forgotten he’s gay.) Vanessa is making the dessert pavlovas. Aron is nervous handing that responsibility to Vanessa. She’s halfway through setting tables as he changes his mind about the food. There is general panic. She says she’s trying to go a million miles an hour as she wanders along rather slowly. Aron gives Vanessa a heap more instructions.

Tom says the menu seems more modern than last night’s, but the question is can he deliver? The judges are here. They tell Aron and Vanessa they look relaxed. They disapprove of the light seating, some of which are animal prints. Scott, or it may have been Tom, comments that they’ll match Tania and Christina’s outfits. I chuckle. And now the guests appear, and oh look, Tania is wearing yet another low cut animal print dress. Black and white tonight. Not a zebra though. Tania thinks if the food reflects the decor, she and her mum are in trouble.

Conrad disapproves of the prints on the wall, the cutlery, oh and the glassware. What a surprise. Please don’t roll, eyes, please don’t… sigh, I give up, roll all you like, fellas. Conrad says the menu reads like a cafeteria menu at the United Nations.

Christina portentously announces that she doesn’t eat kangaroo, because she doesn’t eat any animal that’s on our coat of arms. And she’s just not eating Skippy. There’s more chat from the younger, single women about the sexiness of Pascal. His shirt is unbuttoned so far it’s barely on.

The women all seem to enjoy that. Time for the judges to order. Scott orders the tiger prawn stack, while Tom orders the roast vegetable tarte tartin. For mains, Scott will have the barra and Tom who is not afraid to eat our coat of arms, will have the kangaroo. Liam notes that there is no water on the table but, looking pointedly at Tania, there are two jugs. For dessert, Tom orders the banoffee pie and Scott says he will have pavlova.

Aron is happy with his entreés, and I must say they look good. Roasted veg tarte tartin and prawns with potato rostis. Emi, or Marie, says the flavours are not so great. Christina (to camera) says really, do you want to insult us any further? Aron and Vanessa come back for the judges’ critique. Scott says there were only four ingredients in his dish. He had reservations about the sauces: would they zing? They didn’t. The prawns were cooked well, but the dish was a bit beige. Tom says his pastry was good and he hadn’t seen the balsamic glaze for a few years. It was good, but he wanted more of it. Scott says he got nice but he wanted awesome.

Lozz says the mood in the room is awkward. Liam didn’t want them to smash it out of the park so wipes the sweat from his brow. Aron is very upset. Vanessa tries to buoy him up. Aron is still furious to the point he can’t concentrate on the mains. For the barra they work on the harissa and lemon butter. Also the beetroot jam and red wine jus which will be served with Skippy.

Christina won’t eat the kangaroo. Nor will Nols if it’s rare. And Aron won’t cook it rare. Pascal says he’ll undo one more button on his shirt if she’ll try it. She laughs but she still won’t eat it. He slices the roo and it’s perfect. The kangaroo is served with sweet potato mash, beetroot jam and a red wine jus. The barramundi comes with harissa, cherry tomato salsa and lemon butter. Tania is eating the kangaroo and Christina the barra because she can’t eat skippy. She gives us the Skippy noise to make the point. I think we’ve all heard of Skippy, love. Oh, and she mentions her fucking palate again. She loves to mention that palate of hers. Out they come for the critique again.

Tom says the barramundi had so much potential to go really wrong, but he nailed it. There’s a whisper of North African wind coming through the dish. Aron is overwhelmed. Scott says the kangaroo is just iconic and that dish was absolutely spectacular. The sauce was absolutely perfect. It was the dish of the competition so far. Tom says if you keep cooking like this, this will be the team to beat. Conrad hopes he flunks the dessert, without being too vicious. Liam says too vicious? No such thing. Lozz comments no one has picked them as being a threat. She says it with a laugh, which I take to mean she thinks they’ll be a threat, and maybe they will.

In the kitchen, Aron breaks open one of the pavs. He relaxes because it is good. They plate up the desserts. The cream is sliding off the banoffees. Eek! IMO, there’s a hell of a lot of caramel on the banoffee. I mean, I love caramel, but… Liam notes Nols inhales her dessert. She had to be hungry because she ate none of her main course. He thinks he needs insulin because the dessert was just so sweet. Scott says the pavlova is iconic, so they need to get it right with the crust crispy. He enjoyed it. It was a bit too big but he was happy. Tom had the banoffee pie. He says it was decent although it needed a touch more salt. He says the gastronomic gods won’t be jumping with joy but neither will they be weeping. It was decent.

Score time! Lozz and Nols – 8/10

Philippe and Pascal – 6/10

Christina – 3/10 Whadda bitch. You wanna tell me that’s not strategic?

Conrad and Liam – 6/10

Emi and Marie – 7/10 Total 30/50

Vanessa thinks they deserved more, and that the scoring was strategic. You mean like your 4 last night?

Scott: Food – 8/10 Restaurant experience – 7/10 Total – 15/20

Tom: Food – 8/10 Restaurant experience – 8/10 Total – 16/20 Grand total 61

They are now guaranteed into the next round. The next dinner will be Conrad and Liam. Conrad says to Liam pass me the Valium and I’ll be ready. The previews are showing major meltdowns from our precious pair, so Monday should make for fascinating viewing.

July 31, 2015   39 Comments