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How Hot Does Natalie Gauci Look?

Natalie Gauci

Natalie Gauci winner of Australian Idol season six might have the last laugh.

She has constantly been described as the winner who went nowhere, and I don’t think Sony even released her album of her original songs.

Anyway not she is looking smoking hot, due to her new job as a personal trainer but she also has a new single out.

The Herald Sun reports:

The Elsternwick resident said she had waited three years to shed her Idol skin and release her first single, Dreamers, with new electro-pop band Tune In Tokyo.

“I am definitely back and doing things my way,” Gauci said.

After winning Idol in 2007, Gauci said she felt pushed and prodded by record label Sony after releasing the “obligatory” Idol album, Winner’s Journey.

So, she decided to pack her bags and do things on her own.

“Idol was like an arranged marriage. There were good days and bad days,” she said. “I didn’t get angry, just bossy, and I just followed my instincts.

“It has been three years exactly and I fought really hard to be totally free creatively and musically.”

After celebrating her 29th birthday yesterday with husband and singer Hamish Cowan, the laid-back songstress said next year was hers.

“I have so many things on the go,” Gauci said.

“I am working on my album with collaborator Paul Brandoli for Tune In Tokyo, a solo jazz pop album and I appear and sing in a new film, Big Mamma’s Boy, with Holly Valance, which comes out next year.”

Dreamers will be released on radio on Monday.

You go girl prove us all wrong.


Anonymous kindly posted the link to the video on YouTube and OK Anon you are probably right I do need to re-think my theory.

Here is the clip if anyone is interested.

November 27, 2010   2 Comments

Congratulations Natalie Gauci

Photo courtesy of

No I am not congratulating Australian Idol Winner Series 5 on the release of her new album, but on her impending nuptials today in Melbourne. 

Apparently Dicko is going to MC and be best man. No word on the entertainment at the reception. Apparently the guest list  is going to be more independent music scene rather than Idolesque.

Further details on

March 27, 2009   4 Comments

Natalie Gauci Back From The Abyss?

Natalie at last year's ARIA awards

Natalie at last year's ARIA awards

There is a rumour on Behind Big Brother that Natalie Gauci will be the new co-host if the Channel 7 reality TV show It Takes Two. Her other co-host would be Paul O’Brien.

I have no idea if the rumour is true, but for her sake I hope it is.

February 11, 2009   2 Comments

Natalie Gauci – Is There Anything Right About This?

Now all last year I was blaming Sheridan Tyler for Natalie’s disasterous clothes on Australian Idol, but after looking at this fugly outfit clearly I was very wrong indeed. Is she on the drugs Britany Spears was taking when she was having her meltdown.

She said it was bought in an op shop in London for 6 pounds. Shepaid that much for it I could have got it from Best and Less and Spotlight for $5.00.

I am speechless.

October 20, 2008   3 Comments

Reality Tidbits

Michael Johns Has Hit Sydney
Aussie American Idol contestant Michael Johns is now in Australia for a promotional trip for Idol. Not sure what he is going to do, but Fox 8 has brought him out.

He will probably hit the radio airwaves and TV talk shows.

Small SMH article here.

Hilarious article pointing out Paula Abdul’s weird and unexplained moments.
MTV has an article here that outlines American Idol judge Paula Abdul’s other unexplained faux pas on the show. It has been all over the world about last weeks slip up of judging the song before it has been sung. But MTV have dredged their memories to come up with some more.

Natalie Gauci Recording An Album
Sightings of last year’s Australian Idol winner have been slim as she is in the studio recording an album. Apparently they are wanting to take it slowly to ensure it is a quality album. A strategy which worked for Damien Leith last year, as well as Leona Lewis.

Revlon say Alice Burdeau stood them up at an event because of partying too hard.
Revlon allege that last season’s winner of Australia’s Next Top Model Alice Burdeau stood them up for an event the night after the Logies. It was rumoured that she may have knocked back to much of the free champagne and was not in any shape to make it.

Her people deny it of course, and say Alice was never confirmed for the event. However apparently she was unable to speak at the MTV awards, this was reported on Vega. Maybe she is trying to emulate fashion icon Kate Moss too much. Or maybe she should just eat a few more canapes with her champagne.

An addendum to the above article in today’s Daily Tele states an ‘anon source’ said she did look disorientated at the Logies. She apparently arrived 3 hours before the start of the ceremony and was a bit squiffy even before it started. A minder said she was back in her hotel by 1.00am.

Personally I thought it was obligatory to get smashed at the Logies as that was the only way to cope with the evening.

May 7, 2008   2 Comments