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Ricki-Lee Coulter Gets Naked

Well Ricki-Lee’s new single is out and her music career and she does need a hit so that means getting naked.

As a publicity stunt it is working because, hey everyone is talking about it. Ricki-Lee who was a favourite of mine from Australian Idol and beyond posted naked for Sunday Style magazine. Apparently it was a homage to Hermes Lang. So in other words it was classy and not sleazy.

But because she was naked what most of the interview was about was her body weight. How her life is so happy now that she has met the right man and dropped 30 kilos. See the interview here.

There has been a lot of social media chatter about it, not all positive as people still remember when she was saying how comfortable was in her skin when she was heavier. has some tweets giving the mixed views about her photos.

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Ricki-Lee Coulter Puts Up A Selfie And Whinges When She Gets Negative Comments

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 8.57.53 PMIf you are a celebrity and you are going to put selfies up of yourself on instagram inviting comment please don’t whine when someone makes a negative comment.

Ricki-Lee Coulter a couple of days ago put the above selfie up on her instagram account and was offended when not all the comments were positive and called these commenters bullies.

Sure people online can be nasty but a lot of the negative comments were related to how thin she looked. Ricki-Lee needs to realise if you are going to put a photo of yourself on instagram you are also placing yourself up for judgement.

The Courier Mail reports:

QUEENSLAND singer Ricki-Lee Coulter has taken aim at online bullies after a harmless selfie sparked a flood of abuse about her body.

After posting a slim-looking selfie on Instagram on Friday, Ricki-Lee was bombarded with 195 comments, many of them criticising her for looking too thin.

A prolific social media user, Ricki-Lee is never shy in posing for pictures on her Instagram account, which boasts 78,000 followers.

However, her latest picture sparked a heated row between critics and supporters of her new slimline frame, ironically on a National Action Against Bullying Day.

“I’m sorry but you look like ET,” wrote Melly1973.

“You’re in the wrong frame of mind if you think you look healthy,” wrote Possie84.

Others said she looked like a robot or alien.

The former Young Diva, now based in Sydney, fired back to defend her appearance.

“These comments are ridiculous,” she wrote.

“I’m fit and I’m healthy and most importantly I am happy.

“If you don’t like the way somebody looks that’s fine but keep your negative opinions to yourself.”

She went further, using National Action Against Bullying Day to put online trolls in their place.

“I don’t care what people think of me but I do care that people use social media to bully and spread negativity,” she said.

“This kind of body-bullying needs to stop.

This is mildly ironic considering Ricki-Lee (who I am a fan of) has participated in a plethora of articles about her body weight so people are going to have an opinion about it. You can’t court the media on this issue and then expect people not to have an opinion.

But by the looks of these comments made by some of her followers she has not been bullied but insulted and offended.  A big difference. It certainly did not stop her from putting a photo of herself in a bikini a day later.

Sam De Brito in the SMH wrote an article today which has some salient point to this topic and he was talking more about legislation in this area.  He writes:

If individuals are moved to take their odious beliefs to the level of intimidation, discrimination or violence, we have laws to deal with them. Until then, we are simply dealing with remarks, pronouncements, comments, utterances and statements.

People who claim to know what is acceptable for the rest of us to read, watch and say are, by extension, telling us what to think.

How many people would you trust with that power?

If you want to be able to tell people things they don’t want to hear, we have to accept people will say things we also don’t want to hear. It’s not pretty but, as soon as you start making exceptions to freedom of speech, it’s not a freedom any more.

Celebrities use social media to promote themselves and their products but it also put them in close contact with their fans and this can be a positive and negative. They need to realise that not everyone is going to fawn over them but that does not make them bullies.


March 23, 2014   37 Comments

The Voice – The Mentors Are Announced And Ricki-Lee Is One Of Them

Ricki-Lee is proving you can have a career in reality TV as she pops up again on The Voice soon to be seen on Channel NINE.

It was announced today in the Telegraph that the former Australia Idol contestant and co-host, will assist judge, Seal with the singers he picks. Also Darren Hayes will team up with Delta Goodrem, and Megan Washington will be a mentor with Keith Urban. Also Benji Madden will mentor with twin brother Joel.

The mentors and coaches/judges will all be releasing new recording material when the show is on air.

Ricki-Lee Coulter told the Telegraph she has the experience to help these contestants:

Coulter, whose career was given a kickstart when she contested the second season of Australian Idol in 2004, said she had the experience to give aspiring singing stars the right advice when the series begins next month.

“I have friends who have sung in my band and have now auditioned for the show – so they are going to get the shock of their lives,” Coulter said.

Coulter hasn’t met her coaching partner, Seal, yet.

“I have been doing this for eight years and I believe he wanted someone who knows everything there is about the market here,” she said.

The Voice is one of the more anticipated reality shows on to commence on TV this year. It will be shown on Channel Nine later this year.

March 14, 2012   3 Comments

Just When You Think Ricki-Lee Coulter’s Career Is Dead She Recovers

Props to Ricki-Lee Coulter for doing a lazaurs like return to the lime light with news she has signed a huge record contract overseas.

The Daily Telegraphreports the former Australian Idol star has signed a worldwide singing contract with EMI.

RICKI-LEE Coulter was about to turn her back on her music career when an American hit-maker convinced her she had the goods to keep going.

Now the formerly independent artist has signed a worldwide deal with major label EMI and will relaunch her chart fortunes with a “world-class” pop song Raining Diamonds.

Coulter’s love affair with music began again after she emailed American producer and songwriter Billy Mann, who has penned hits for Pink, Ricky Martin, Kelly Rowland and dozens of pop stars.

Mann checked into Coulter’s background and invited her to New York to work with him and his producer protege BoyBlue.

Coulter said Raining Diamonds, one of the first songs they wrote together, is her ticket to take Australian pop to the world and demonstrate our artists can match it with the American superstars.

“I’m enjoying challenging myself,” she said. “I want to raise the bar and set a new standard for Australian pop artists. I respect Beyonce and Gaga because they push the limits and set the standard. No one in Australia really sings, dances, writes and is so entrenched in the whole music creation process. I want to up the ante and prove we can be that good as well.”

Single-minded about her return to music after stints in television and radio, Coulter said her pop career is now her priority.

Raining Diamonds is all about knowing your value and not settling for less than what you believe you are worth,” she said.

The single is on iTunes now.

Also if you click the links to The Daily Telegraph you are able to listen to the song it is down the bottom of the article.

Good luck to her I have always been a fan.

October 18, 2011   8 Comments

Has Ricki-Lee Coulter’s Weight Loss Killed Her Career?

Ricki-Lee Coulter has been one of the few Australian Idol alumni’s to have a long and diverse career after the show. However has the very spunky Ricki-Lee killed her career and potentially her endorsement deals by losing 25 kgs.

In fact the only deal she has left is with a shape wear brand.

I like Ricki-Lee so I hope she does continue her media career. Her new manager should consider trying to get her on Celebrity Apprentice which Channel Nine has confirmed they will be producing next year.

(Source: Herald Sun)


August 5, 2011   22 Comments