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Reality Tidbits – Wednesday Morning

Lara Bingle has had a baby boy, so now the speculation will move onto what she and her husband Sam Worthington have named it. (Source:

Natalie Bassingthwaite has replaced the Kill’s on the New Zealand’s version of The X Factor but she has been criticised for being to meek. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Skye Wheatley from last year’s Big Brother went to Bangkok to get a boob job and here are the results. (Source: Daily Mail) Thanks Bron for sending it in.

Redfoo was the first contestant to be eliminated on the US version of Dancing With The Stars, which is a tad surprising considering he does have some rhythm . (Source: Daily Mail)

Australian Survivor contestant Joel Betts loses his appeal on his attempted murder sentence. (Source: SMH)

There is a reality show called Neighbours With Benefits about seining in the US. Ironically it is not the first swinging reality show as there was one set in Atlanta. (Source: Washington Post)

SEVEN is advertising Gordon Ramsay on The Costa Del Sol. It appears like a Spanish version of Kitchen Nightmares. Does this guy even cook anymore?


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Reality Tidbits – Sunday Night

Pete Evans is apparently at risk of losing his job on My Kitchen Rules because of his Paleo stance. However Pete Evans is loving the publicity as he doesn’t have to pay for marketing for his Paleo seminars as he is constantly in the media. (Source:

His co-star Manu Feildel is certainly not on the paleo no alcohol diet as the police were called to an apartment where Manu and some mates were partying. Didn’t he just have a baby? (Source: Daily Mail)

You know that Masterchef is about to start when their judges start ragging on My Kitchen Rules and Gary Mehigan lets it known that he is not a fan of paleo. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

An honest interview with Chrissie Swan which has created some controversy as it was not all rainbows and unicorns. But have to agree with one of her comments when she said she was in the jungle for six weeks with Tyson and she still does not know what he did…(Source: Daily Mail)

Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards are out of the jungle and giving their instagram a workout. They are currently in Bali. (Source: Daily Mail)

MKR’s Ash is not single and she is now being papped with her boyfriend Wilba. (Source: Daily Mail)

A Food Star Network contestant and her husband’s remains have been found in a wood burn stove. (Source: Sputnik)

Everyone is freaking out that Joe Millionaire has aged like all of us. (Source: Stuff NZ)

Adam Levine from The Voice and Maroon 5’s front man is now an executive producer on a show that will be looking for the next big song writer. (Source: MTV)

Poh has another television show starting on SBS on Thursday nights at 8pm. (Source: SMH)

Alex Perry is a judge on Asia’s Next Top Model and he is doing some publicity for the series with this interview. (Source: Todayonline)

Simon Cowell complained about a passenger on a plane who was not happy about Simon’s son being on the flight. It is a tad ironic as I expect in Simon’s pre-father life he rolled his eyes when a child was travelling first class. (Source: People Mag)

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Reality Tidbits – Tuesday Night

Colin Fassnidge, the judge from My Kitchen Rules, is not shy in telling us what he thinks. This time he has a crack at Masterchef contestants saying“These guys have never been a chef, never stood in a kitchen, but they went on a show — I won’t mention the name — and now they’re telling Australia how to cook!” He then goes on to say that what they cook is not very good and they have poor techniques. (Source: Herald Sun)

Merv Hughes, from I’m A Celebrity,  denies he is sexist. Cue *eye roll*. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Taylor Armstrong, has a new reality show. It follow her and her daughter and her new husband in Vail, Colorado. (Source: Radar Online)

There have been allegations that Adam a contestant on My Kitchen Rules had coached judge Pete Evans in tennis. But it looks like he is actually coaching the other judge Manu Feildel. It should be noted filming of the series has finished. (Source: Woman’s Day)

Kyle Sandilands is planning on a late night talk show with Richard Reid. (Source:

Guiliana Rancic has arrived in Sydney to host the ASTRA Awards. Expect articles criticising her weight.  (Source: Daily Mail)


March 11, 2015   5 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Monday Night

Michelle Bridges has hit the top 30 BRW Australia’s Wealthiest women list with over $50 million, Commando has a good catch there.  (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Technology can do anything, The Voice coach Jessie J, does not even have to be in the country to get herself in the promo. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Everyone is loving Freddie Flintoff on I’m A Celebrity and he has opened up about bulimia in a doco and how he suffered from it. (Source: Daily Mail) Thanks Bron for sending it in.

If you are a fan of America’s Next Top Model this is compulsory reading – here is the list of what the winners all look like now and what they are currently doing. (Source: Acid Cow)

If you were hoping that Lynzey, the My Kitchen Rules contestant, is single then you are going to be disappointed. It looks like the fitness freak has an incredibly buff boyfriend. (Source: Daily Mail)

Train wreck alert – in the tragic situation which is Bobbi-Kristina Brown her boyfriend Nicholas who has been barred from the hospital had been on Dr Phil talking about it. He ended up storming off the set when Dr Phil told him to go to rehab. (Source: Daily Mail)

You have to hand it to Ajay Rochester she knows how to get everyones attention. This time it is about not having kissed a man for five years. (Source: Daily Mail)

The trend of celebrities reading out mean tweets about themselves has hit Australia. Mama Mia put together a video of celebrities doing just that. Mel Grieg was one of the people on the video. Mel was one of the DJ’s in the prank where they rang up the hospital where the then pregnant Kate Middleton was and got through to her. A nurse who put the call through suicided. It has been a particularly stressful time for Mel and she handled herself well in a difficult situation but I would question why this week, so soon after the coroners findings, she was reading out tweets about what people had said about her.  For me it was bad timing. (Source: Daily Mail)

Nikki from MKR has suffered from anxiety in the past and it resurfaced during the filming of the reality series, with production halting at their instant restaurant round elimination episode. (Source: Daily Mail)

Shanina Shaik is on the cover of this month’s Harpers Bazaar. (Source: Daily Mail)

Curtis Stone has another cookbook out, this time called Good Food, Good Life. (Source: Yahoo)

Redfoo is a contestant on the US version of Dancing With The Stars. It will be interesting to see how he fits in his X Factor Australia commitments with it.

March 10, 2015   1 Comment

Reality Tidbits – Friday Night

Vanilla Ice arrested for theft and he allegedly did it whilst filming a reality TV show. (Source: Herald Sun)

Rhys Uhlich the winner of Search For A Supermodel has wed his long time girl friend and mother of his two children. He won the season where Shanina Shaik was runner-up. (Source: Herald Sun)

Phew Tim Robards is back on instagram – all is right with the world. Apparently he lost 5 kilos on I’m A Celeb. (Source: Daily Mail)

Reece Mastin, winner of The X Factor, a few years back now has broken up with his girlfriend and his record label. (Source: Daily Mail)

Guiliana Rancic will be hosting the ASTRA’s. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

It did not happen if it is not on instagram, and that is how we know Blake Garvey gave Louise a big bunch of flowers on her birthday. (Source: Daily Mail)

America’s Next Top Model judge Kelly Cutrone thinks Kanye is a joke of a designer. (Source: Eur)

Fans of Hell’s Kitchen will be pleased to that there is a 14th season happening. It should be on Lifestyle soon. (Source: Reality TV World)

Apparently there is a thing called a spornosexual – but if you are a fan of Nigel Barker from America’s Next Top Model  or a fan of the show this is a great interview with the judge/photographer. (Source: Daily Beast)

Reality Check, the show that talked about reality TV, has been axed. (Source: TV Tonight)




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