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New Reality TV Shows to Hit Our TV Screens in the Future.

TV executives have been in Cannes on a buying trip at the annual MIPTV program sales market in Cannes, France. Why are these events never in unglamourous places like Liverpool or Blackpool?

The Guide in the SMH said that both Channel seven and ten were both interested in Britain’s Make Me A Supermodel. Apparently the format is similar to Project Runway and his hosted by Rachel Hunter. The article doesn’t say whether they want to buy the program or the format to make a local version.

The other reality show I’ll Do Anything is being examined by Channel 9 and Foxtel. This is a musical theatre talent show that follows the search of two actors to play Oliver and Nancy in Oliver.

The issue for this show is finding someone local to back the theatre production. Kookaburra productions, or maybe Richard Pratt if a small part could be found for him.

While the TV channel work out those deals one show that is going to be made locally is The Contender. This series will search for a boxing champion and climax in a super middleweight clash between the winner and Anthony Mundine. This show will be on Foxtel.

Bets will be taken now to see how many former footballers will turn up on the show.

Channel Seven is also trying to improve (I use the word ironically) its reality tv content by casting for a new series of Temptation Island.

This show tests the fidelity of couples by sending them sexy singles to tempt them. Apparently whether the show will go ahead will depend on the quality of the couples and the singles cast to test their relationships. Interested go to and apply by April 27.

April 16, 2008   Comments Off on New Reality TV Shows to Hit Our TV Screens in the Future.