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Reality Tidbits – Sunday Papers

MasterChef Host Sarah Wilson Turns Down A Men’s Magazine Offer.

Sarah Wilson has turned down an offer to pose for Ralph Magazine. One of the reasons she gives is that a lot of the readers a much younger than her, and she would have felt like too much of a cougar, and also says her 17 year old brother counselled her against it.

However it must have been flattering to be asked, especially in a week where news broke her ex-boyfriend Adam Zammit is now engaged to former Schapelle Corby prison mate Michelle Leslie. Sarah’s latest tweet say “Filming on Sunday. It hurts.” I presume she is talking about having to perform for the camera’s when everyone else is relaxing.

Jason Gilkison’ s Burn The Floor  Will Perform On Broadway.

 Can Jason Gilkison’s career highlights get any better with news his show Burn the Floor will start an open season in July on Broadway. This must also mean that Jason will be a choreographer on the US version of  So You Think You Can Dance this season. His profile in the tough US market will continue to sky rocket. Congratulations it could not happen to a nicer talented guy. However Australian’s will have a last chance to see the show before it heads overseas. More information here.

Project Runway Australia Looks Like There Is Going To Be Drama, And Yes That Is A Good Thing

Shelly Horton’s gossip column in the Sun Herald states that Project Runway Australia are having a hard time keeping up with design diva Amber Renae’s demands.

The article states:

Renae is already vying to be the one we love to hate before an episode’s even gone to air.

Whispers from the set are that the bronzed goddess has issues with being filmed first thing in the morning. She wants to always have a face of fake-up and blow-dried hair. So to stop being filmed before she’s ready, she flashed her boobs at the camera. Legally the producers can’t film her topless. Ooh, we bet Arena is wishing it had a Project Runway Up Late show.

Meanwhile, Renae lost even more friends in the TRESemme hair salon when she foolishly tried to take on super snipper Joh Bailey.

In a previous challenge the judges complained about the way her model’s hairstyles didn’t work with the outfit she designed. She stormed down to Bailey and demanded he spend more time on her model’s hair. He simply stared her down and said: “Well, whose fault’s that honey? Your’re the one giving the orders!” Bailey is the perfect person to cut her down to size.

Memo to producers why don’t you just pixelate the naughty bits?

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Jason Gilkison Choreographs For US SYTYCD

Much debate occurred in the first season of Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance about the quality of the choreography and the fusion styles they were asked to produce with some pretty ordinary results.

However one thing was agreed that Jason Gilkison was the stand out choreographer who would stand up to par in the US version. Well apparently they agreed and Nigel Lythgoe got him for the show to choreograph a pase doble and viennese waltz. Both of which got the thumbs up from Mary Murphy and Nigel.

Full story here. Unfortunately Raver is unable to tell you whether we have seen them here as I am a sleep deprived mess and watching the show at very weird hours so he could have actually been on last Friday nights show. Anyway congratulations – now lets get some of the US choreographers out for our next season.

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Reality Tidbits

So You Think You Can Dance – Jason Gilkison to replace Bonnie tonight.
The SYTYCD panel will be without Bonnie Lythgoe tonight as she has a family commitment to attend to.

Her replacement will be Jason Gilkison. It will be interesting to see what another person has to say. Also I hope this means he does the group number for Monday night’s elimination show.

Rob Mills Former Australian Idol Contestant Has Scored a Lead Role in Wicked.
Wicked now has two former Australian Idol contestants in the cast. Rob Mills will play the lead male role Fiyero.

Anthony Callea will also be playing a taller then usual munchkin. The show opens in Melbourne in July.

Project Runway Style guru Tim Gunn May be Here for The Logies.
The organisers of the Logies have stopped shipping in D grade American TV stars, and are now trying to get US reality TV stars. In my opinion this is a definite step up on the TV food chain.

US Project Runway style guru Tim Gunn is going to try and “make it work” so he can visit Australia as a special guest for the TV Week Logie Awards.

Unfortunately he probably won’t be commentating on the red carpet.

If the timing was right he could have a guest appearance on the Australian version of the show as it starts filiming in Melbourne at that time.

The show to be hosted by Kristy Hinze, still has not locked in the judging panel.

Auditions are still ongoing . Lining up for their chance in Sydney were Aung Thu Ya and Emily Hubble.

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