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Americas Next Top Model Tidbits.

I have been very lax on reporting on America’s Next Top Model both Cycle 6 which was on Channel 10 and Cycle 9 on Fox 8, even though I really love the show.

So I thought I would put together some vignettes about the show.

ANTM Cycle 9 winner Saleisha scandal.
It appears Saleisha’s win has been tainted by the fact she has been on the Tyra Banks Show, went to Tyra’s T Zone Camp, and appeared on a Wendy’s commercial.

America’s Next Top Model Invasion forcefully states her view on the Saleisha scandal, Buddy TV has a different view.

Heather Update
One of my favourites from ANTM Cycle 9 was Heather the girl with Aspergers Syndrome, she looked like a brunette Uma Thurman.

Here is an interview by Fans of reality TV just after she was eliminated from the show which is interesting apparently the editing of the showed the conflict in the house worse then it was. Not surprised about that!

Danielle winner of Cycle 6 a success story of ANTM
Danielle Wiki site shows she has had some success with a modelling career post the completion of the show. She was is only one of two winners to have had their Covergirl contract renewed, and she also has received a showcard from her agency, Click Models, for NY Fashion Week. She is only of two girls given showcard of all 11 ANTM alum.

Every model agency has his own showcards. The showcards are a series of pictures of the models they are sending to the fashion weeks, usually with the measures and facts about the models. They send them to Casting Directors so they can decide which models are they going to choose.

Nigel Barker interview
The Epoch Times have an interview with Nigel Barker the ever present judge on America’s Next top model which is quite interesting. As well as being a photographer, he was previously a model, and his exotic looks are from his Sri Lankan mother.

Paulina Porizkova obviously does not subscribe to the theory of don’t shoot the hand that feeds you.

Paulina Porizkova the former model who will be taken over from the sacked Twiggy has said that shows like the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ is not necessarily going to be a supermodel. I wonder what Tyra thinks about that comment regarding her show. It may be true Paulina, but that show is paying your wage, so try and talk it up a bit.

March 8, 2008   1 Comment