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So You Think You Can Dance – Final 18

I just love this US version of this show – it is slickly produced, they rotate the judges, which I think that is something Aust Idol should consider, and Cat Deely is just devine.

I am looking forward to the Australian version of the show which Channel 10 will be producing next year. We should have enough dancing and choreagraphing talent to do at least one good season. Cannot wait to find out who will be hosting it. I reckon Yumi from the V Channel would be a good choice.

This years series has already raised a number of questions:
1. Did Russia actually win the cold war? Or have they just taken over New York City? The number of russians on the show is high – well one less now Faina has bitten the bullet?
2 Did Nigel peroxide everything this year? Hair, eyebrows, and teeth?
3. What the hell does copasetic mean?

Last Thursday’s show was the second of the final series – last week I was so stunned that Ricky got the boot that I could not blog. He was an amazing dancer to quote Mia Michael.

This week the judges were Nasty Nigel matching his fake tan with his jacket – bland beige. I like Nigel but he needs to stop taking beauty advise from his current squeeze Priscilla Presley. She of the refusing to age gracefully club (The president is Joan Rivers, closely followed by Nicole Kidman). There is barely a wrinkle on her however she looks like an extra from Bladerunner.

Mad Mary appears to be getting a lot of judging time this year – she used to irritate me, but now I just love her – she kinda grew on me. However she too has succumbed to the plastic surgery temptation in the off season, not for the better either she cannot move her forehead.

Mia Michaels the third judge also appears to have had a make over – peroxided hair, eyes touchedup? Do they have some sort of plastic surgery allowance in their contracts as just about all the women, and some of the men have all had at least botox injections! I don’t get it – the only celeb who has had great work done has been demi Moore, that was flawless, the rest all just have surprise eyes.

Enough of the plastic surgery rant this is not Extreme Makeover we are disecting.

Mia is an ammmmaaazzzzzzzzzzzinggg choreagrapher, which is just as well, as she is such a NY cliche*. She seems to think she so much the individual, but I find her pretentious- a person who thinks just because she is creative she is somehow further up the food chain then the lesser mortals who have to sully their hands with other more mundane work. Over the years I have copped that ‘tude from authors, musicians(non-talented ones at that), and Nida students (who I predict are now flipping burgers), and must say I am over it.

The dancing on the show was of much better quality then the previous weeks, and there was only one dud routine – Faina and Cedrics.

This week they pulled the foxtrot – which pleased ballroom dancer Faina, but not hip hop Cedric. He was basically a trainwreck. And as Mia said it was not copasetic. What the fuck does that mean? Reality TV shows are not meant to use words with more then three syllables in them. Clearly this one is trying to be educational – or is Mia just demonstrating that she is indeed higher up the food chain then most of us. For the less linguistically challenged reading this blog copasetic is a US colloquial term which means fine or splendid.

So basically a polite way of saying the routine was shit.

I thought Cedric should have been turfed the previous week, and definately should have gone this week, but he appears to be the cat with nine lives. Unfortunately for Faina she is the collateral damage, as I suspect Shauna will be next week.

I thought Jesse and Pasha(another of the russian mafia in the show) were extremely unlucky to be bottom three – i thought their Tyce cheographed jazz routine was one of the highlights of a very good show. I have a feeling Jesse is not connecting with the teenybopper voters. Her solo at the end was terrible it showed she had lost her confidence. My mum was shocked as she was her tip to win the comp.

Lauren (Benji’s who won last years show sister) looks like she will go a long way this year as she is a good alrounder, and has alot of personality. Again Hok looks good, however I don’t know how far a traditional hip-hopper will be able to get. But he is certainly playing up to the cameras.

Travis’s (runner up from last years series) adopted brother Danny certainly looks the goods as well. How good a teacher must their mother be, as they are both such beautiful dancers. They are a fabulous advertisement for her dance studio, she must now have people coming far and wide to train with her.

Danny and Anya’s viennese waltz was beautiful, even though Nigel, and Mary nit picked and said it was not technically perfect. Normally pulling the Viennese Waltz is almost a bottom three guarantee, but they managed to avoid that curse.

My tip for casualties next week will be Shauna, and Cedric.

Obviously I realise this show has actually finished in the USA – so I would appreciate any person who knows who won NOT to post it in the comments.

*Please note this blogger does not dislike New York, or New Yorkers, in fact I love them both and hope to live there one day.

September 22, 2007   1 Comment