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NINE Want Gordon Ramsay For Their New Food Show


It is rumoured by the Daily Telegraph that Channel NINE are wanting to get THE reality chef Gordon Ramsay for their new unnamed food reality TV show.

Gordon who gave the network a golden run in the ratings a few years ago in Kitchen Nightmares have been in talks.

Ramsay has a very full reality TV schedule as he hosts both Masterchef US and Hell’s Kitchen he also has his own production company One Potato Two Potato that makes television shows, the latest is America’s Best New Restaurant.

Could the lure for Ramsay to come to Australia be to host an Australian version of America’s Best New Restaurant? As NINE’s cooking show is rumoured to be set in restaurants.

We will have to wait and see.


February 13, 2015   12 Comments

Hell’s Kitchen Is Back On Free To Air TV

Gordon Ramsay is back in Season 7 of Hell’s Kitchen on Free To Air Channel ONE. As usual it will be the usual cooks and chefs found in diners, fast food chains and industrial kitchens. There will only about three contestants  of the sixteen who have a shot at winning the prize which is usually being an Executive Chef at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. Please note few winners ever take up the job.

Also expect to see the contestants “cooking” dishes with a high level of stuff up factor like Beef Wellington, Risotto and Scallops. But fans of the show will know the real highlights from the show do not occur in the kitchen but in the spa in the residence that they live in.

The season starts on Monday night and it is a double episode.

Fans of the show who have Pay TV may have already seen it on the Lifestyle Channel some years back. So don’t google if you don’t want spoilers.

Hell’s Kitchen On ONE Monday nights at 9.30pm.

Source: TV Tonight


April 11, 2014   2 Comments

Hotel Hell Is Formulaic But Classic Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay on Hotel Hell tells the owner  of the Cambridge Hotel “You’re screwing the business”. Well he is screwing his staff with news that he is currently being sued by staff from his Fat Cow  restaurant  in Los Angeles.

The Daily Mail says the action is about lack of overtime paid and issues surrounding meal breaks and tips. Gordon has responded by saying new management has been put in place.

Clearly he is too busy doing all his shows then looking over what is happening in his restaurants.

His latest show to hit Australian screens is Hotel Hell on NINE. It is like Gordon’s Kitchen Nightmares, but this time it is in hotels that are struggling.

He goes and stays, identifies the problems usually bad cleaning, uncomfortable beds and rank food. He then gives them a bit of a razzle. Of course there is his usual swearing, but this time we also got Gordon in all his naked glory stepping into a shower. Have to say it was pretty impressive. Hopefully this will be a feature in each week’s episode.

Hotel Hell is formulaic but well worth a look at.

Hotel Hell on NINE Monday at 8.30pm.


June 19, 2013   4 Comments

Gordon Ramsay – Continues To Be As Egotistical As Ever

Gordon Ramsay continues to show his ego is much bigger than any of his prices at his many restaurants world wide, with it being reported he was racist towards Top Chef Master’s winner Marcus Samuelsson.

It is reported in the Daily Mail that in Marcus’s new autobiography that Gordon called him a ‘f****** black b******’.

The article stated:

Samuelsson, 42, said he thought it was a call from a friend in New York, but added: ‘Instead, there was screaming. “How the f*** can you come to my f****** city and think you are going to be able to cook without even f****** referring to me?”

He claims Ramsay was angry that Samuelsson had not named him when he was asked which chefs he admired.

‘On my second day I was cooking when a phone call came into the kitchen. The executive chef answered and with a puzzled look handed me the receiver.’

‘This went on for what seemed like five minutes. “I’m going to make sure you have a f****** miserable time here. This is my city, you hear? Good luck, you f****** black b******.” Then he hung up.

‘To be honest, though, only one phrase in his juvenile tirade unsettled me: When he called me a black b******. Actually, I didn’t give a f*** about the b****** part. But the black part p***** me off.’

Gordon is denying the uncorroborated claim. Saying years after the alleged incident he had auditioned Marcus to be a judge on Masterchef US, a role he did not get.

Who knows where the truth lies. Marcus wants to sell books? However Gordon is known for his ego and temper and the books publisher has decided to keep the allegations in. Will Gordon sue? We will have to wait and see.

If you want to see Gordon Ramsay at his scathing best he is currently being shown on Kitchen Nightmares on Channel NINE at 11.00pm on Tuesday nights.

July 16, 2012   9 Comments

Kitchen Nightmares – Starts Next Tuesday – But Gordon Ramsay Appears To Be The Same In Real Life

Kitchen Nightmares starring Gordon Ramsay was a high rating show for NINE for a year or so until it was screened far too often and people got Ramsay fatigue.

Season four  of this entertaining show will now be shown in the 11.00pm time slot.

The show which can be entertaining has Gordon visiting restaurants that are struggling and he gives advice and strategy on how to improve them.

Of course it would not be Gordon Ramsay if he did not lose his rag on the show.

This week in The Guardian there is a revealing interview which shows Gordon is as prickly off screen as he is on screen. It is a interesting read.

Kitchen Nightmares Season Four starts on NINE at 11.00pm on Tuesday night, which means Survivor will be back to showing one episode.

Source: TV Tonight

June 14, 2012   10 Comments